When I was younger, I believed in History, like everybody else. Then I was educated out of it. Now I believe in it again. Not as a great abstract natural force, but as a product of the human herding instinct. We all, during periods of human existence, play our own part in it, like it or not. It doesn’t matter whether we are pro-History or anti-History, we play our part in its inexorable progress, just as the mythical Canute/Cnut played his.

Until we give up on the idea, we are thrill-seekers and some of us reach positions of influence – perhaps even real power – where our vanity or ego becomes all too aware of its place in History. We feel that we are shaping it. But we are also being shaped. We allow our destiny to become shaped. We are moved along by it but, at the same time, we play our part.

In the same way, those of us who gave up on thrill-seeking early on and are content to earn our crust, play a part. History cannot progress without us. It needs us to staff the offices, man the tills, drive the lorries, deliver the goods, hire the staff, clean the toilets, repair the lifts. It needs us to slide the shells into the breech, fuel the aircraft, operate the drones, analyse the intelligence. Without us, the thrill-seekers cannot feed the furnace of History.

And those of us who stand against it – antagonistic from birth, or burning with moral indignation – are no less the shapers of History. Like tiny fish, whose silver flanks turn first and steer the shoal, our action works towards a greater outcome. Like the wing of the distant butterfly, we cannot be isolated from the world that surrounds us and from its progress.

None of us are wasting time in this great spreading universe. A game-plan, a strategy, a conversation in a shop or words exchanged waiting for a train, a fragment written in the night, all these things work towards the turning of the shoal, the murmuration of the flock, the wandering of the grazing herd. Every moment, every breath we take, is a place in History.

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    • that the worst part of all this is putting my feet on the floor in the morning. It’s usually then that the consciousness hits me — it wasn’t a dream.This all goes to the “You’re so strong!” bullshit that I hate. I’m not. I probably used to be. Strength has nothing to do with it. You move through dying, whether its yours or someone else’s because we’re not given much choice in the matter.I’d like to think I would’ve inserted myself in that conversation, but probably not.

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    • Besides the inflation issue, as I noted here recently, we have the population increase issue. Tracking GDP over time is not very useful when the population differs. From 2005 to 2010 our population grew 4.4%. Our GDP per person at Q4 2010 is therefore 4.3% less than it was at Q4 2005. That is part of the explanation of why the full "recovery" of the GDP is not associated with a full recovery of our buying power.I grow tired of agencies and economists posting misleading time-based statistics that don't correct for obviously relevant factors such as population and demographic changes.

    • Vodka sauce sounds really interesting, Mary! I'm sure everyone would love it. What about the little guy? Guess, he going to enjoy the mussels! ha! Wishing you & your family a very Merry Christmas and hope you're all having a marvelous time. Enjoy the night! May god bless you all.Best wishes, Kristy ((hugs))

    • The mix is actually not what’s in the album version of the song, which doesn’t have any marching band instrumentation at all. They were probably aiming for something that sounded “live” and therefore more raw. I don’t mind it, and I enjoy the video and the song without worrying too much as to whether it’s particularly deep or meaningful.

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    • J’ai été très surpris d’entendre Patrick Montel dire tout à l’heure à l’antenne (01/08/2012 vers 00h45) que jamais un Français n’avait fait aussi bien que Estanguet avec ses fabuleuses 3 médailles d’or olympiques !Et aucun sportif ou journaliste autour de lui n’a relevé l’erreur.Tout le monde a donc déjà oublié Marie-José Pérec ?Ou alors elle n’est plus française et on me l’a caché ?

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    • I definitely don't like a couple of the new updates. -Need to add the "view by" option back to the advanced search choices. Now I have to do 2 actions to view the newest videos first where before I could just choose that from the advanced options set.-The player control bar disappears to quickly. It's hard to pause a video in sequences when the control bar keeps disappearing on me. Either that or create an option for us to set the disappear time or create a way for us to watch a video in slo-mo.

    • ***the politically correct ideas of social science are being rejected, perhaps the only exception being the readership of the New York Times.***Not really, Nicolas Wade covered this paper showing up Gould and quoted Ralph Holloway saying he was a charlatan.

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    • Excellent read, I just passed this onto a colleague who was doing some research on that. And he just bought me lunch because I found it for him smile So let me rephrase that: Thank you for lunch! “The guy with the biggest stomach will be the first to take off his shirt at a baseball game.” by Glenn Dickey.

    • Miren yo tengo 22 años vivo en nordelta y un dia martes de casualidad salgo a la puerta por que iva a saludar a un amigo y veo a un HDP cn una masa a punto de romperme el vidrio del GOL TREND y le grito casi me rompe el vidrio me empieza a correr entro a mi casa agarro un cuchillo y lo empiezo a correr a el dsps vienen todos los de la cuadra y lo alcanzo al HDP y lo re cague a palo por forro de mierda lo cague a piñas y me quede cn la masa q tenia ese si q no va a qeurer robar a nadie mas

    • Sweet glory, I’m not alone.Not in the posting weekly/daily/hourly/minutely stuff…but in the thoughts that blow through your mind. I think the same things!Not a doubt in my mind you can’t do a post a week. Odds are…if you’re not, I’ll start pestering you about it.Brilliant. =)

    • Atención: Este comentario ha sido valorado negativamente por los usuarios. Haz click aquí para verlo.Si pero que sea despues de ponerse el sol que como minimo no hace tanto calor, a buenas horas mangas verdes, en fin pais pais paisFlojo. Te gusta? 2  7

    • Congrats Chris! I agree with Nomadic Matt, being debt free is one of the greatest feelings. You are not just debt free, you are completely free. You can pick up and leave whenever you want, and stop wherever you choose for a day or a month or a year. It must be a very exciting time for you.

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    • December 22, 2008 Chum?I should say she/he is no chum at all writing posts about your drunken husband in her house…why was he/she tring to take off his trousers?Is this why you haven’t called me, Sweetie?James is obviously devoted to your perfect marriage, but I really think you need to look at your chums again.

    • alexgrinkov on August 17, 2012 Same happens with Stalin,they already claim he killed 60 mln people (total population of USSR at the time was 100 mln and statistically every second persons’s relative should be executed which is far from truth).If you dig in how they count it,turns out they count all victims of WW2 (which happened during Stalin’s reign) killed by Nazis as Stalin’s victims, all prisoners are automatically assumed to be “vicrtims of regime” (including murderers and thieves) and “executed” etc.Shit gets ridiculous

    • Romantickééé:) A kdo je ta PetÅ™ajzova slečna?? Ta mlha mÄ› lehce vytáčela!! (Končila v Jedovnicích a začínala nÄ›kde u Kozla…) Z popisu se mi zdá, že je ten Å¡utr pÄ›kný Å¡rot… A LeOS to PPnul? A Pepříček to tam taky poslal? Dovolila mu skála prostoupit???

    • Brother, for one with such slender a frame, your shoulders have borne great weights over the past months. [Where do you hide your muscles?] The Lord RICHLY bless you and Abi for all that you’ve given, and for your intense passion and desire to follow the Lord’s lead… we’re privileged to know you both (and I don’t throw compliments out lightly). Receive it, munch on it, and enjoy it…He is your strength; He is your song; He is your light and salvation… Sing, sing, sing hallelujah (as someone once wrote!)…

    • gambas, jogos, köszi, javítomahol fÅ‘ztük a vacsorát, ott volt olyan speciális merülÅ‘forraló, ami azonos hÅ‘mérsékleten tartja a vizettimcsi, igen, ez nem elírás, tényleg 45 perc. ilyen alacsony hÅ‘fokon ennyi idÅ‘, hogy a tojás olyan lágy-kocsonyás állagú legyen.

    • Elaine, thanks for sending me this link. You're right, he loved on you big — from the pulpit and even dropped by your comment box — and you gave it right back. What a sweet, honoring thing you've done for each other here.Brag on. Sounds like you both deserve it.

    • Une culture, leur culture ok pour moi pas de problème même si je la trouve rétrograde et parfois même extrême, des édifices et des centres de formation religieux de plus en plus nombreux en France, ça je ne suis pas pour.

    • This is the best news I have seen in months. Compared to New Hampshire, Georgia is a beacon of liberty through its respect for the rule of law. If judge Malihi is to be believed based upon his strict reading of the laws of the state, BHO & Company will have no choice but to assume the burden of proving the validity of his asserted credentials. However, we have seen this movie before– Judge Carter also showed early intent to ensure that any eligibility case would be examined on the merits, and he was corrupted by Perkins Coie. We shall wait and see…

    • Yea for the Van return!! Some people are just downright stupid and suck…I remember driving you and the van from Philly to Harrisburg in the monsoon years back, good time indeed my friend. Go Pads!! Lub FrizPS I shouldn’t have been driving that night, I was one eying it the whole way up the turnpike!!

    • Hiya…..Excellent read, I just passed this onto a friend who was doing a little research on that. And he actually bought me lunch as I found it for him smile So let me rephrase that: Thanks for lunch! “Creativity comes from zeal to do something, generally it …

    • Boh, dicono che riescono a ottenere Elio-4 ?!?Che poi va in decadimento, e i neutroni?E come sarebbe a dire che un neutrone riesce a unirsi ad un elettrone, da dove viene questo neutrone? Boh?Io sapevo che l'Elio-4 si trova nella superficie lunare, quale sarebbe la sua fonte?E la fonte di Elio dai pozzi nel Texas, quale sarebbe?——————————————————Giancarlo

    • Garcia, obrigado :)@Anónimo 13:05, nunca pensei tanto no truque da caneta! Obrigado :)@2w, susto grande, espero que o pior já tenha passado. Obrigado por torceres pelo Benfica. E pela força :)@Não têm nada a ver com o meu nome!, obrigado. Não direi incompetência, mas sem dúvida que este caso arrasta-se há muito tempo.

    • Luis Vicente,Totalmente de acuerdo en lo q a unos se les alaba por el solo hecho de ser personas conocidas por su dinero, posisción social etc en otras puede ser criticado sin piedad. Creo q sobran los ejemplos.Un saludo y me alegro q le haya parecido interesantre el artículo.EAAndrés creo q con estas pequeñas novedades se mantiene la página mucho más activa incluso sin q haya nuevos artículos.EA

    • Andreia Ticle comentou em 3 de maio de 2012 às 16:30. Júlia,qual a diferença entre as bases Tent Miracle e Tent Idole da Lancome? Toda vez que tento comprar a primeira as vendedoras me vendem a segunda falando que ficam melhor na minha pele.

    • Vi ønsker oss barn. Ikke en baby eller en 5 Ã¥ring eller en tre Ã¥ring, men rett og slett et barn. Veldig kjekt at det blir fokusert pÃ¥ at alle barn trenger foreldre uansett alder. Ikke minst trenger alle barn foreldre ikke bare dem som er perfekte. Hilsen en lykkelig Camilla som i dag fikk tildeling av en liten jente pÃ¥ under Ã¥ret og som ville vært like lykkelig om barnet var eldre:-)

    • yazılara devam ediÅŸinden çok memnun oldum bizlerin de etkisiyle moralinin bir parça da olsa düzeleceÄŸine eminim.chanel rujun rengi ve tonu tam senin ten rengine uygun olduÄŸu için gerçekten çok hoÅŸ durmuÅŸ. Herkese uyacağından ben o kadar emin deÄŸilim. Kalitesine, alımlılığına diyecek yok ancak bu ürünün fiyatından dolayı sürekli kullanılacak bir ruj olmadığı ortada. Rujlarla ilgili, fiyat/kalite eÄŸrisinden hareketle en iyi marka ve ürünlerle ilgili ilerleyen günlerde bir yazı yazsanız da bilgilensek aslında ? Ne dersiniz üstad?

    • Schreibe hier Deinen Kommentar Du kannst diese HTML tags verwenden: <a> <abbr> <acronym> <b> <blockquote> <cite> <code> <del> <em> <i> <q> <strike> <strong> Benachrichtige mich über nachfolgende Kommentare per E-Mail. Benachrichtige mich über neue Beiträge per E-Mail. Achtung: Ich erkläre mich damit einverstanden, dass alle eingegebenen Daten und meine IP-Adresse nur zum Zweck der Spamvermeidung durch das Programm in den USA überprüft und gespeichert werden. .

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    • Not unless you eat healthy, missy! Dont eat any more than 3 meals a day. A bowl of Special K for breakfast, a sandwhich [wheat bread, lettuce, tomatoes, ham, cheese, microwaved] and for dinner some chicken and rice. If you want a snack, a fruit or some vegetables and for dessert, a scoop of vanilla ice-cream or a health shake/smoothie. Use a blender, blend some fruit, a couple dashes of sugar, and you’re good to go

    • Mattie was working for feds and maybe not as bad as we think. Either way, you gotta think a guy like that, who comes from a family of cops and firefighters was the coddled baby bro that mama took care of and cleaned all his messe. Tomorrow, I will make my son clean up his own messes. Fruit rollup wrappers, Danimals, and all!

    • 01/05/2011 – 1:40pmLa culpa en parte la tiene la Central Lechera porq le rie todas las gracias al portugues y porq le consiente todas las ofensas.Y despues dice el Special One que porque maltratan asi al Madrid fuera del Bernabeu. (Se rien de nosotros,hipocritas,los arbitros,conspiracion del Barsa,Villarato,Platinato y demas gilipolleces del Mou).NO ME JODAS MOU!!!

    • I tried these about two weeks ago. A friend had given me hers to sample and hers were super delicious. Mine did not turn out too well, mostly cause I experimented further I guess. I had a batch left over and I fried them as small vadas and they were super gone in minutes. Thank you.

    • Hallo Knut,Die Mondkulissen-Szene spielt sicher auch auf die Mond-Verschwörungen an. Andererseits wirkt “Diamantenfieber” trotz Sean Connerys Rückkehr nach George Lazenbys Auftritt in “Im Geheimdienst Ihrer Majestät” zum großen Teil wie eine Parodie auf die bis dahin erschienenen Bond-Filme. Abgesehen von “Sag niemals nie” 1983 war auch Connery in der Rolle nie selbstironischer als hier.

    • I soooo relate. Except our wires and tools magically crop up in the kitchen utensil drawer, or on top of the dryer. They’re taking over the universe. Aaaaaarrrrghhhhhh (sound of strangulation as wires come to life and start chasing me around the apartment….)Melissa recently posted..

    • It is almost criminal that outstanding writing like this by Daniel is restricted to the margins of the blogosphere while an army of 'expert analysts' and 'opinion formers' continue to spout their ignorant (and very poorly written) rubbish in the main stream media. It is about time that your writing was exposed to a much bigger audience.Interesting to see the pathetic comment from Rachel Barenblat. It is a shame that she was unable or unwilling to address any of the points raised in the article.

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    • I took that video down. The aspect ratio issue was because it had been encoded for the "Stereoscopic player". That means it would play just the left eye on an ordinary player and both (in 3D) on the Stereoscopic or Nvidia 3D players.YouTube obviously read the header and ignored the right eye. I need to re-composite my videos before I can upload them (unless YouTube add this feature to their uploader)>

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    • I am so surprised to hear you say that it’s been awhile since you created anything. It doesn’t seem like that to me. But, I understand all the personal factors, challenges, perceptions and desires that make it feel that way for you. I think you are making exciting progress and embracing new possibilities. It doesn’t have to happen quickly. I’m enjoying your process. Thanks so much for sharing it.

    • Haha, that's an absolute hoot! I'm sure I'd get the same response if I tried to use hubby's sipping Pyrat rum in my rum cake. Your pound cake looks so wonderfully moist and tempting, I'll have to put it on my to try list for the next get together with friends.

    • Hola guapa!! :a això te una pinta estupenda :i jajajja m’ha fet gràcia provar les emitocones, però no sé pas si sortiran… Quin estofat tan original, m’ha encantat el toc de les galetes, com si fos una picada.Una pinta molt i molt bona! T’ha quedat estupendo!per cert, Sonia, no hauràs vist unes icones però pel background negre, oi? fa temps que les vull posar pero no en trobo tan mones i per negre. un petó bonica :d

    • Congratulations on having one of the most sophisticated blogs Ive come across in some time! Its just incredible how much you can take away from something simply because of how visually beautiful it is. Youve put together a great blog space –great graphics, videos, layout. This is definitely a must-see blog!

    • PattyKay, I’d really would like to see more about the car and less over the engine and I feel with the technology going the way it is, I think restrictor plates would go out in bad taste and style with the leisure suit and Daytona, Talladega, Indy and Darlington would keep their distance for their big race.

    • Warren, I agree with you of course. We live on the left coast. A vote for Romney in these three states is a throw away vote. A vote for Johnson is a vote for principle and against two corrupt parties. Hope you are doing well.

    • wenn ich mir die Flasche so betrachte, erkenne ich im Spiegelbild einen Fotografen, der offensichtlich darauf giert, endlich seinen Bericht abzuschließen, und an dieses Sch..bier zu kommen. Bei der hier fehlenden Luftfeuchtigkeit, und 29° zum Frühstück bestimmt nicht das erste Jens

    • Wait? Toenail painting’s not enough to keep me alive? Haha. Great review. I read Matched a while ago & it was a book I couldn’t seem to put down, even though I wasn’t sure why. I do feel for Xander & I definitely need to get Crossed & get a little closure, although I doubt I’ll get it until book 3.

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    • Our mud/laundry room is part of our (never ending!) basement renovation… we should be making some real headway (really!) on that project in the next few months and I can’t wait to start filling the space with storage solutions and decor!!! Love your inspiration photos. Looking forward to seeing your progress photos and, of course, final project photos!!Victoria

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    • I don't see Daybreaker complaining about the fact that Peter Brimelow publishes Craig Paul Roberts' articles at Vdare though Roberts believes the 9/11 attack was a false flag. Nor do I see questioning the official explanation for 9/11 as being any less legitimate and a detriment to one's credibility than were one to question the guilt of a man convicted of a crime by the state.

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    • is their domination of the world financial system and for their part in creating WWI. He denounces them for their religion and assumes that they are deluding German culture. He also outlines in part what he plans to do with Jews and other racial groups if the Nazis come to power.He also outlines his plans to bring Germany and Austria together and lays out his racist Aryan theories and just how he and his party would bring his theories into German life once they gained power.

    • Che bello passare a salutarti e trovare una confortante zuppa ad attendermi, di quelle che piacciono a me, veloci ma estremamente buone. Confesso che con il pesto non l'ho mai provata, non mancherò di farlo :)Un abbraccio cara StefaniaSonia

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    • “I don’t decry Bertrand Russell ”You’re more than welcome to? try. What would you say? That he was so ridiculously…logical? …sensible? …ethical? Atheists wouldn’t take umbrage at anyone challenging their worldview. Just like scientific theories, freethought thrives on competing views, as long as they can demonstrate their validity.“Spaghetti Monster… Atheist don’t plagiarize.”Do you even know what plagiarism is? There was none involved in my post. The FSM is in the public domain.

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    • Was ist eigentlich aus dieser Sache geworden? Seit der Meldung berichtet niemand mehr darüber. Welche Ergebnisse hatten denn nun die Ermittlungen der Polizei. Der junge Mann ist tot. Was macht der ehrenwerte Jäger, Zimmermann und Büchsenmacher?Diesen Kommentar bewerten: 0  2

    • As a raider I look for a mount that adds significant buffs as well as speed. Yes Im a bard, but I still currently max out at 45% runspeed when unmounted. Buff mounts are even more important now they are persistant through death in instances where you cannot re-mount

    • I am sending out a challenge to all Mitt-Heads on Mitt Romney Central to, together, raise $50,000+ by the deadline Mitt gave to the “bundlers” in Washington this week. Nate, if you and your fellow website helper’s could put a link on Mitt Romney Central for this challenge, we could all push for donations and try to reach the $50,000 fundraising challenge. Let’s put our money where our support and “stepped up game” is. We can do this!!!Go Mitt Go!!!

    • Guten Tag Daniela, für mich sind das keine normalen Fotos. Es sind aussergewöhnliche Momentaufnahmen, mit jenen Sie es geschafft haben, einen wunderbaren Menschen unsterblich zumachen. Seine Natürlichkeit und bezaubernde Einzigartigkeit in Farben und Formen auf Film zubinden um Sie dort, für immer zu erhalten.Vielen Dank dafür. An F: Zitat: Sensationell, dein TT

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    • The by-election involved only a fraction of the more than 600 seats in Parliament, leaving Mr. Thein Sein’s Union Solidarity and Development Party, which is backed by the country’s powerful military, with a diminished but strong majority. | | | | | | |

    • disse:Bom com esse boato que um F-5EM abateu um Dassault Rafale… E eu não duvido, pois as asas em Delta são veloz porém dificultam em um Dogfight e o Brasil já tem “muitos” Mirage 2000 portanto a melhor opção que o Brasil teria era os F-18 mas fazer o que o governo é quem manda xD.

    • anke io sn d’accordo con licia… a volte si pensa a quei poveri cristi come vengono emarginati dalla società, il papa ha fattto un passo in + che non doveva fare con quella frase sui gay.voglio dire, io sono 100% etero e non so cm si faccia a provare attrazione verso uno dello stesso sesso mi sembra un po’ impossibile però coe si dice l’abito non fa il monaco!

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    • Før jeg fikk barn var det mange som fortalte meg om hvor utrolig stor kjærlighet man kom til Ã¥ føle – men ingen som fortalte meg om engstelsen og ikke minst den vissheten du nevner. SÃ¥ svaret pÃ¥ det første spørsmÃ¥let ditt er utvilsomt ja. Men nÃ¥r det gjelder det andre spørsmÃ¥let, finnes det ikke et kommentarfelt i verden som er langt nok.

    • I like the idea of reusing space but the quality of living in London has taken such a dive. Bedrooms in houses have been partitioned in two and every space in a house has been turned into a sleeping space. It’s getting ridiculous… the people of this city need rent control, real first time buyer’s assistance and strict (while being generous) minimum space or quality of life guidelines.

    • prosimta mas tam kopec nezmyslov, ked uz davas na net nejake informacie tak si to niekde over. Napisat, ze koloidne striebro je roztok mozes, ale je to hlupost. Koloidne striebro je disperzia a jeho ucinnost je v podstate zavisli od mnozstva ionov ktore sa vylucia z tejto disperzie.

    • Tillykke med den fine gevinst. Det er et smukt glas ting du vandt.Linea, har du fÃ¥et hurtigt færdigt. Der er mere ild i dine pinde end der er i mine :DDu skal da lave julegaver, synes jeg. SmÃ¥ overraskelser. Julekugler, det er vildt moderne i Ã¥r. SÃ¥ et sted, at hvis man tog tykkere garn og pind 7 sÃ¥ kunne de bruges som pynt pÃ¥ yderdøren, det vil jeg prøve.Kh. Lis

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    • I totally agree with your comment that the devil's in domesticity. I haven't done a stroke of cleaning on my day off today. Ive been arsing around, stroking my vintage sheets and dying my hair. Whoop whoop. As for baking, I'm completely rubbish at it but you, dear Curtise, are one hot baking mama. That cake looks the bees knees and so do you, as always. Have a great weekend. Xx

    • kritisk, obviously Swedes who are willing to do something about it and aren't anti-racism fools aren't really losers. If they believe that it's the right thing to do to let immigrants into their country, then yes, they're stupid retards. Or at least have stupid beliefs.

    • ..Abbiamo qualche antico quadro di scie chimiche sul monte Calvario?…Si potrebbe chiedere di usufruire di una sala al Vaticano (ovviamente a patto che ci metta il logo del Papa), e farci una conferenza, invitando strakkino e qualche “esperto” di scie lasciate dagli UFO di passaggio all’epoca… Qualcuno, di certo, sarebbe disponibile con prove inconfutabili..

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    • That grandma needs to move to the Village and leave those snotty, tasteless children behind. Dictating how someone may dress is the same as dictating how they may live. It goes against the soul. I am so much more alive in my 60s, and am inspired by Ari's ladies and commenters.

    • Czytelniku-53, odnosiÅ‚am siÄ™ do nieopÅ‚acalnoÅ›ci, o której wczeÅ›niej napisaÅ‚eÅ›,Leniwi i nieodpowiedzialni ojcowie, to już odrÄ™bny temat, którego nie opiszÄ™ w jednym zdaniu.Wigilia tuż, tuż. Wszystkim w drodze życzÄ™ spokojnego podróżowania, i radosnego Å›wiÄ™towania.Hej kolÄ™da, kolÄ™da…

    • Tlaz: te doy una sugerencia, puedes sustituir el queso parmesano por queso crema y en una tienda de productos latinos puedes buscar queso duro, lo rallas o lo pasas por un procesador a que te quede bien fino, (duro blando, eso es algo muy salvadoreño, puedes imaginar un queso duro y blando a la vez, existe y le va muy bien a la quesadilla). Tambien puedes sustituir una taza de harina de trigo por una de harina de arroz, o de harina de maiz, con lo cual tu recea se llamaría Pan de maiz salvadoreño. Saludos y buen provecho.

    • I’ve never, ever had a smartphone so winning this would be a dream of magnificence, in truth! So far, I use technology by way of the magical internetland to find inspiration for recipes. I’m looking forward to one day joining the world of instagram and food photo sharing, though!

    • Hallo,habe 4 Grannys fertig und wollte jetzt mal fragen, wie genau Ihr verschickt. In einem Briefumschlag oder richtig in einem Päckchen ?? Sollte, wenn ein Briefumschlag, dieser gefüttert sein ?? Möchte gern 10 Grannys verschicken. Danke Euch schon mal für die Antwort und diese TOLLE Aktion !!!Grüßle Coco

    • l’outre, o facto de uma das nove competências atribuídas ao TC na Lei de organização e processo do Tribunal de Contas ser “Realizar por iniciativa própria, ou a solicitação da Assembleia da República ou do Governo, auditorias…” não tem interesse nenhum. Como se diz agora, é coisa que não lhe assiste.

    • Tiffany,WOW I can’t say how amazing it was to meet you this weekend! I am such a fan! You are always so inspiring to me. Thanks so much for all your help and support on vendor night! I can’t wait to see you again someday. Until then I will stop by often to see what you are up too. Can’t wait to see your photos from the event!xoCassandra

    • Đúng quá đọc rồi chỉ có chẩy nước mắt mà thôi.Hãng sữa V.mới cho hÆ°u trí 2 triệu ăn tết.. chia cho các cháu 1 triệu.Mong chiều thứ hai kịp đến Hà Nội mua áo rét cho các cháu..

    • Thanks for posting this Dr Deb! Now I am going to go out and get the magazine… Seeing/Hearing about these high profile people always makes me feel a little more “normal”… Goes on to prove (in my opinion, at least) that money and fame, and a great job can NOT make all of your troubles go away. Everyone has to work on things…. Happy Easter!!!!*hugs* Angel

    • Carl Bernhardt·Great article. Another advantage of not bring out the “pro” gear. When I am out at popular tourist areas, I am always asked to take people’s picture with their P&S camera. They never ask the person who has the smaller consumer camera. The assumption by the general public is the person with the bigger equipment will take a better image which is not always the case.

    • I wish I had a Kohls near me! I tend to do a lot of shopping online, since there are no malls in my immediate vicinity. Jill Coste turned me on to Anthro. They're a little pricey, but I think some of the dresses are totally splurge-worthy. I am a huge fan of dresses. In fact, now that I'm working from home I tend to be either cutely-dressed-up or in pajamas/sweats, no in-between!

    • OK! Now I do not feel so bad! I have been working on organizing and putting things away in my craft room for what seems like days & days! I have been looking at all the stamp sets and thinking I SO have a addiction problem. It is such a relief to see someone has as many stamp sets as I do! You GO Girl!!Connie

    • Lately I have been talking to God like an imaginery friend. While some might think I am insane, I believe it is the most sane way for a believer to live. It keeps my conscience (the Holy Spirit) in constant check. It keeps me in the moment.Jody’s last blog post..

    • I’d love to help you out. Since the race is 4.2 miles, it will be approximately 1/3 the distance of a half marathon. So, the simplest way to integrate Insanity into your running would be to use the Insanity-Half marathon training schedule; but for every run on the plan, divide the distance by three and use that as your training runs.

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    • Well I am nervous too about dropping to 0.8FTE too – which happens at the end of next week for me. Am trying to think of ways to economise – no more visits to the Clarins counter at Ballantynes! I wonder what I have let myself in for as I will be working even harder than ever for 20% less pay and have no idea whether it will pay off in the long run – not to mention the shadow of getting older and older looming over me.

    • lo mejor es que de tooooodos los post (y sobre todo de este catálogo) algo se saca al limpio de lo que NO debemos hacer como pololis, he tenido harto de varias de las celosillas, y no me gusta para nada como se ve desde fuera, así que a cambiar por el bien común!=)

    • Let’s spend some money on proper insulation, efficient heating systems and good advice for our elderly – it will save the NHS millions, make life more bearable for our pensioners and the up front costs can be be met from reducing our Overseas Aid budget of £8.6b billion – we can then call it our UK Domestic Aid budget!

    • Cost-benefit analysis, anyone? Well, the costs are tremendous,actually incalculable.. and the benefits?..I can’t see anything tangible now, or in the future. Maybe America’s arsenal rotating their munitions stock? And I’m almost certain that mortuary services are enjoying some sort of financial boost.

    • Does your blog have a contact page? I’m having trouble locating it but, I’d like to send you an email. I’ve got some creative ideas for your blog you might be interested in hearing. Either way, great website and I look forward to seeing it grow over time.

    • As I sat down at the computer I literally thought to myself, every time I visit Aidan’s blog she has something new posted. I marvel at your daily posts and know I couldn’t keep up the same pace. Neither my brain nor my marriage could handle so much screen time. For your sake, I support a pause. For my sake, are you saying no ILI until the New Year? Cold Turkey? I feel jilted.In your off time come visit me at foodtrainers.net (you think you’re the only shameless plugger)

    • Hola Ale, el taller de “Activación Interna de la Glándula Pieneal” es el primero que vamos a dar en el año, serán los días 15 y 16 de Enero, es una maravillosa manera de empezar el año. Revisa tu correo, ahí ya tienes toda la información necesaria.Felices Fiestas

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    • Hello, I think your blog might be having browser compatibility issues. When I look at your website in Opera, it looks fine but when opening in Internet Explorer, it has some overlapping. I just wanted to give you a quick heads up! Other then that, wonderful blog!

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    • Isn't there just something about a career in Imperial politics that's, well, gay? All the backstabbing, the gossip, the backroom deals (ouch!)?A real man might want to run for office – chicks dig power – but can you imagine the high school quarterback wanting the go off to D.C. to be a staffer?These are the guys that in, say, the Byzantine Empire, would have been eunuchs.

    • I’m guessing that if this is used on a group blog, there’s no way to easily exclude the other blog authors from the list, right? Trying to make it appear that there’s someone besides us commenting on our awesome, awesome posts.

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    • mimi scrive:secondo me per ospitare un mondiale di rugby bisogna meritarselo.fare un passo indietro e risolvere le problematiche già esistenti per dar credito e appartenenza a questo sport,vincere ,risultati,accademie,competenze insomma per essere convincenti,così come adessso sembra solo una questione di soldi e commercio.

    • Thanks for the article. We all need to be more proactive about our personal account security. I use Two-Factor Authentication across a lot of my accounts. I feel a lot more secure when I can telesign into my account. I’m glad this is an option, but only if it has 2FA ALL of the time for it to be worth the time and effort and have the confidence of knowing that your account won't get hacked and your info is not up for grabs. I would not be happy if I paid for something to find out it does not do what they say is should do.

    • Pani Igo korków nie lubiÄ™ a w Warszawie zawsze gdzieÅ› jeździmy. Nie za bardzo możemy codziennie bo nie ma czasu, mam dÅ‚ugo lekcje a potem jeszcze ćwiczenia. Dzisiaj ciocia Magda nie mogÅ‚a przyjechać dlatego mogÅ‚em jechać do kina Kolorowych snów

    • I have been hearing so much about this book lately, and a lot of people seem to be excited about it. I like that Lola is such a free spirit and that she sort of defies convention with her clothes. I bet she would be a fun character to spend time with. Great review! I am glad that you liked this one!

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    • I have been following you and Rochelle for some time now. I was thrilled to see you both converge here on this blog and on the Mastermind call this month. The only writing I’ve been doing is technical writing for business applications – not my ideal place. But this post and the call inspired me to finally start entering some contests and instilling that 15-minute-a-day habit to nurture my creative side. It feels good to have finally have a plan that will move me in a more satisfying direction.Thanks

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    • sólo estoy disfrutando de mi estancia, también estoy aprovechando para poner a punto mi sistema productivo y afinar mis objetivos para el próximo año. Regresaré a casa con las pilas bien cargadas, y listo para afrontar un año que estará lleno de oportunidades, estoy seguro de ello :-DUn abrazo y Feliz Año Nuevo.

    • To: lagirl8I saw your film clips of Gone With the Wind and I enjoyed them so much. That is one of my favorite movies. The best scene in this movie for me is Scarlett and Rhett in the sitting room hugging and kissing. It's the room where Scarlett saw Ashley leaving and going to war. You did an outstanding job with the film clips. Thank you.

    • LeLo – Thanks for letting me quote you – your comment just rang my bell. Y’all have been blogging a long time! The reality for me is that I refuse to sell out, and that path leads me right back into working for someone else, which leaves me feeling defeated. My goal was to work for myself, but short of selling out, I don’t see that happening. Sharing my story doesn’t pay the bills but it certainly helps people, and if that’s my legacy, so be it.

    • Yes they are busy, but are they too busy to care about their reputation? There is a reason why restaurants don’t advertise (for the mot part) – because they live off of word of mouth. If they are not willing to listen to the conversation going on about their brand and manage it then good luck.

    • D’accord avec vous.C’est cette conception de lier le statut social au niveau d’études qui contribue à couler l’Éducation Nationale.Il faut cesser de demander à l’EN de distribuer les statuts sociaux dès la sortie de l’école.Faire un boulot que l’on aime est déjà un avantage considérable, quand il y en a tant qui doivent être faits sans qu’on les aime.

    • Le concept est assez éculé tout de même, la plupart des prémonitions effectuées sont en place depuis un moment.La partie affichant la fin de Xrumer au bénéfices de commentaires plus réels et moins consacrés à une optique SEO me semble également assez utopique à l’heure des reconnaissance de captcha par robots.Mais l’avenir nous éclairera, il n’en reste pas moins que cette infographie est très bien réalisée.

    • We went just after it opened and it wa alright but as you say, very small portions.I emailed the owner about this and he skirted the issue completely with lots of guff about sustainability and Soho tradition in his reply.Would go back for the chips, the sea bass ceviche and the piscos, the rest is blah.

    • M2 you don’t get it. It’s not what others are willing to offer that will up the ante for Smith. The 49ers are offering what they believe he is worth based on his production.If he is going to get more money then he needs to sign this contract and work hard to get to the next level. He’s had one average year after 6 horrible ones which gives him zero leverage. Plus….. no one wants him except the Niners….

    • mi madre es bipolar, y no es un simple cambio de humor, hace treinta y cinco años que ya sabemos que es algo crónico llevo toda mi vida conviviendo con la enfermedad y por mi experiencia se que es algo físico, por lo que no podemos echar la culpa a la sociedad, ni al ambiente, ese no es el problema. Otra cosa es que la sociedad tiende a rechazar a los enfermos mentales, igual es el miedo que produce el saber que calquiera de nosotros podemos convertirnos en uno de ellos.

    • The first pictures are very solemn and are able to convey a deep feeling. It caused me a sense of sadness and indignation. I was mesmerized while looking at this pictures because though the text is minimal, I feel they are able to portray a situation in a much more descriptive manner than words do. Hence I would agree with your saying “A picture speaks a thousand words”

    • Esther – They turned out more beautifully than I could’ve imagined! You’re very talented, Jerome. Thank you for capturing such special moments at the perfect times. Paul and I thank you! We’ve received so many compliments from family and friends!

    • I uploaded two pics this morning. It took a while, maybe three minutes (am very impatient) for the pics to go to the album after appearing on the wall. I have to say that everyone’s pieces are inspirational, and the variety is incredible. (And have to say it was really wicked easy, even if I had to wait two minutes…LOL!!) And, of course, I forgot to add any links to here. But since the photos today had already been posted before I left that out on purpose! Anyone believe that? I have a big bridge in New York for sale, by the way.

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    • The best Polo shirt styles are Ralph Lauren and Lacoste. It doesn’t have to be one of those brands. Use them as models in style, construction and material. Clothes that cling do not look good on any man. A Polo shirt made from a knitted cotton will drape rather than cling. Wear it with a sports coat or blazer and you will cut a good figure. +2Was this answer helpful?

    • This is 2:24-you are probably right about Jane-she did seem very independent and probably did as good as she could in that position. I just wish she went public earlier. I think it would have been very difficult for the Mayor to fire her.But, I agree with you that she tried very hard in less than favorable circumstances.

    • Don’t knock the Chinese, they’re the dominate power in the world today. I knew nothing of Feng Shui last week. My SE room was a bedroom used for storage/clutter & money has always been tight. I’ve already made more $ this week than I did in the last month & a half. I did no extra work as the $ was from online orders just coming in. All I did was clear the clutter & apply basic, and I mean basic Feng Shui to this one room. Now I’m looking for more tips for ALL rooms in my home. Thanks.!

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    • Det är naturligtvis viktigt och bra. Beträffande NSPHiG förtjänar det tilläggas, att det är en paraplyorganisation för ett antal föreningar och organisationer inom psykiatriomrÃ¥det med en del gemensamma uppfattningar och mÃ¥lsättningar men ocksÃ¥ mÃ¥nga mycket olika sÃ¥dana. Detsamma gäller NSPH pÃ¥ nationell nivÃ¥.

    • I was going to ask if he’s seen time for the Brazilian national squad, but then actually clicked thru and read the article you linked to:“Ganso was named as one of seven backups for Carlos Dunga’s World Cup squad, and although there was a public outcry following the player’s subsequent omission, his lack of a senior Brazil cap has not hindered interest in him from Manchester United and Manchester City. Ganso is widely recognised as his country’s next great hope.”So wonder if he’ll see time when the Brazilians (coached by who?) come to the Meadowlands Aug 10 to play USMNT?

    • My take on the ad is: “Finally, an ad that fights back!”. For months I’ve been subjected to post after post, editorial after editorial telling me that the K is dead, that it is ugly, that it isn’t in color, that it isn’t backlit, that it can only do one thing, that I’m stupid for wanting/owning/using one and on and on and on.The iPad is a tablet computer that has an available e-reader app. The Kindle is a dedicated e-reader. They are really very different devices, appealing to very different markets.Personally, I’m glad that iPad owners are happy. I just wish they’d stop telling me I’m not.

    • //பதிலுக்கு எழுதியதெல்லாà®®் அப்படின்னு கேட்டால்….இது என் இடம்.. அப்படித்தான் செய்வேன். போடா!//இது தான் சரியான நெத்தியடி! பெà®°ியாà®°ை தரங்கெட்ட ஜென்மங்கள் தாக்கி பேசுவதையெல்லாà®®் இனியுà®®் நம் வலைப்பூவில் பதிய இடமளிக்கக் கூடாது.

    • Nick, Although my “been there, done that” is nowhere near as deep nor as recent as yours, I can still sympathize. Indeed, I will continue to pray for you my friend: for your writing, for your editing, and for your amazing ability to encourage writers–even those whose book covers don’t have bonnets.Blessings and peace.

    • While these are all terrific potins, as a person who vollies back and forth between extrovert and introvert, being singled out in a meeting for your opinion is a fate worse than death. Even though I tend to be more reserved, I always speak up if I feel like I have something valuable to add. If I had a boss that constantly put me on the spot, that would certainly make for a challenging work environment.

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    • Shamnad,from this letter, it appears that US is influencing the government directly to control the decision on Gilead which is being heard at IPAB….IPAB is independent body to decide the appeal matters….now if the Indian govt. has to influence IPAB to give fair treatment (indirectly revoking patent rejection), then what would happen to IPAB and the patent system in India…..US is questioning the judicial system of India..why can't they question such system in other countries…

    • By 2 novembre 2008 – 8:58 Oui Aurélien, on a tenu le choc mais le résultat est là, magnifique!Toutes mes félicitations à Lewis, à sa famille et à MacLarren, Quel suspens!Merci pour le bonheur que tu nous donne MONSIEUR Lewis HAMILTON, le grand!A bientôt Aurélien.

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    • KT: "…The science is solid, but with a larger group it's harder to reach a consensus…"Science has nothing to do with consensus but with proved facts. An example of solid science is Quantum Mechanics, but it is accepted not by consensus but simply because it works, only crackpots don't accept QM.

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    • You guys suck for taking away the most viewed search tool! Even when we work around it changes the balance of power and kills what made YouTube cool. This is the beginning of the end for YouTube. It is only a matter of time before we all migrate. Bye bye. Have fun with your new really really expensive and outdated app.

    • The National Gas Retail Law and National Electricity Retail Law, coming out of the National Energy Customer Framework, should see the light of day as exposure drafts between now and mid feb.An energy white paper has been announced by COAG, including upstream from exploration all the way downstream to consumer policy.

    • Coucou, ce livre m’a l’air très bien, j’ai son pendant en version chat et le point de vue de tout le monde est une super approche ! et comme tu dis bien, notre compréhension n’est pas celle du chien d’où les problèmes de comportement souvent !!! sur mon blog j’ai un onglet livre à lire (faudrait que je me mette à jour) car j’ai évidemment beaucoup de livre sur les chiens !

    • Hej Emma. Som dig løber jeg ogsÃ¥ en del, om som de fleste andre løbere gÃ¥r jeg meget op i komforten. Jeg har dÃ¥rlige knæ, sÃ¥ det er rigtigt vigtigt for mig at have ordentlige sko – især pÃ¥ længere distancer!Tænkte pÃ¥ om du ikke kunne lave et trænings indlæg? Med noget fedt træningstøj/hÃ¥r, sunde snacks efter løb mm?

    • What an inspiration you are to other woman who have had to face difficult situations. You did it and look how wonderful and blessed it turned out. No matter how far you are from your family you are still a family. What you have given them, how you have raised them and the example you are for them are things that you should be so proud of. Thanks for sharing your story and being an inspiration to us all.

    • La novela no es ninguna ‘poronga’, como vos decis. Es cuestion de gustos, si no te gusta… no la mires, así de facil. ¿Que haces perdiendo tu tiempo en telefe en ves de estar mirando Sos Mi Hombre? Que ganas de molestar y querer ofender a los demas!

    • oooo amigo por ke dises eso?los libros de se crepusculo son mejores ke los tulloscremelo, pero ja ke importa lo ke digasimplemente actua como un niño de 10 añosmira ke ella escriba mejores cosas ke tuy mas interesantesno es para ke te pongas en papel de “soy el mejor escritor y mis libros son los mejores del mundo” amigo no le llegas ni a los talones a stephanie meyer

    • I’m really surprised that the threat Charles Carreon made to Paul Levy aren’t illegal. As a lawyer does he not have any morals or ethics? Really this guy gives all other lawyers a bad name with what his statements can be translated as “I can sue and re-sue your client, at anytime, anyplace when he/she least expects it and when they can’t defend themselves”

    • what happens if you dont pass personal fitness online ?I am takinq the personal fitness online but i barely started and i dont really know about this, so i dont think im going to be able to finish it or even to pass it, so i would like to knpw what would happen if i dont im sophmore, would i have to take next year or what ?

    • You know, I've never read a Moomin book, but I have heard so, so much about them, and apparently they are staples of childhood for some. I am glad you liked the book, and after reading your review, I think I may have to try one of these books. They look like a lot of fun!! I hope you have fun at the Moomin theme park! I'll be interested in hearing how that goes!!

    • Wag, sorry ja, ek wou nog vir BiB vra – saai RSG nie van die games uit nie?Ek het al S14 games op die “bleek been eiland” moes sit en luister oor RSG se streaming audio en is net nie seker of hulle die WC games (of dalk net die bok games) sal uitsaai nie.Either way, ek het nou genoeg gepraat – Mannemerak

    • Хорошо там где нас нет!!! Ведь многое зависит и от нас. Удачи и терпения всем родителям в новом учебном году! Пусть наши детки будут умницами, а мы им в этом поможем!

    • I love the photos even though you may not feel like they are your best work. They are just real life.I am so glad the kids has a good first day, especially Maya. I know how much her education has been on your mind. Sounds like they are both off to a great start!

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    • LOL Field, when I posted this as a comment in the other thread, I had no idea you were going to blog about it. I was going to ask you via email LOLOk, I am at lost here. I think I need to here some sane perspectives from the other Field Negros on this whooper. I honestly don't know what to think of it, I mean… this can be looked at from all kinds of directions. These bigot sour losers don't ever miss an opportunity.(scratching head)I'll be back…

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    • Dude, please tell me that youre heading to create additional. I notice you havent written another blog for a while (Im just catching up myself). Your blog is just as well important to be missed. Youve obtained so substantially to say, such knowledge about this topic it would be a shame to see this blog disappear. The internet needs you, man!

    • Christian, cuando dices universida latina, te refieres tambien a las que se ubican en los paises latinos como España, Francia, Portugal o Italia? porque dudo que la UNAM de Mexico sea mejor que La Sorbonne, la Autónoma de Madrid o “La Sapienza” en Roma, incluso dudo que sea mejor que la UBA (mira tu mismo las estadísticas en el informe Shanghai)Tambien te lo digo porque estudié en tres de ellas, no solo por la estadística.Entiendo el chovinismo, pero un poquito de rigor hombre!!

    • 256quisiera nos apoyaran ya que vivo en tapachula, y personas muy humildesde comunidades, de hasta 4 horas de camino (camiones de redilas y a pie), para tener que llegar a -la cabecera municipal a realizar algun tramite o a comprar mercancia, lamayor de las veces tienen que pernoctar y al dia siguiente por haber gstado, se quedan hasta sin comer y sin lo de su pasaje, no omito decir que mi intencion es darles posada y comida y un baño, si esque se puede…………solo a gente del campo. mil gracias-

    • Escribo esto & se qe mi novio me va a odiar, no le gustan estas paginas haha. Bueno, esta semana estamos cumpliendo 2 años con mi novio, y solo queria animarles a todos los qe llevan 4 o 5 meses y sienten qe nada tiene sentido. Mi amor y yo no nos pudimos rozar las manos y sin embargo se nos eriza la piel cada vez qe se enciende la webcam y nos miramos a los ojos. No todo es color de rosas gente! A luchar por lo qe vale la pena! Estamos luchando & aunqe sea lo ultimo qe hagamos con nuestras existencias, nos vamos a encontrar… Exitos!

    • I second Mal’s opinion, Councelors and Kings were one of my favorites in FG, it’s a tragedy that the reboot closes the door on so many of our favorite human characters, but isn’t there a possibility of writing a story set before, or during the timeskip?Or is that strictly verboten?

    • Bomber do you really think the chaos in Iraq will be sorted out if the US just ups and leaves? A de-Baathified army isn’t exactly in a position to keep control (granetd the US isn’t doing too brilliant a job of that) They created the mess, they’re going to have to try and sort it out. I personally don’t think leaving post haste is the best way to go about it. Given that the US forces based there aren’t having a great time of it, if they could draw down in the belief the situation wouldn’t deteriorate I think they’d be drawing up plans sooner rather than later.

    • bigzbigi, c`mon man. I cannot imagine a life too busy for a weekly 2 minutes update. Every other week even. It would be enough for a blog consolidation modus. And a welldeserved report off-time. But there must me something. A guy going for Obamas job next year, would easily manage to drop in and say hello. If he wanted.

    • Wow, you guys have already crossed off so much of your list! Keep up the great work, and I’m sure you’ll have no problems being ready when that baby arrives. I love how everything looks so far, and that you guys paid attention to such small details {like the astronauts}. Can’t wait to see everything else come together, and definitely go take a nap now…because you deserve it! []

    • Bonjour j’ai eu une suspention du permi vl pour des hypoglisemei sevre recurente avec perte de connaissance est assistence sa fait trois moi que je n’ent fait plus mais maintenant je suis entre 4g est hi superrieur a 5g avec risque de coma hiperglicemique puije esperé recupéré mon permi ou pas.mon medecin me disssé qu’une suspention de deux de plus serrai a etre envisagé pour effiter tous risque d’accidant quand penser vous??merci beaucoup

    • Anonymous / parca legea interzice lectiile de condus pe autostrazi? atunci cum sa iasa candidatul la ghici si la adaptare din mers, tocmai la examen? si pe dn cam cati km parcursi ar fi suficienti ca sa se dumireasca examinatorul? km la campie, la deal sau la munte pe serpentine? sunt de parere ca noile reglementari favorizeaza circulatia ani buni inainte fara permis, pt ca omul sa capete abilitatile necesare sa intre, in sfarsit, cand va fi in stare in posesia actului legal.