I want to be with you

I want to be with you

It’s just the stress
the tiredness and the strife

That break me down

I need to cut, sure and true
like a surgeon’s knife

Find something beautiful
to give to you

Describe a perfect line

I want to stand together
in the centre of the storm

Build a house of peace
to keep you dry and warm

And hear the words of God
whispered to the universe

I want to speak to you
Invoke the perfect verse

To stand upon a hill
with your hand held in mine

And watch the hours pass
See the dawn of time

I want to be with you

© Copyright Kevin Buckle 2013

516 thoughts on “I want to be with you

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  6. Off the top of my head and reading what you say, I would say the mains socket in your bedroom [or what ever room it's in] wants looking at. Either the copper contacts where the plug slides into have burnt out or the + or the – mains wires are loose inside the socket screw connectors.The reason I say this is because I have seen this before.

  7. Thank You Smita. I am not much of an artist. Pookkalam for me , just happens according to the availability of the flowers. The idea is to use up every petal bought in the best way possible. Sometimes it works out well. Sometimes it doesn’t.

  8. · I’m afraid of risotto, too. I’m actually not a huge fan of the stuff. I’ve had it at fancy Italian restaurants, where I figure they must know what they’re doing, and still don’t like it. But yours looks so comforting and happy (also, Shanna, these photos are so good!), and I love that you cooked it with your brother. Have a great weekend!

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  18. hmmm…. love it. im going back and read the story right now! isn’t it amazing that the way we FIRST learn the story is the way that it is imprinted on our minds, until someone comes around and gives us an opportunity to re-frame our perspective on it? i love that. thank you for sharing. keep it up!

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  22. I loved watching all the bikes going down Grant Rd. in Mountain View. Reminds me of home in Sweden where many cyclists ride as normal mode of transportation. Ignore the NIMBYS above who most likely out of shape and use a car to drive a mile to store. Get a life and don’t worry so much about petty things like people enjoying a nice bike ride.

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  41. Hi Chrystal: It is interesting how much more connected people can be to overnight camps these days. Back in the “old days,” folks couldn’t see what was going on, but now there are websites with pictures and blogs. It does make it nice for those of us who are alums! I love the idea that you will always be a ‘Ghany Girl.

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  84. Paul, I used to soak our glasses etc, regularly in hot water and vinegar because they would get this filmy white coating on them from the hard water! I guess it’s because dish soaps are not allowed to have phosphates in them in the state of Utah. It supposedly kills the fish. (Like all the mine tailings running into the water aren’t doing that?) Anyhow, Lemishine is a fantastic answer to that as well. Pour a little in with each dishwasher load. I haven’t had to soak dishes in vinegar since I started using it!

  85. Which is so weird, because 99% of the diisusscon about football comes in the form of people second-guessing and talking about what they would have done differently or what went wrong.How would this hurt the league? People would stop watching or something? Such a bizarre thought process.

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  87. I feel the same way about tumblr. Its quick consumption model leaves me feeling a bit cold, especially when I find an image that I desperately want to know more about. I always try to add the most detailed information to anything I add to my tumblr because I know others feel the same way.

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  91. Helene,My girls would adore making these! They look so beautiful. My youngest tried to makeher first chocs the other day but chose something so complicated with caramel and thermometers that it put her off. I must show her your recipes here: far more easy and perfect looking. Merci! xo

  92. – Now, white folks do that with all good people not just black men. The only time you can get consensus from the conservative side is after someone's dead and the reason for that is dead men and women tell no tale's and they surely don't say, "Ye hypocrites and liars! When I was alive you were exactly the kind of people I was fighting against!"For starters see: Jesus, the Kennedys, or the Heroes section (minus Ray-gun) I mentioned in my last post.–j

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  94. That was my favorite poem as a kid. I almost posted it, but thought it may be a bit too well known. I know other countries have forest lost too. And so many explanations, but none completely definitive. Just like the bee saga I mentioned above. It is how fast these declines are happening that is most alarming. In the span of ten years this insect has hit 13 states. With no solution yet. So sad.

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  96. Audi – this is a great post and a topic that should be discussed more often! This is obvious by the outpouring of similar experiences in the comments. It's crazy what circumstances seemingly allow people to get rudely personal and holier than thou… I agree that better manners all around are in order!

  97. Just read some of the comments on Phillip Weiss’s piece ‘Why is America so afraid?’ on Salon. Boy, oh boy the right-wingers are mad at ole Phil.The funniest is the complaint in regard to Egypt: “What has any of this got to do with the Jews”And others to the effect: “that’s right – blame the Jews!”Rummy’s “Democracy is messy” should be changed to “Democracy is very scary…

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  101. Beautifully written. Its never going to be possible to have real insight into what others go through – celebrity or not. I still can’t imagine the pain you go through as if I slightly imagine what it would be like to go through on a daily basis.. I just try to think of happy thoughts, or watch something with eye candy. So I’m not really helping. But thankyou for sharing your thoughts, and how you can relate. x

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  104. Welcome back girl! It's a good thing that you know what your strengths and weakness's were while on vaca. Now your back and ready to go! Good luck this week! I know you can do it!I'm with everyone else I like the FitMomInTraining!

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  108.      I'm lucky because my students usually plaguarize directly from the very first page of Google results. There are other easy clues, of course. When I assigned an "Ocean Poem" one bright star in my class turned in a poem that caught my skeptical attention in the first two lines:          Standing on the autumn shore,          the summer days of my life behind me…     That was a heck of a lot of Weltschmertz for an eleven-year-old!

  109. It’s so great to get a chuckle from one of your posts! We are unanimously declaring your PSA reading to be GOOD news. Now you need to give us details about the Happy Hour.

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  113. #165 Moose…Honda screwed up somewhere… It was the first on market with catchy hybrid ads, but didn’t take off. I won’t attribute to the style alone.Also, judging the notion of conservation based on prius drivers is a bit like judging spirituality based on the live audience at a televangelist show. The ideas are good, and the followers fall short.

  114. I keep on thinking of things I wish I had mentioned in this post. Like CURSIVE, for instance. I saw them in concert several years after I had stopped listening to ‘The Ugly Organ’ constantly, and Tim Kasher was super rude and just The Worst and I would have been totally crushed if I hadn’t already become really disillusioned with that type of music. I mean ‘The Ugly Organ’ is just about boners, right?-Mia

  115. Thanks for commenting you two, and thank you Melissa for getting me to blog when I have been feeling so guilty about neglecting this site. I miss it. I promise I’ll get more clever when I’m not totally exhaustipated.

  116. So what things should you delegate? That depends on an analysis of your four zones: your Zone of Genius, Zone of Excellence, Zone of Competence, and Zone of Incompetence. {These concepts are from The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks, a book that I referenced in Which Comes First: Success or Happiness?}

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