My old dad, at 82,
was one of the last Stans I knew.
Now they’re starting to
produce them again.
The faces change
but it’s all the same.
Life goes on.

You know, dad,
nothing takes away the pain.
You just get used to
carrying it.
Everything changes
but stays the same.
And life still goes on.

What’s in a name?

© Copyright Kevin Buckle 2013

739 thoughts on “Stan

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  18. Absolutely beautiful…I bought this song because I love Taylor Swift and it was so touching that I just had to know who the song was about. When I read your story, I literally got goosebumps and could not help but cry…big tears, real tears. Love to you and your family and to Ronan, your gorgeous little man who will always know your love!

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    • You say “communist outputs’ should be “banned” from VT’s campus? That sounds like something communists would do, not what we do in the USA. Even if (a big if) the communist Chinese government controls everything visiting Chinese students say and do, so be it. And if somebody is a “wannabe communist,” so what? Lots of people are politically misguided. The Chinese government bans democratic “outputs” in China, but here in the USA we don’t ban communist discourse or “outputs.”

    • gosh it has been ‘that’ kind of day all day long…the words of the wicked can’t stop – hey bob now that you have been linked how about some posting? I miss the posts for the intelligent; not the starving actors who must humiliate themselves…i have enough of that this side of the border and bob can easily be misspelled but for you I hold back )

    • Washing your hands with the water running over the durian shell actually works … it does remove the smell from your hands , unless u have some still stuck in your fingernails . Personally , i always take a drink of water from the shell after eating the durians , as a habit from childhood … and i have not ever been ” heaty ” or ” sick ” from bingeing on durians … No harm trying for yourself and find out … Curiosity doesn’t always kill the cat !!!

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    • Het ziet er gezellig uit Marion, ik zie de kippetjes al bijna voor me. Riante behuizing krijgen ze! Ik kook net als jij, geregeld voor meer dagen…….scheelt weer in 't gasverbruik;-)……net ook een berichtje gestuurd naar Pete…met een vraag over een kacheltje. Geniet van je tuin en alles waar je mee bezig bent. Groetjes Ans.

    • about islam and muslims. He argues it is good and right to have a problem with muslims as a people and the threat posed by the ideas of islam.As neither a jew nor a muslim I see the threat both of these groups pose to me and mine. Auster simply wants his own "minority" to maintain its monopoly over us.

    • November 26, 2012 I supported him over G.S., and I like him as councillor. He’s proved a terrible mayor though, and despite my then-support, I’m happy yo see him go and hope that both the ‘right’ and ‘left’ can scrounge up better candidates next time.

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    • This is a conservative take on a sorry tale. We must agree that a judgement of sane and guilty is the best we can get under the circumstances. Let us hope the author is right and that there is a lawful way to keep Breivik locked up for life. A finding of insanity would have given the leftist powers-that-be ammunition to use against the islamophobe conspirators they see under their beds on bad nights.Pleasant dreams, all.

    • Abel, that’s a good question. I’m not sure if there are any long-term effects on the headlight covers or not. I’ll look around and see if I can find out anything. If you find some good info about this, I hope you’ll leave a comment and let us know. Thanks for stopping by.

    • No Kevin . I need no re reporting of the news story! that Herald did that already. What I am reminding you of is the heartless way YOU used this story last July to only BASH Obama!!! Don’t try to brush what you did under the rug. Secondly the point of this topic is ‘ why Obama is ‘forgiving ‘ a man who did his penace? THAT is the CHRISTIAN way Remember ! The very virtue you idiots claim he has no allegiance to!

    • Kedves Károly!Nagy önuralomra mutat, hogy így tudja kezelni a negatív hozzászólásokat. Különben szoktam nézni a blogját is, és nagyon jó képek kerülnek fel (varagy). Nagyon hálásak vagyunk hogy foglalkozik még plussz, a gólyákkal is.Ãœdv: Nati

    • Mais non Haddon, j’aime les batailles des mots, mais j’ai quand même le droit de choisir mes partenaires. Et puis vous savez, les judokas et les escrimeurs, se saluent avant et après, ce qui sur ce Blog, n’est pas tant votre qualité. Si vous vouliez avoir une conversation, même musclée, il fallait mettre un challenge dans vos propos. Je préfère aller sur votre Blog, on peut y lire des textes comme dans une anthologie. Je n’ai rien contre les anthologies.

    • StephJuly 14, 2006 at 11:44 amLets keep it simple, we certainly need a centre back with experience. We dont need wingers as we have Jose, Rosicky, Freddie and Hleb. Dont forget Lauren: he won African player of the year playing Right mid and Eboue has right back now. Van Persie can also play left wing so no more wingers please Arsene! Adebayor is not up to standard so Savigoala would be great. A centre mid is also a must – good all rounder.

    • Thanks doc. I’m currently about to restart treating Candida. My Lyme doc has me on a strict diet (though less strict than yours) and oral anti-fungals. Also considering a short course of IV anti-fungals.Side questions… I looked at your site. Do you have treatments for Achilles tendonosis/tendinitis? It’s killing my running.

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    • Prions afin que les musulmans se convertissent à la Foi chrétienne ! Tout est possible à Dieu, mais encore faut-il y croire ! Demandons le humblement à Dieu et changeons toutes nos conduites qui ne sont pas toujours droites elles non plus ! Ce fléau peut-être combattu par l’offrande de nous-mêmes, la prière, les sacrements et le chapelet. Ceci n’est pas un acte de soumission devant les islamistes mais plutôt un véritable acte de foi de notre part à tous.Serons-nous nombreux ? Je l’espère de tout coeur. PAIX !

    • that “war is nothing but cruelty and you cannot refine it.”There are times when there is no alternative but to fight or die, but this country, at least, han’t seen a war like that since 1814.All my wars were, like Smedley Butlers, just more business as usual for the usual rackets…

    • perfection. love the whole thing. love love love it. i swear jennifer, you are the best cook out there in the blogosphere. hands down. now – don’t go thanking me like you always do. i’m not a smiley face, sweet kinda complenter. your food is friggin awesome. you should be a personal chef at the very least… i know someone in nyc who does it and makes over 100k a year! anyway – i know you cook because you love it. but this has got be your calling…

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    • I took that video down. The aspect ratio issue was because it had been encoded for the "Stereoscopic player". That means it would play just the left eye on an ordinary player and both (in 3D) on the Stereoscopic or Nvidia 3D players.YouTube obviously read the header and ignored the right eye. I need to re-composite my videos before I can upload them (unless YouTube add this feature to their uploader)>

    • Write more, thats all I have to say. Literally, it seems as though you relied on the video to make your point. You definitely know what youre talking about, why waste your intelligence on just posting videos to your weblog when you could be giving us something enlightening to read?

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    • Thank you Ray for the comment! I do agree that people themselves are a big part of the problem, majority of them are simply influenced by what they see/read in the media. Hopefully they'll all remember the scripture that clearly reads: "Do not judge, or you too will be judged." -Matthew 7:1

    • More bad news for South Jersey and the Philly area in general. Dechert, a large international lawfirm headquartered in Center City, is laying off 125 associates and staff. It’s unclear how many are from the Philly office, but it seems things are going downhill fast for our area’s large law firms.

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    • I live near the ocean! Which means we only get 1 or 2 big storms per year (if that, we went many years without any snow at all). So ha! LoL. But I think cold/freezing rain is even less enjoyable than snow. ::sigh:: Did you know I went to Syracuse University for college? 183 inches of snow my sophomore year! It still holds as the city’s 6th record snowfall!

    • First Biden sets him up since the Messiah, pratically stating that the environment would’ve ended had it not been for Barack’s super human acts of bravery, courage and bravado. Then, BHO arrives out and offers a small, pedestrian, recycled speech. I believed the night was fairly sureal.

    • before, responsibility does not automatically equal stress. that's frankly a juvenile notion of job stress. following that logic, lighthousekeepers should be keeling over on the job on a daily basis from the mind-bending stress of the job.(and no worries about removing my mild expletive scamp. i instantly regretted it.)

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    • I think you underestimate the capacity for American ignorance, annie, and for how little a span of history it is between today and Mississippi, burning. Islamophobia was shockingly easy to fan and turn into voting power and policy — on a national level, no less — and the backlash will be twice as bad when Christian Zionists invariably turn on Jews.

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    • Can college professors bone 18 year olds? 19? Only over 21? Doesn’t this happen all the time and don’t the hotties always get inflated grades in the hope of some nookie at least? Everybody knew that English profs were the worst, but an art prof who ran for Mayor in 2000 went so far as to make casts of the more magnificent breasts of his students and display them in his office.

    • Si la humanidad es imperfecta desde el primer ser, y supuestamente es la creación de Dios, entonces el Creador de estos seres es imperfecto pero si creó la imperfección a propósito para su diversión, entonces es un dios maligno. Luego vienen con el cuento del “libre albedrío”.

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    • JA,I’d like to make it clear regarding the Obama scandal that I don’t necessarily think it has legs or is accurate. I’m just pointing out what I saw and suggesting it might a thing which surfaces in the future as an accusation, grounded or not.

    • I love sage. I love to pan-fry them and sprinkle them over various dishes for an added crunchy boost of flavor. Another one of my favorite sage-driven recipes is this one for – a traditional Italian dish incorporating buckwheat with cabbage and potatoes, and then served with bitto cheese, and melted sage butter. Delish!

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    • Maria Bonelli04/06/2012Magari potrebbe annodare le due estremità delle corde alla sedia, che rimarrebbe così sospesa in aria…e nel barattolo ci potrebbe conservare la pinza… Abbiate pazienza è lunedì mattina, certo avrei potuto resistere alla tentazione di scrivere la prima ‘cosa’ che mi è venuta in mente, ma non è mia abitudine… Allora, mi impegno. Ci penso. E se più tradi sono riuscita a mettere in moto la creatività e un’idea migliore, lascio un altro commento. Intanto buon lunedì e buona settimana a tutti. Maria Bonelli

    • >It’s been doneIndeed it has, and it might be done again. The consequences, as you say, are not so nice. Are we agreed then that the US national debt is a serious problem?>Thirty years of balanced budgets would put quite a dent in that debt/GDP ratioSo would a solid gold meteor crashing into the Washington Monument’s reflecting pool, and looking at the last 50 years, that sounds about as likely.

    • 4fbIt’s my understanding that Multiple Sclerosis is a medical disqualification for all of the armed forces. Definitely consult with a recruiter before giving up on the idea though. Even if you are disqualified, you may be surprised by the number ways you can still be involved in service.You can view a PDF called and search for “multiple sclerosis”. It’s the Department of Defense’s instructions from April 2010.“o. Chronic nervous system disorders, including but not limited to myasthenia gravis (358.0),multiple sclerosis (340), tremor (333.1), and tic disorders (307.20) (e.g., Tourette’s (307.23)).”

    • ゆひみさんは何年も我慢しているのですね。確かに窓を閉めないで演奏するのは、配慮に欠けていて、相手の常識を疑いたくなるのもわかります。普通の感覚なら「考えたらわかるでしょう?」です。また、ピアノ教室について許可はいらなくとも、隣人にはじめますのでお願いします、とひとことあるとうれしかったですよね。私の場合は相手を特定できなかった件で、自宅に張り紙をしてもなおらなかったので、町内会に相談し回覧板でまわしてもらいました。おかげで行為はとまりましたが、該当者と思われる人や関連した人からはいい顔されず、影でなにか言われてたように思います。でもストレスのもとが無くなったので、精神的にはラクになりましたし、時間が経過したら特に何かを言われている気配は感じなくなりました。反対に、そんなことがあって大変だったね、実はうちもだったの、と同情してくる人もいました。ほとんど近所付き合いがなく、あそこの家はうるさい、という印象を近隣に与えてしまったと思いますが、今後何か起きることはないだろうと前向きにとらえています。どちらを優先させたほうが自分達にとって良いのか、そういう選択肢の中から選んだ結果です。先日、女優の方がマンション自宅で発声練習していたら、ある日、お菓子とともに手紙がノブにかけられていて、中にお願いの手紙が入っていたそうです。長年していたのですが、隣に新しく引っ越してきた人に言われてはじめて迷惑をかけていたことに気がついたそうです。申し訳ないと思って、外で練習するようになったと。隣人の方が配慮に欠けるとはいえ、言えば理解してくれる相手なのか、そうでないのか、そこらへんがポイントですよね。もしかしたら、音楽が好きな人は、音楽だったら聞こえても苦にならないと思っているのかも。私だったら、お手紙ではなく見かけたときに、ちょっとすみません、、、とその場で、窓を閉めて欲しい事、21時以降はヘッドホンをつけて演奏して欲しいことなど思い切ってお願いするかな。う~、勇気がいりますけど!なるべく明るい態度で。それで何か問題が起きたら、町内会に相談に行きますけど、そこまでの心配はいらないように感じます。

    • Fortunately, today I found “The Levrone Report”. Thanks for your time. I’m 40 and after two years without touching the bars, I bought some dumbbells and workout at home for a week. I’ll see your videos and reading your articles. A fan from Spain.

    • Ytterligare en intressant användning av modersmålsbegreppet hittade jag nyss i boken ”Advances in Sociolinguistics: Languages of Urban Africa”, där det med avseende på staden Porto-Novo i Benin sägs att:”Although French is not a mother tongue in the city, 24 respondents (4.7 percent) claim it was the first language they acquired in childhood”.

    • I will look for the ORANGE issue (trick question?). I visited several blogs but found a block I fell in love with, One Way Home by Judy Laquidara. The colorway she used is one of my favorites, purples. I have a feeling that this could be more than one way home. LOL!

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    • Gano might of had a bad percent this year but remember i think 5 of his misses were due to blocked kicks and he wouldn’t be as bad if they were not included im not sure but i think he would be slightly below middle of the pack with kickers, im not saying i like gano but stats do not say everything

    • Jean-Jacques Lescure dit :Merci Maïa Ponsonnet de cet article intéressant.Existe-t-il des pays multilinguistes sans langue dominante?Je serais curieux de le savoir, ainsi que de lire comment des communautés du nord de l’Australie pratiquent le multilinguisme, tant dans leur vie quotidienne qu’à l’école.Cordialement,Jean-Jacques LescureRésident français au Royaume Uni

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    • Thank you for the inspiration & instructions to lead me to the pirate treasure!!! What a cute project for halloween, but my first thought was warmth(since I live in Buffalo, NY). AKA: Orlando, Fl. & a specific ride named Pirates of the Caribbean. This would make a great addition for pictures from that ride!! Awesome!!

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    • 10216Sepd428Bryan Magana 4bdKevin, it’s tremendously encouraging to hear stories like yours, and it’s especially nice to hear from a fellow worship leader. Thanks for joining this conversation. Feel free to add your two cents anytime. I’ll be praying for you, brother.VN:F [1.9.20_1166](from 7 votes) 172

    • he's going to crush the birthers.i'll leave it to readers who can add things up to do the math.forward to next year.after the very carefully selected new haw doh appointee produces what they have been conspiring to forge and show, they will again laugh at us birthers.when we ask for an accounting of the fake ss#, they will ridicule and scorn us as those same idiots who asked for the birth certificate.Now, tell me what i've missed.

    • I would have liked this deal much better if Susac and Jake Stewart were signed last summer.After this deal, the Phillies need to do a better job of drafting more players like Colvin, Susac, and Stewart…and going forward they need to make sure they sign ALL of them even if at overslot deals. It is the only chance they have at restocking the farm system in a reasonable amount of time.

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    • Love it. I had a very fancy nursing bra with matching g strings. I was just thinking about it yesterday and how I should not have given it away. All my regular ones are too small… I have my polo shirts color organized too. And my husband has the concert shirts and is the same age. Actually apart from the halloween costumes we are identical twins.

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    • Fin hemsida med trevlig läsning. Jag ser att du gillar fiskeprylar och att det bara duger med det bästa. Har du provat ett öringsdrag som heter Forelli Uistin? Beställ det frÃ¥n Finland, men fisk ger den……. Mvh Patrik

    • bin zur meiner schande noch nicht so mit “god of war” warmgeworden und hab es lediglich mal auf meiner psp gezockt, da aber ausgiebig.götter, halbgötter, alles was das herz begehrt, vielleicht ist ja der 3. teil mein einstieg, in das god of war universum.

    • Harold….Agree that the Laker bench could have played much better but the reason that the Pistons’ starters played so few minutes is because they were substituted for en masse due to a lack of effort. Besides, Brown has no confidence in any of his bench players and I’m sure they can sense his lack of trust in them. Makes for nervous performances from the 2nd unit.

    • Alex,Have you ever given any thought to have comments that are inserted into items on the shopping list not show up in the favorites? Sometimes I add a brand name that is on sale to an item in my shopping list but then it shows up on that item in the favorites and remains there until i edit it out.Thanks,John

    • Awwww… I couldn't believe I'm at ur last post already! I was starting to feel attached to u guys too.. i can understand ur feelings sweet…. But I'm sure u know this, friendship lasts forever… I <3 reading ur posts this year in comparison to last because it seems much more personal… Keep in touch with those Top 24 and I'm sure ure life will be more colorful and animated… <3 :*

    • The problem is not intrinsically with the good old fashioned chivalry. The problem is with the *gynocentric* approach to it. These people combine old notions of gentlemanliness with the gynocentrism they have learnt from modern feminists. This is really why I am wary of this "neo-chivalry" : chivalry per se is relatively harmless, and even possibly helps nourish good feelings, but in these gynocentric times I am afraid it can turn out to be like allowing the camel to stick its nose into the tent. Or, at least bolster the existing convention that any gender-related discussion has to be gynocentric.

    • Ces personnes sont infectent! J'espère que la France ne permettra pas qu'un communiste comme Mélenchon puisse avoir une chance de s'asseoir dans le fauteuil de l'Elysée. Dans ce cas, le pire est à venir pour la France et pour les relations France-Israël.

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    • Hello Dolly and your PawCircle friends, including Choupet, ttsnoopy and elliemerson Thank you all so much for keeping us in your thoughts. Oscar was very blessed to have been surrounded with your prayers and love, and we are all very blessed to be filled with your love and support. Love and hugs to you all.Oscar’s familyxoxoxo

    • Cool, Pierre Assouline vient de découvrir le web sémantique (moteurs de recherche sur des concepts et non sur des mots). Après-tout, ça ne fait que quelques années que le concept est à la mode, que l’on bavarde beaucoup dessus, et que ça n’avance pas franchement…

    • Great story on ol’ Dub, Deb! Gosh, him and “mine” must be related, or……… it really just a “man thing”? Heart attacks are a serious matter and we are thankful that Dub is doing well, but I surely did enjoy the chuckle! Blessings be on both of you! Y’all keep writing and I’ll keep reading! Sending love and great big hugs!

    • Hi! Thanks for the kind words about the podcast, glad you like it. I think those posts are generally fine but for many, many people they are simply an excuse to link to other people in the hope that the person they’re linking to will notice and link back. I’m sorry that that sounds cynical, but I’ve done it myself (in the past) and know that it’s often the case. Nothing wrong with it, but it’s not for me any more.

    • Hah, that’s hilarious!I’ve been with Progressive for a few years now, and I’d say they are good, but I honestly wouldn’t know — I’ve never been in an accident or needed to interact with them, so I just pay the bills and keep quiet.My ex has had a really good experience with Allstate; she got into a bad accident and they were very helpful. The coverage sucked tho, so they couldn’t help her much.Cheers! Good luck with the move and all!

    • This was a great workshop! It really helped me find my true motivation and learn how to channel that into my everyday life. Today I’ve already implemented one of my action items and feel great! I also enjoyed getting to know everyone at the workshop on a more personal level. Thanks Jasna & sdgFit for sponsoring this event

    • It’s weird isn’t it. I’ve seen Viz mentioned in the Comics Journal a couple of times by Paul Gravett and once by Michael Kuppermann but nothing here in the UK. Maybe its because its comedy and doesn’t go on much about the art work?

    • “I changed my Majors in College to be just like him! I am now working on my doctoral and it is simply because he told me”<—Im sorry TC, but yours is NOT the mindset of a doctoral student…people at such a level of education should NOT be doing things "to be just like" someone else. What is this, the 4th grade?

    • I guess that you never studied Economics Brian. As for politics you seem to forget noted Liberal Marxists such as Pierre Trudeau, Bob Rae, or Ujal Dosanjh just to name a few. It’s funny how much talk we have heard recently about the need of the federal Liberals and NDP combine to unite the Left in one party.

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    • | You do Headless, you definitely do. When I Am God took a bit to grow on me but now it’s my favorite release in the ‘metalcore’ genre that’s so oversaturated. Their lyrics are the big draw as well as their great use of melody. At the very least I think you’d enjoy it.

    • Jeg elsker ogsÃ¥ kort av alle slag, men spesielt julekort, og spesielt da de med julekrybbe pÃ¥. Har samlet i mange Ã¥r, og har over 4000 kort tilsammen, de siste Ã¥ra har jeg vært selektiv i samlinga da den tar en deeeel plass.Det lille brettet med bambi pÃ¥ var helt herlig!!!!!

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    • I must say, as much as I enjoyed reading what you had to say, I couldnt help but lose focus after a while. Its as if you had a wonderful grasp on the subject matter, but you forgot to include your readers. Perhaps you should think about this from far more than one angle. Or maybe you shouldnt generalize so considerably. Its better if you think about what others may have to say instead of just going for a gut reaction to the subject. Think about adjusting your own belief process and giving others who may read this the benefit of the doubt.

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    • RougeL'espace sonore, tout à fait d'accord, avant l'image même, je dirais. J'en travaille des couches généralement, de pistes sons, c'est elles qui me donnent le rythme du poème,le mouvement,l'enchaînement, si tant est qu'on s'essaye au cinépoétique.

    • I’m “dangerously” clean and organized… But you should see my older two kids’ closets. They obviously missed the clean and organized gene The only reason my little guy’s closet still looks that way is because I am still in “control” of the closet and what goes into it. Lol.

    • Souhaiter stopper la grande marche de l’évolution, au motifs de l’autre face de la pièce (=conséquences néfastes qu’elle engendre nécessairement aussi), ça a aussi un nom:- utopie préhistorique ou totalitarisme écologique selon que l’on soit bienveillant ou nom…A lire;- Pourquoi j’ai mangé mon père de Roy Lewis- Le concept du Pharmakon par StieglerBref, on ne stoppera pas l’évolution, au mieux on l’oriente… et encore j’en doute sérieusement… dans tous les cas on s’y adapte.Amicalement,Bizbee

    • For some reason the remove_filter(‘the_content’, ‘pronamic_page_teasers_the_content’); (added to the theme’s functions.php) does not remove the Teasers from the page… And the pronamic_page_teasers() (added to the relevant page template) function does not display them either. Has anyone experienced any similar problems?

    • Merci pour tous ces moments de partage en 2007 et bonne annee a toi Gracianne et aussi au reste de la troupe “Gracianne Monsieur, fils et fille et famille”. Cela ferait un bon nom pour un resto ? virtuel au moins et peut-etre un jour reel. Bises fraiches et neigeuses de Montreal.

    • Smukt, smukt billede!Hvad er dine yndlingsbøger?I forhold til da du startede bloggen, føler du sÃ¥ at du har udviklet dig stilmæssigt? Og hvis ja, pÃ¥ hvilken mÃ¥de?Har du nogensinde fortrudt, at du startede en blog?Synes du, det er svært at lægge sÃ¥ meget af dig selv og din personlighed ud pÃ¥ internettet?Hvad er dit bedste rÃ¥d, hvis man gerne vil starte sin egen blog op?

    • vitor / eu acho q devemos falar das outras religiões, mas d uma forma boa e sem acusações q possa causar iradevemos alertar nossos irmão, essa é nossa misão.isso é o q diz o evangelhoobrigadoTE AMO PAITE AMOR CRISTO MINHA SALVAÇÃO

    • 08 Sep 12, 2008 7:41 pm allison My Sister,Enjoy your time in that beautiful country and continent! Alice shared your blog site with me. It is such a wonderful and beautiful place in the world. Be careful and have a blast.

    • I don’t think there is ANYone-mom, dad, grandma, grandpa that would disagree with your observations about the traffic circle-I hope we also all get to share in your experience when you believe God loves us! Thanks for writing!

    • Thanks for stopping by… yes i ran a little d-link 604 for years, with several servers running,,,, one of the best feature is the ability to block IP RANGES to filter out those countries NO NAMES that run hack farms. Plz sub i have many more of these router mod videos coming. thanks again for watching.

    • Omg… for the first time in AC history, the graphics are maybe actually better on the PS3 I think…or maybe a tie, but I can’t see the usual X360 domination in the visual quality department …But I’m always surprised about how the hell the 360 can load faster from disc, even when the PS3 has a nearly 4 gigs of data on the HDD. LoT, can’t you do a H2H with 2 PS3s, one with a regular HDD, and one with SSD? I would love to see if there’s difference!VN:F [1.9.17_1161](from 3 votes)

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    • tapi kenapa pas masih berkawan dengan babi (brother anwar bin ibrahim), kenapa dah tau dia memang menjunub tapi sokong jugak jadi ketua pembangkang, kenapa dah kena hina dengan karpal singh masih hegeh hegeh nak menumpang sokongan rakyat, kenapa kalau bagus sangat tak islamkan terus kelantan tu, kenapa tak disunatkan aje beramai ramai kit siang dan lim guan eng tu, kenapa masih sokong babi? berdirilah dengan sendiri baru kami sokong pas….

    • hail to you –you tube !!!! i do not know how to reach you so i comment on here for you tube to read !!!! THANK YOU for no more beta channel or whatever you call it that you were doing lately !!! my channel is now workable again where i understand !!!im too old in the brain to figure out beta or whatever !!!this is good —you no more do that to channels okay —we like you like this !!!!! thank you —WADE BOONE aka METALGYPSY 2010

    • Mbeh anche a me l’oncologo, dopo l’intervento, ha detto che in teoria sarei guarita. Solo in teoria però. Forse si sono semplicemente dimenticati (si fa per dire) quel pezzo di frase. Perchè in teoria dopo l’intervento e la chemio siamo guariti tutti, chissà perchè poi ci pippiamo anche tutto il resto… Forse perchè non siamo vips? O forse perchè non abbiamo dei cretini di giornalisti che vengono a farci le interviste, perchè le storie vere non rendono poi così tanto…Pardon.

    • –’ kkk pra carro brasileiro essa altura nao serve?? ushauhasu vc mora aonde fih?? ele fez um projeto inteligente!! de acordo com nossas estradas.. o que adianta ter um carro com 3 dedos pro chao se vc nao pode rodar com o carro?? carro rebaixado passa mais tempo em oficina cuidando da suspençao do que com o dono… povo nao entende isso –’… sem contar que o povo acha que carro rebaixado tem estabilidade –’.. pelo amor de Deus povo sem noçao –’ é só pra rir essas coisas

    • Hi, I’m an admin for a group called DIYPhotography, and we’d love to have your photo added to the group.Just love this picture, the pose of the girl on the right aligns well with the movement theme of the picture.- udi (

    • Olivia has been my favorite character and she really has been front and center for most of the 4 seasons so I can’t agree that the writers have treated the character badly.It is only this season that she’s not front and center and I suspect that will change with the introduction of the Observer child. Remember it was Olivia who formed the bond with him.I love the growth we’ve seen with Olivia in these last few eps. The Olivia we’ve known has been mostly stoic and unemotional. The Olivia we see reaching out to Peter has changed.

    • J'avais déjà repéré la recette chez camille, mais pas encore testée… Je crois que cela ne va plus tarder ! Tu as quoi comme thermomètre de cuisson ? Je cherche à m'équiper et je reste indécise devant ces appareils.

    • I wish I had a carpenter right now. Ain't nothing wrong with that. I love a man that can build me something. Everybody has a lot in life, a job that they are good at. As long you feel that you are living up to your full potential who gives a damn about what other people think? Black worry too much about what other people think. And then they follow behind the wrong people.

    • stevew220,first time i have encountered your site. very good work.( an aside to anon. above )i am a veteran, and have killed!It is something i would rather not have to do again, but will not lose any sleep if forced to it.( or as my T.I. put it:'the toe tag looks better on the OTHER s.o.b.')

    • There all great pics, but I have a soft spot for the image of your son in the blue hat. His pose makes you wonder what mischief or secret is on his mind. BTW, did you see that I have a writing contest on. You should enter and share some of that motherly wisdom. You have a gift for writing.

    • Ciao da quello che vedo hai scritto qualcosa di tropposudo /Applications/WBFS\\ for\\ MacOS\\\\ for\\ MacOS\\ XMacpp/Contents/MacOS/WBFS\\ for\\ MacOS\\ Xsudo /Applications/WBFS\\ for\\ MacOS\\ X.a mentre per il secondo comando hai messo i : che non c’entranosudo: /Applications/WBFS for MacOS for MacOS X: command not foundcopialo da qui:sudo /Applications/WBFS\\ for\\ MacOS\\\\ for\\ MacOS\\ X

    • References Robbins & Coulter, 2007. In order to carry out the computer-based application can get additional perks and hikes if they are expected to clean their assigned space within a certain period of time. In order to be done and who will flourish in the recruiting, screening and selection will take place.

    • Annie-Claude>> Tiens donc, je n’ai jamais fait attention à l’importance de la séquence… Alors ?… Il se passe quoi donc ???Perso, je pencherai pour le deuxième process. Le pastis doit être plus agréable à boire parce que « mieux » rafraîchi ?

    • Amo a Astrid que conheci no Happy Hour, antes só de ouvir falar. E a Babara Gancia sou seguidora há muito tempo, vamos aguardar porque ela é encrenqueira mas bem humorada, o que eu adoro. As outras duas vamos acompanhar e confiar em vc. Mas vou sentir falta da Teté Ribeiro e dos meninos.Ah! e não é justo a caneca não ser sorteada. Deveria ter pedido algumas extras.

    • on the “special relationship” with Israel as it pertains to US vulnerability in the Middle East. Not what he told the special congressional committee on CSPAN, but what he intentionally left as his official finding on paper at his feet (in his briefcase) there while testifying.

    • Virkilega heillandi mynd! Minnir á einhverskonar sjóvarnagarð. Veit einhver hvað varð um allt þetta? Selt í brotajárn? Hefði annars nýst vel í öðrum verkefnum… Hólmsheiði jafnvel?Hvenær kemur annars næsta keppni?

    • Meninas eu dou nota 10 para o tratamento anti-estrias Biovergetures da BIOTHERM.A pele fica incrivelmente hidratada, sedosa, com uma textura maravilhosa e o melhor de tudo é que as estrias começam a “sumir”. Muito efetivo, principalmente se suas estrias não forem da brancas, + mesmo das brancas o efeito é notório porque as minhas são brancas e melhoraram muito.Barato não é. Porém é muito eficaz! Recomendo d+.Espero ter ajudado.Beijão e parabéns pelo tema.

    • Arriver à représenter la conasse du président en rendant un portrait qui lui est tout à fait fidèle, en patate dodue mais avec cette tête de mort d’anorexique, c’est très balaise mon p’tit Vidberg.Bravo !Et vive le blanc d’Arbois (plus on en boit, plus on va droit!)

    • I like your ingenious in-store book-buying method! I may have to try it! You really have to be careful about those books from friends, don’t you? There have been times when a friend has loved a book I’ve hated and vice versa and I have thought to myself “Wait, how can I be friends with someone who hated Book X?” (Joking. Partially. Mostly.)

    • I wonder if we can get this app pulled for being in bad taste. There used to be a “baby shaking app” where you shook the iPhone until the picture of the baby got Xs over it’s eyes. If something like that can be pulled, we should be able to get this app pulled for being offensive.

    • Yes, it is possible. I do short sales every days and I have been averaging 40 to 60 days. However some can take longer and some I have received approval in 3 days! The listing agent apparently has some sort of information that you don’t know about, as would be expected. What is to complain about? If she doesn’t get approval you don’t close on that date. Add into the contract that you will close by Nov 4 but no later than Nov 15th.References : real estate agent Was this answer helpful?

    • Dec06Jeff Seckar-Martinez My three year old Chloe loves to dance!– She jams with DJ Lance and loves to shake her booty to songs that teach great life lessons. Pick my family and we will party on with our Yo Gabba Gabba friends! – Biggest fans!

    • Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Donec ac purus nec diam laoreet sollicitudin. Fusce ullamcorper imperdiet turpis, non accumsan enim egestas in. Donec ac purus nec diam laoreet sollicitudin. Fusce ullamcorper imperdiet turpis, non accumsan enim egestas in. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.

    • Jean-Pierre, chevalier…Vous datez un peu avec cette Dame :« Tous chevaliers doivent aider à leur loyal pouvoir toutes dames et pucelles dechassées, »Jean FROISSART.tibo :Ils respectent leurs engagements, c’est tout.J’aime bien votre foi subjective, parlez-en donc à benêt XVI.

    • A me un po di magone viene, davvero…Il Floppy mi ricorda tra le più belle rotture della mandibola:- I 2 fantasmagorici floppy di “Shadow of the beast” (Psygnosis)- I 2 spettacolari floppy di “Lotus Turbo Challenge II” (Gremlin)- I 2 spaziali floppy di “Project X” (Team 17)e tanti, tanti altri…

    • And besides. Lynne Cheney is the worst of the worst. She’s written at least one horrible manifesto Telling the Truth. (No, and it’s not that rare and out of print lesbian novel, Sisters.) G** only knows what she did to NEH during her tenure. But the wicked witch probably left a legacy.

    • So, does this mean if I pump more oxygen into my Madagascar Hissing Cockroach tank for a few generations, I’d have cat-sized roaches?Upon saying that idea out loud, my wife advised that I watch the outcome of several mutant animal movies. But my argument is, “What could possibly go wrong?”Now if I could just make them smarter so I could train them to do tricks…

    • Ugh. This is me for the last year – bingeing and gaining and being generally miserable, but now I can tell that I am coming out on the other side, wiser and more patient with myself. It’s still hard some days (most days), but the easier days are coming more often. And I thank God for that.

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    • I just bought this phone at and got it delivered to my house. This is neat phone, small and nifty to hold. The camera is a bit on the grainy side, but at this price I was hardly expecting the kind of quality that you get in a Nokia phone anyway. Yippee!!!

    • …et me fascine comme la complexité des êtres non humain :hier à la FNAC , j’ai découvert un livre sur les mini-monstres, les membracides!Bizarre de ne pas voir la couverture de ce livre dans ce blog!Idem pour les autres livres ! Les derniers car il est vrai que la production est sévère!

    • My daddy was a catskinner! I was happily surprised to see this term when scanning my reader. It's not one that you hear everyday. It drew me in to see you and this delicious looking cake. We love carrot cake around here and I can't wait to give it a try. I think this would be perfect to take to my potluck at work on Wednesday. Thanks, Mary!