It hit me this evening:
the passage of time;
of things, events,
memories and people;
people just like you and I.

I remember the models:
Spitfires, Hurricanes;
clean and crisp
as Ford Cortinas;
fast as Saturn Vs.

The days before
they invented time,
when parents spoke
of Wartime songs
and incendiary bombs.

And as the evening lingers on
these images, voices,
turn to shadows, fading echoes;
reflections of a weary mind.

974 thoughts on “Recollecting

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    • Neo is cool! In the Matrix and the ST forum.Can’t breath well Ephraim? Soon u will have nightmares about Horses eating Hokkien mee i tell you.Blog on Rockson! Don’t care about Ephraim, you have my support all the way and teh tarik if you ever come down to JBee cause i don’t drink.

    • I’m also amazed how talented and creative some of the Etsy sellers are . I’m stay at home sleep deprived mom and my long term goal is to create happy and healthy family Cooking , cleaning … Is always in a progress … make something that I finish for others to enjoy is my short term and fulfilling accomplishment . I cannot even explain how your lovely post have made me feel . Thank you so much , Alex . You have a brilliant mind and I cannot wait to see more of your posts . Please forgive me my shaky English . Dasha

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    • copertile imi plac foarte mult. descrierea rimei carti imi place, mai ales ca baga si probleme d-alea adolescentilor. gen intalniri, niciun chef de invatat. da' chestia cu masina parca m-a lovit in moalele capuluisunt doar doua carti? ca parca ar fi mai multe, mai ales dupa descrierea a doua. ma face sa cred ca mai urmeaza o alta carte

    • I think that the number of people not paying taxes is somewhat incorrect, if all they are looking at is the number at the bottom of the tax form. In 2007 I had a credit – but because I had overpaid on my quarterlies! Belive me, I paid plenty of taxes that year….but unless you looked at anything but the bottom line, you might not have known it…..

    • hey guys, I’m new to this whole android world of smartphones but i wanna own one, esp. htc. i got hooked to htc since a friend introduced it to me to have better battery life than samsung smartphones. my 1st choice (price wise) was Desire C since it’s at 9k. but then i was convinced to go for Desire V at 13,5k, which is dual sim & much larger display and much faster processor. can anybody here tell me about the battery performance? im not much of an appfreak here so internal memory is ok for me

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    • Something about that logo is worth commenting on. It’s an image of a skeletal T. Rex. Weren’t these the critters that hunted the lush tropical jungles of Alberta and Saskatchewan? Would the climate then have been somewhat warmer than today?Just askin…

    • How wonderful! We SMC are doing a great job in the peace and freedom we have chosen for our families, but when our relatives or friends support us the way your mum supports you, it makes all the joy even greater. Your mum sounds fab! Lucky you and your children. BTW,beautiful children!

    • Nicolae spune:Părinte, mulÅ£umim pentru că luptaÅ£i cu toate prostiile care bîntuie prin "nărodul nostru pravoslavnic". Dacă am Å£ine Ortodoxia curată, nici sectanÅ£ii nu vor avea de ce să se lege ÅŸi vor înÅ£elege că Ortodoxia este Adevărul, iar acuzele lor se referă doar la ceea ce condamnăm ÅŸi noi. 

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    • dit :Hello !Sympa ce top 3 des destinations de voyage. Paris est une très jolie ville, mais quand on y habite ou y travaille on passe tous les jours à côté de ses beautés sans les voir, malheureusement. Je ne suis jamais allée à Athènes ni à Pekin, mais ce sont deux destinations de voyages qui sont dans mes projets. A bientôtCéline

    • WOW….I ran and got my shampoo and conditioner to compare to your list and was surprised to see so many of those additives! And my shampoo is an expensive salon brand! I guess I am off to the organic shop tomorow to see what I can find! Thanks for the post, I do notice my hair is dry alot! I thought it was just the bleach/highlites though!..lolI am going to give a new shampoo a go and see what happens…:)

    • ok scusa. quindi è confermato che è reale in base ai commenti sovrastanti? In che % è reale e in quale fake? No, non è confermato né che sia reale, né che sia falsa. Non si possono dare percentuali in casi come questi.

    • Hi. A comment on your joke – Darwin didnt’t know, that good genes were important, because he didn’t know something like genes exist. Although the joke was good ;o) Yeah and I strongly recommend a documentary The Genius of Charles Darwin (made by Richard Dawkins) to everybody, all three parts can be found on Google Video, it’s worth watching!

    • 07 mai 2011, 13h25 SONY au fond du trou, le PSN n’est pas de refaire surface … Plutôt content, pour l’heure, de posséder une XBOX360 Je ne suis toutefois pas certain que les 5€ mensuels que je lâche à Microsoft pour pouvoir jouer en ligne me protège de tels risques

    • If you want to stay close to Oshkosh, go to UWO then…there are a tons of houses/apartments near campus. The cost isn’t too bad anyways and the university seems like an awesome social experience. (I would know since i live in Oshkosh). If UWO seems too expensive then try St. Norberts, Ripon College, or even Fox Valley Tech. Go somewhere where you and your bf will be happy.

    • his role is to “ridicule” and use “sarcasm”. (Just don’t try such yourself. Remember the cardinal rule of the left: Thou shalt have the right to spew forth whatever advances the agenda without correction and if the criticism gets too loud, just ban it.)

    • Un viaje sin duda muy recomendable, gracias por hacernos partícipes de tu viaje y por compartir tus experiencias. Islandia es un país que desde el primer momento te deja sin palabras, al ser totalmente diferente a lo que estamos acostumbrados. Es increible el visitar lugares por donde parece que nunca ha estado el ser humano.

    • Jeżeli prawdÄ… jest, że usÅ‚yszaÅ‚aÅ› od mężczyzny : “wypad”, to pocieszÄ™ CiÄ™. MogÅ‚aÅ› trafić jeszcze gorzej, i usÅ‚yszeć :” Won stÄ…d! Won do PISu! “Pozdrawiam !To byÅ‚aby dla mniejsza obraza, a wrÄ™cz przeciwnie:))Również pozdrawiam.

    • Merci Fieldog pour tes commentaires sur l’autre fil, ça fait plaisir ! Ferrer devrait bientôt enfin gagner un match contre le Suisse, puisqu’il a atteint sa douzième défaite en autant de match. Jurisprudence Davyderling.

    • Oh man, my fingers are itching to try these. Do you have a good source for felt? I don't nkow that the fabric stores in my city would carry nice wool felt, but I'm reluctant to just order online without a recommendation.

    • Thanks, grant and Wes. Buzziness is exactly what I was wondering about. Every inline 4 I’ve ever ridden puts my hands to sleep in a matter of minutes, even my old seca II, which has rubber mounts.Sounds like an e-bike is in my future…

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    • - what NF claims is common has in fact hever happened. But regardless, refresh my memory, how many Super Bowls did Marino win?But that’s nit picking by me. All Kap has to do is the win this years Super Bowl, he can look like Marino’s sister doing it, You know, like EManning with 50 dink, dunk, and quiver throws against us in the title game..

    • Aww, that is kind of annoying Maybe ask your hairstylist? My hair has gotten SO long lately (just realized yesterday that it has been 2 years since I cut off 10 inches for Locks of Love) I normally put it in a ponytail… but if that is annoying, I just put it in a "ho bun" as my sister calls it Kind of like your "top knot" photo. Maybe a braid of sorts would help??

    • Moin,hiert gibt es die neuste Version von TabMixPlus. Die funnktioniert auch mit dem 3er FuchsWas ich bei einigen Seiten festgestellt habe ist, dass sich die Schriftart geändert hat. Vorher waren die Seite in Arial. Jetzt in Times. Finde ich bischen merkwürdig.

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    • anon 3.48, i dont know if your post was humourous, or not, but why should anyone need to move over a badly behaved child.i live in the UK, i visit america, several states, and i see it all over, i have friends in almost every state, and they see it, i have friends in australia and new zealand and they see it.

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    • छान ..उपहास ..अस झाल तरी भारत थोडा रुळावर येण्याची शक्यता ..आहें ..सर्व नेते ..आणि म्याडम ..आपले स्वप्न पूर्ण करोत ( कारण देवाला त्यांच्या मधे काहीच चान्स नाहीये )..हीच म्याडम चरणी प्रार्थना

    • Not hiding, Dr. Just not sure I wanted to join the community. Yes, my responses got sarcastic after a while, and for that I appologize and will offer no excuses.As for offering counter examples, I offered several that fell into silence or were just dismissed out of hand, almost with a "that dosn't count" argument.So, I will not participate in your blog any longer as I feel I have no way to participate in a constructive way.It was somewhat entertaining while it lasted.

    • Bonjour, J’aime beaucoup cette applique, elle irait parfaitement à côté de notre cheminée en pierre de taille.Mais sur les photos je ne vois pas où est exactement la douille.En quoi est l’abat-jour ? Pensez-vous qu’il faille limiter la puissance pour protéger le bois, même avec une ampoule basse consommation ?Cordialement,Bernadette Rivery

    • DKL,You’re right that I’m no intellectual.You’re wrong that I’m trying to be one. Novelists — even highly intellectual novelists — routinely craft characters and narratives around them who are likable, inspiring, and who we want to succeed. The notion that we understand our lives as an intersection of narratives is a highly intellectual notion that’s as old as Aristotle and that has been revived recently by noted intellectual Alasdair MacIntyre.This notion you speak of is not irrational. Turning Sarah Palin into your own version of Huck Finn is.

    • Des photos anonymes mais avec pour certaines un style très marqué.C’est pas la faute des votants si il est possible de reconnaitre le style des photographes. Darth la prochaine fois fois tu devrais tenter un truc : « ÃƒÂ  la manière de … » je te laisse le choix de qui …Mais je suis sur que l’on reconnaitra encore le style des photographes que l’on connait bien photographiquement

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    • Ann, I have tried two other macaron recipes. With my most recent one, I got beautiful feet and shape, but the treats were too crispy and not “cakish” on the inside like the ones we tried in Paris. I would love to try your recipe. Could you please tell me the texture I should expect from your recipe? Thanks.

    • The simplest way of creating AGI is building a computer, that sees, hears, interacts with it’s environment and can imitate us. A human baby at birth is not conscious and self aware. It picking up rapidly bits and pieces from from parents (other humans) consciousness and self awareness. Basically a baby copy and reproduce everything parents do. That gives a meaning to what it sees, hears and experience. So to put it in several words the human intelligence is the meaning of things for humans.

    • Also diese Pfännchen sind weder für Schnecken noch für Poffertjes, sondern das sind Christbaumkugelnaufbewahrungspfännchen. Probiers mal aus, sieht bestimmt chic aus so kurz vor Weihnachten ;-)Auch silbergraue Christbaumkugeln passen da bestimmt gut rein, vielleicht mit einem rotweißgekordelten Metzgergarn – aber da fällt dir bestimmt etwas Schönes ein!LGSabine v.d. Weihnachtsbloggerei

    • Non, c’est impossible de réaliser cette visite ailleurs qu’en France…Seule la commission médicale de la préfecture de votre département est compétente pour réaliser cette visite médicale, il n’y a aucun accord entre la France et le canada sur ce point…

    • It is also amusing, if sad, that in the modern day “ideals” is taken to include the idea of rebelling against all ideals, of being uproariously selfish, of living like a ravening wolf among lambs; the ideals of Nietzsche and Marx which means to live down to the lowest and most selfish and violent impulses of human nature; the ideal of committing crimes and shedding blood. The moderns cannot distinguish between the ideals of the saints and the “ideals” of the damned.

    • Shruthi, You have a good writing style and you have penned down your trip is a delectable way… Looks like you had a great trip and memories for good. One thing about the mountains is that they keep calling you back…..Till your next trip……Have fun and keep writing……..

    • Da er vi vel til en viss grad enige, men bare pÃ¥ størrelsen. Hvem skal definere det Ã¥ fÃ¥ bort et overskudd kontra produksjon for eksport gjennom eksportsubsidier. NÃ¥ er det ikke bare svinekjøtt til Ukraina som er Norges bidrag. Hva med Jarlsbergost til USA?Norge fikk jo i sin tid USA’s vrede over subsidiering av laks, som ogsÃ¥ ble definert som eksportsubsidier.

    • Hey Matt,The problem with setting up a permanent homebase is that it would get too easy to stay there most of the year. Also, there would be the maintenance and shopping that seems to never end. If I were to set up a homebase again, it would have to be in a place I wanted to spend a LOT of time in. I don’t know where that is. We should schedule a Skype call soon.

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    • Según estimacines, cuentan con cerca de 140.000 pisos que necesitan vender. Ahora bien, no todos los ciudadanos saben cómo comprar un piso al banco y cuáles son sus venajas e inconvenientes. Aunque el vendedor sea un banco, el intermediario que enseña los pisos será un comercial de agencia y no un banquero o comercial de las sucursales.

    • Nunca tinha me tocado dessas verdades que o Maluf disse na entrevista. Realmente só quem tinha buzina era o cazá, cazá, depois vieram o funk carioca e a introdução dos sambas enredos cariocas. Puxa vida, gostei daentrevistaEsse caza cazá é do vasco kkkkO cazá cazá foi exportado por nós através de nossos remadores que foram defender o vasco em meados do século passado.

    • Excelente post! Ainda vou ler este livro, hehe.Completando, temos:-Duck Typing for Use Cases: Se parece uma caso de uso, se soa como um caso de uso…É um caso de uso!!! Mais uma funcionalidade inútil para o cliente (ou séria idiota que financia um pesadelo esperando um sonho!).

    • Solution:UNIX: Run the ps -ef|grep runInstaller to find the process and kill it.Windows: Use the fiwoollng commands to locate and kill the active OUI processes:tasklist | findstr /R oui.exe tasklist | findstr /R javaw.exe tasklist | findstr /R setup.exe

    • >Trevligt inlägg =) Jag färgar eller fyller i med penna, men är sugen pÃ¥ att testa ngt mer avancerat, typ Benefits eller Urban Decays smÃ¥ fina brynlÃ¥dor. Lumene är kanske ett billigare (och snabbare) alternativ?

    • Иван пишет:Привет Александр! Я хочу узнать по Эксперименту номер три с кино – как, чем, кем прогоняешь сайт в твиттерах и прочих соцсервисах?VA:F [1.9.21_1169]Рейтинг: 0 (оценок: 0)

    • Thanks for the thoughts. Maybe I should have thought through the post better. My answer to your question is “No”- we can’t eat all the cookies- we have to share them. Luke 12:48 tells us that we who have much have a responsibility to share- to let go- to bring other people joy, happiness, peace, mercy and justice.

    • I loved as much as you’ll receive carried out right here. The sketch is tasteful, your authored material stylish. nonetheless, you command get bought an nervousness over that you wish be delivering the following. unwell unquestionably come more formerly again as exactly the same nearly very often inside case you shield this hike.

    • Bonjour,Désirant faire un stage dans un hotel de ce type dans le cadre de mon cursus scolaire, je voulais savoir s’il était possible d’avoir les coordonnées de cet hotel.Je voulais aussi savoir quelles langues étaient parlées au sein de cet hotelMerci beaucoup =)

    • “உலகத்தில நல்லவனுக்கு கிடைக்கிà®± எல்லா மரியாதையுà®®் கெட்டவனுக்குà®®் கிடைச்சுடுதே …. எப்படி?” ன்னு ‘மகாநதி’ படத்தில கமல் à®…à®´ுவாà®°். அது à®®ாதிà®°ிதான் இருக்கு!

    • Interessant hierbei ist, dass es viele verschiedene Ansätze in der Traumdeutung gibt. Den Unterschied zwischen subjektiv und objektiv finde ich persönlich schwierig. Ist ein Traum grundsätzlich nicht immer als subjektiv zu bewerten?

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    • Il faudrait des réformes qui travaillent sur la productivité dans l’administration. Ayant des amis fonctionnaires dans l’administratif, ce qu’ils me racontent est souvent édifiant. Ce n’est pas dans l’Education, l’Hôpital ou la Police que l’on trouvera des réductions à faire c’est certain !

    • on Hola Luca, Bienvenido, pues no conozco este en concreto que me nombras, pero desde luego si es graso justo para esta zona es un problema. El de too face desde luego no lo es y se encarga de iluminar los párpados grisaceos dando luz a la vez, incluso los que están muy hundidos del tabique nasal consigue equilibrarlos.Muchas gracias por tu comentario.Un besito.

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    • HI Bea, ich glaube, wenn man schreit, werden die leisen Töne erst recht nicht wahrgenommen. Druck erzeugt immer Gegendruck. Aber du hast natürlich recht, wenn du das Schwarz-Weiß-Malen kritisierst. Leider habe ich in den Reimen nur wenige Zeilen Platz, um eine Geschichte zu erzählen. Das Ergebnis ist natürlich recht klischeehaft. Bist du selber ein Manager bzw. Boss?

    • Hola Kako, menudas fotos que haces hija, el soufflé es un plato que nunca he hecho y tampoco he probado, no se tampoco me hago una idea de como será me da la sensación de que es parecido a una mousse ¿no?. En fin que me tienes guardando la receta para cuando tengamos mandarinas.Un besito

    • Je l’aime bien Murray moi. J’ai vu la fin de son match aujourd’hui, y’avait pas photo entre lui et le limeur espagnol sans aucune créativité.Punaise, je l’ai vu nous faire du Fed.S’il lâche son potentiel ce joueur, il sera autrement plus intéressant à suivre que le Djoko au jeu stéréotypé. Le talent est du côté du Scot, quoique vous en disiez.

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    • Permit me to observe that this rutbag's car is rather distinctively marked and ― after his disgustingly inflammatory television interview ― I would not be in the least surprised if several yobs recognized this terrorist cockroach and "took him to heaven" a bit sooner than Mr. Siddiq-Conlon ever planned on.Ibrahim Siddiq-Conlon is living proof that some people are nothing but oxygen thieves.

    • Unfortunately, loss is a part of life, and it sucks that is a bigger part of our lives as we get older. I am sorry to hear about Michael’s loss. I have myself lost my own dad at three and my stepdad over 10 years ago. My heart goes out to him.As for Isaac Hayes,”are you talkin”bout Shaft? Then I can dig it.”

    • Trecand peste toate acestea, ce a mai ramas de PNL? Pacat! Era un partid cu vederi sanatoase. tariceanu a demostrat acest lucru, dar si cei dinaintea lui. Nu am ce/i reprosa lui Vosganian sau Noricai Nicolai, dar in rest… Cei mai buni au murit iar ceilalti sunt din ce in ce mai putini…Acum, Melescanu, sa fim seriosi, n/are nici o treaba cu liberalismul si nici Antonescu nu s-a omorat cu respectul fata de el! De ce sa nu primeasca o functie pe ultima suta de metri a carierei sale politice???

    • Reblogged this on and commented:I’m so happy for this girl. I met up with her in Knoxville and basically told to get out of Knoxville and go back to Boston. Glad she took my advice of networking and blogging/freelancing like crazy for HubSpot at Inbound 12. I completely believed in her b/c of her knowledge/degree at Tufts, her internship with my idol (David Meerman Scott), and her references. HubSpot is one of the “it” companies for young millennials. Good for her! This has made my week.

    • Michelle Ledesma Kat, congratulations on your 1,000th post. Not only has your life changed but you are changing the life of so many others in such a positive way. I feel blessed to have found your blog. Sure hope we get to meet some day in person. Liberating Your Art was the beginning of a new path for me. I’ll always be thankful to you for that. Looking forward to liberating more art in 2013. Keep up the inspiring work. Here’s to another 1,000 blog posts.

    • We don’t have the same extreme cold here but the other day and yesterday, a storm has flooded many provinces in central Philippines, just about two weeks after a very strong storm has flooded many provinces in the south and killed 1,000+ people, projected to surpass 1,500 if those still missing are counted.

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    • I dont understand how people are calling this bias.. Its the same test, leaving hardware the only variable. One thing though, the One X doesnt have a removable back for the battery. Alittle more performance with no removable battery vs Alittle less performances with removable battery.

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    • Voor een deel zal deze slopende hectiek wel routine worden. Tenslotte was je al eerder hoofdredacteur. Toch hoop ik voor je dat er een soort fifty-fifty verhouding zal ontstaan. Waarbij de laatste helft iedere keer bedoeld is voor weer de spanning van het nieuwe in de volgende editie. Zoiets… Maar je bent al vort; je leest het vanavond wel; of niet. was getekend: Hahaha.. je nieuwe ‘mental coach’…:))

    • Este comentario va a colación de lo que ha dicho Juan Carlos…yo no diría que tenemos mucha o poca información, creo que el problema está en tener demasiada desinformación, mucha desinformación…quizá si tuvieramos mucha o mucha mala información sería mejor que tener tanta desinformación (perdón por la repetición)…sólo quería aportar esta idea.Por cierto, realmente interesante leerte Jose Manuel, saludos!

    • This book is a wonderful way to begin your own Journey to your Heart. It has literally changed my life. It talks of feeling all your feelings, good or bad and helped me to realize that pain as well as happiness are all part of life. I want to thank Melody Beattie for writing this book and sharing her experience of her spiritual travels and her own Journey to the Heart. Each day that I read from these pages, I am inspired. I see the world in a different light and am able to find an inner peace that is hard to find in this tough world.

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    • Анонимный мыслитель / Вольнов, ну хотя бы изучил бы какие-то принципы их религии, прежде чем троллить.

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    • Du moment que c’est pas avec notre pognon. Ca a l’air vachement sympa, comme maison de retraite. On s’inscrit où ?20k€/mois, heureusement que les mecs font ca par amour de la France et de la République. 1 SMIC/jour de travail, certes, mais c quand mm grâce à eux qu’on en est là où on en est. Ca faut pas l’oublier. L’article oublie de préciser qu’à ce prix là, au bout de 10 siestes, la 11ème est offerte.

    • Yea, another fun fighting blog to read! I'm a white belt in BJJ, 3rd degree brown in American Kenpo. Another attorney here, although I'm purely transactional – undergrad/grad in Psychology, so that definitely comes in handy on the mats. "Hmmm, so tell me about your mother…while I just lock on to this arm over here."

    • It’s gratifying to see that 75% of voters think Carlo should stay. That’s a victory fore common sense! It’s interesting that this blog entry hasn’t been read by as many people as some of the other entries; only 600 some. Is there apathy over Roman’s impatience with managers?Reply

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