The frustrated ex-pat

Sitting at the table
with a cafe con leche
and a
beautiful woman
the light and colour
of the city

In my mind
I live here
One of the
happy lost
An ex-pat
among ex-pats
Esto es Comunidad

In my suitcase
I am a tourist
my heart
thinks otherwise
I am
the frustrated ex-pat
© Copyright Kevin Buckle 2012

495 thoughts on “The frustrated ex-pat

  1. I am soooo happy for her. And why in the world she should feel compelled or obligated to give back by picking women that are unable to conceive and pay for their fertility treatments?????????? She can do whatever the heck she wants to do with her money. After all, she earned it and owes nobody but herself and her baby NOTHING!!! Congrats Alexis!!

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  4. Oh, I am sooo excited. We have Plants Grow Up and Polished Cornerstones and have wanted many of the charts.I shared the site with a friend today. I’m glad about the contests because it prompts me to share your site.

  5. Ohh, something’s gonna happen! I just know it. Something always happens. I like the concept, and I like the idea of the continuing (short) story specific to SFFSat. Now you’ve got me pondering about it….

  6. Fantastic post. I was obsessed with Soul Asylum when I was at college – what an awesome band. Shame it all went a bit wrong musically in my opinion – from Grave Dancers Union onwards.But the stuff posted here is fantastic.I have a great cassette only release by Twin Tone of some of their demos. No way to digitise sadly otherwise I’d send you a copy – if you don’t have it already :)Grand Champeen are great too – not heard them before.Thanks for posting.Dave.

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  11. I too enjoyed Hereafter but the insta-love turned me off a bit. But I like that it was an easy read, I have yet to read my copy of Arise but I'm glad to read from this review that it's even better than the first one.

  12. , China is untrustworthy. SK cannot really know the intentions of the Chinese, and I highly doubt that they will listen to the objections of South Koreans to the degree that the US does and did. I’m not begrudging the Chinese to develop in every way they can. But we should be watching their every move.

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  14. These snaps are incredible! Sounds like it’s worth doing Holly’s course just for the styling and flower arranging guidance. I have been meaning to do a digital photography course for years so if I find a good one, I’ll let you know to assist with your resolutuion! Ellie x

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  16. Oh Paula this is just AMAZING, what a beautiful purse, so carefully put together and elegant in every way. I love the stamps and colours and the sewing, lace and bow add those perfect touches. Just wonderful.Thanks for sharing with me at Tuesday Treasures and for linking to the Panpastel challenge this week.Yes the sun is shining here too and time to go and put a few bedding plants in pots I think.Have a good day.hugs {brenda} xox

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  20. yeah that would be true “race realism”, i could not separate the obvious socio-political implications of this type of “school of thought”, as that is utimately the way it would be done, i was being a bit too reductionist there earlier. laying it out all bare to the world, with nothing to hide is the true way to do things. again though, there is the implied soicio-political outcome, a return to the whole: “get the fuck out of here, this is my culture” open, aggressive and pragmatic (realistic as well) type of political thinking (and therefore structure, therefore change,etc).

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  24. Well I definitely want to see the movie. I know it’s gonna be awesome. And that lake/hike place sounds so beautiful! I wish that I could bring my bikini and go for a dip. Nope, I`ll bring along my one piece bathing suit and hop in LOL. One day I will be able to wear a bikini

  25. io sono come te, le scarpe le compro solo in Italia, qui è una disperazione e ti dico di più, anche il mio ragazzo che è peruviano fa scorta in Italia, quindi non si tratta di nazionalismo. @ Luca: ti penserò molto e non solo sulla metro!!! @ Marco: che cucini di buono? Per il vino direi di farti consigliare da una certa Valentina, conosce un vinello toscano niente male…

  26. Jacki, I guess that’s one of the drawbacks of having the movers do your packing. Karen, that’s a good idea, especially in a smaller office where a literature sorter might seem too bulky, or if the number of projects tends to fluctuate. It could also keep the cork board from getting cluttered with memos and other odds and ends!.-= Janet Barclay´s last blog .. =-.

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  29. Hi Michelle, I am glad you got back home safe! What would we do without you showing us all those wonderful stamping possibilities??? I think I will have to get my hands on this tree stamp, you use it a lot do’nt you? I love all kind of trees, most of all bare trees, and I am getting quite a bit of them now.See you, thanks for sharing!

  30. a lot of the early and best stuff was published in Heavy Metal magazine. Arzac is silent, but the Airtight Garage was all translated. The first few years of Heavy Metal are a who’s who of the best seventies European panel art. You might think it a waste to have the whole magazine with only a few pages of Moebius, but one of the great things about them is seeing just how influential was Moebius’ style. Bilal and Manara’s early pieces in the magazine, to name just two, were basically rip-offs of Moebius’ style. worth wading through the dross.

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  48. Thanks Roger -I'll look in more detail later. One more question – given the anomalous degree of impact from the 1926 storm, I have to wonder what your graphs would look like if that storm were treated as an outlier. My guess is they wouldn't be significantly affected – but I do wonder what the statistical practices should be for treating something that is so far off the scale of the rest of the data.


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  54. Did you hear from Patrick Murphy? I too was hoping for more of an explanation from John HallI’m in Pa and my DFA group worked our collective asses off to raise $$$ for Patrick and do phone banking for him…His vote was a real slap in the faceYesterday clearing out my garage I found albums of Jackson Browne and No Nukes…My digital 17 year old was playing them on my old turn table last night!!!!!

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  68. What can I say Letitia you and a select other few made our adventure one we will Never forget. It made me cry to think about the time when I was unable to see the kids (due to my BP) and you brought him in I was so HAPPY but yet so SAD!!!Thank you for ALL you did!

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