Well it’s 2am
and I’m sittin here
drinkin my whiskey
and reading Dylan
and singin a song or two.

And I kinda don’t know
just where I am
Slipped into an existential jam
so I lean back
and close my eyes for a while.

Can somebody tell me
what the hell’s goin on?
I thought nothin’d changed
just rollin along
then I thought about this little song

The kids, they ain’t list’nin
to this stuff no more
We don’t even speak
the same language for sure
How I ever got to this side of the fence
I don’t know

Pour me another
it’s near time for bed
got me a whole load of places to go
Don’t have time to waste no more
cause it seems to me we’re a long time dead
Yes sir

© Copyright Kevin Buckle 2012


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  4. If we don’t open carry the public will always freak out when they see a gun on a law abiding citizen. Do you actually believe they won’t freak when they see the butt sticking out of your pocket? Open carry and make them see a gun that is not killing people randomly on its own. Come on!! Open Carry for the good of the gun and the second amendment.

  5. How about this idea, Liptonius: NO conventions at all.Everyone has to declare by the first Tuesday in November the year before the election. Primary elections are held on the same day in each state on the first Tuesday in May of the election year. Run off election, if necessary, on the third Tuesday of May of the election year. That way, each state has a say about who the candidtates will be; no state has to take the sloppy seconds of Iowa and the other few states who are "first".

  6. PS I have been nervous about planting things in memory of Christian. I guess I am fearful of the trees and plants dying too, and somehow having attached myself to it in a weird way and mourning all over again. I’m a bit of a practical person and acknowledge the fact that Houston has super wet winters and super hot summers, not exactly the best foundation for a garden of eden!

  7. Hey William, thanks for the comments mate! I know exactly what you mean and have missed a few crackers shots by thinking…nah I'll get it next time I am here and then of course next time doesn't come eh! Tonight is a classic example….went out to South Perth Yacht club for some Chrissey drinks with some mates and was not going to take the camera…but did and I am about to post a cracker as a result!

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  10. My sincere sympathy to the Czerepuszko family.Mike has helped me a few times in snow storms, torrential rain, on holidays and anytime I needed a ride. Always kind, considerate, courteous and just fun to be around. My 3 daughters in law shared a ride to NYC with him last year and we’re still talking about what a great guy he was. Thanksto him the trip to the city and back was stress free.I am so sorry for your loss.Cora Rodenhizer,Middletown CT

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  35. I think ripping became too quick too fast for the BPI to bother doing anything about it. Also, it’s one thing to criminalise copying something illegally, but it would have been dumb to fine someone for copying their own CDs to their computer (not least when there is provision in law for backing up computer software). But, yes, the law’s now redundant, but this is nonetheless a welcome update.

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  58. I think the quote I posted on Facebook is probably my very favorite part of the book, but it seemed a little too long for this collection. The other set of quotes I’ll be posting is right up your alley – they’re all focused on awareness and the mind-body connection. Hooray for mindfulness!

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