I lay in my sleeping-bag one night knowing that the stars were filling the sky outside, and I pictured another pilgrim many thousands of years in the future talking to a friend.

“So what made you want to do this, Dan?”

“Well, since hearing of the old pilgrimages in school, I kind of always wanted to come find out for myself.  There’s something about those stories and all the generations that came this way before us.  I just wanted to get back on the old trail and into a simple routine.”

“I know what you mean.  The complexity of living can fry your head. Yet, sometimes the immediacy of transportation makes it all seem like nothing.  Everything’s too easy.  Where’s the vastness?  Where’s the wonder of not knowing?”

“It’s hard to imagine what it must have been like to have to struggle to reach somewhere and to have so much of the universe unknown.”


“So they thought.   It’s all collapsed to an instant.  There’s not much to contemplate anymore when you can simultaneously be at the beginning and the end of everything.”

“So which one of those is Earth?”

“The second one out.”

“I thought it was the third.”

“It was, until the star engulfed the closest planet.”

“It’s so bland – like a lot of things – when you find yourself actually in the place you so wanted to see, it can’t match your expectation.”

“You have to remember that most of it was covered in water once.  They say it was like a jewel.   It must have been a beautiful sight when it had a substantial atmosphere. ”

“Yeah, I suppose.  Just another rock now.”

“Seen enough?”

“Yeah.  Let’s move on.”


Copyright Kevin Buckle 2015

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    • en verdad me ayudo mucho la informacion tratada en este espacio. gracias y sigan investigando para ayudar a más personas con las problemáticas relacionadas al quehacer docente y ayudar a los alumnos a pareder de manera significativa la historia.

    • пишет:Не согласен. Я, к примеру не горю желанием, чтобы каждый мог узнать мой емайл и номер телефона (как владельца домена). А у вас, я смотрю, данные-то спрятаны VA:F [1.9.21_1169]Рейтинг: 0 (оценок: 0)

    • Thank you. My wife (Kelly) and I would love to meet with fellow members but my ‘Trumpet’ is waiting for new front fork bushes and oil seals. One fork is weeping so decided to get them done. Not turning up without her (;~Keep the rubber on the road~

    •   Peter HirtleJuly 4, 2011Thanks for the explanations. Perhaps you are right that most cultural metadata will include some copyrightable content, but it would still seem safer to me to only recommend the ODC licenses, which are intended to address data content, if you want to enforce a BY or some other limitation on the reuse of the data. Whether it is a good idea to foster problems with attribution-stacking, etc. is a different issue…

    • Thanks for discussing your ideas. I would also like to state that video games have been ever evolving. Modern technology and innovations have served create genuine and fun games. All these entertainment games were not as sensible when the real concept was first of all being attempted. Just like other areas of know-how, video games way too have had to grow through many many years. This is testimony towards the fast progression of video games.

    • In a biking race in downtown St. Catharines about 12 years ago, a young man crashed into a plate glass window with his bike. Nobody thought he was seriously hurt and left him alone until the rest of the racing pack had passed. A long shard of glass had pierced his heart and he died. Some times things are way more dangerous than they seem. I’m so glad everyone walked/skated away from this one.Rosemary

    • Again a beautiful card Bev, thank you for sharing with us.I also bought spacers for my flowers decorate as you do, but I can not overwrite them but they did break, how you doing???Thank you: D* Sorry for my English, I hope I make myself clear: S

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    • Conheço sim, só que nunca vi modelos Plus trabalharem por eles. Conheço modelos magras que já trabalharam comigo que são de lá. Agências são um bom caminho para trabalhos, mas a grande maioria são contatadas pelos próprios lojistas.Beijos

    • Amen Bönan… När jag körde agility med vÃ¥r schäfer Fina var det ocksÃ¥ bara att ”köra”. Men shit var mkt roligare det är nu! Inte bara för att Juni är sÃ¥ mkt snabbare utan för att allt blir sÃ¥ mkt mer pet i detaljer! Superspännande att läsa av banskisser! Se linjen i banan och verkligen försöka applicera ett handlingssystem pÃ¥ banan.

    • I love them! A starter pack of Real Nappies will cost more than a single pack of disposables, but as they are re-usable you will end up spending much LESS than on disposables in the long run. It costs roughly $5 per week to diaper your baby in Real Nappies

    • I tend to think of Blidol (the wife’s nickname for him) sharing the same relationship to punk that bands like Poison bore to, say, Motorhead or Anthrax…..the main difference being that I can stomach “Rebel Yell” but not “Unskinny Bop.”

    • Focus, BrainardThe subject was Paul and FTA’sFocus again,Paul does not vote for these FTA’sStill focused? Since you are pointing a finger at someone that you know is not guilty of your accusation, we can only be left with one conclusion.AT EASE, relax your br……….. nub

    • Seriously cp? It takes balls to tag the shit out of a wall in broad daylight? Balls? OK cp, post your address and phone number up here and I will call you to let you know when I’m going to be tagging your house. How’s that for having balls? You’re a fucking d-bag.. bro.

    • On the political aspect of this article I am sure you are right and it is once again well written. But nevertheless carrying one or two suitcases fat weight around each and every day surely drains energy and does not look appetizing either plus stuffing once face all day, like chain-smoking, shows an absolute lack of self-control.

    • 我在萬年1樓買的 手扶梯對面的那一間櫥窗就有他的櫃了一個很年輕的女店員賣我的你可以說你是介王神哥哥介紹的他會算你便宜喔Brumaire Reply:五月 13th, 2009 at 07:11:39哈..太感謝介大了!這禮拜就去敗一隻回來..嘿嘿! Reply:五月 13th, 2009 at 07:28:32要有心理準備我上次經過只看到剩銀色的了 Reply:五月 13th, 2009 at 07:28:32要有心理準備我上次經過只看到剩銀色的了Brumaire Reply:五月 13th, 2009 at 07:11:39哈..太感謝介大了!這禮拜就去敗一隻回來..嘿嘿!

    • Hola Maria, gracias por tus comentarios, a ver si para una de las entradas hago un tutorial de como cortar el bizcocho con el cortador, de todas maneras lo de las herramientas, es muy personal, cada uno se apaña con una cosa, asi que si para ti es mejor el cuchillo, pues chica, tira de cuchillo, para que enredar con otra cosa, yo es que no me apaño con él cuando tengo que hacer capas finas, pero aqui se trata de que cada uno tenga su propio estilo y formas. Besos.

    • Hej Louise,Uha – godt spørgsmÃ¥l. Du mÃ¥ jo godt spise majs, men majs indeholder meget stivelse og kroppen kan faktisk ikke bruge majs til ret meget. Forskellen pÃ¥ majs og popcorn er, at du normalt ikke vil spise sÃ¥ mange majs, som du ville spise popcorn. Jeg ville ikke selv spise popcorn, men du kan jo prøve dig lidt frem med dem.Hilsen Sanne

    • If you thought that discrimination in sports was long gone, then think again. In golf as in many other sports this is nonetheless true, though of course a more different kind of discrimination. The deal here is that golf is a sport for right- handed people. Why? Well because all the clubs on sale are right-handed ones, even though left handed people are allowed to play. To most people this won’t be disturbing, for example all rifles in the army are right handed ones and lefties get used to them quickly.

    • Ein Aspekt ist dann aber auch für mich ein Flop an From Dust. Die Tatsache das es keinen öffentlichen Edito gibt. Das Spiel schreit geradezu danach von ganz viel Content der Netzgemeinde aufgepimpt zu werden. Sehr Schade ist das. Das hätte natürlich den Umfang auch ins unendliche gesteigert…

    •   October 20, 2011 You never did answer my question: What do you do when well-selected remedies don’t act or hold? What do you do when no single remedy fully fits the case or is contraindicated because the patient is hot and the remedy is cold; or, the patient is better motion and the remedy is worse motion? What do you do in an unstable case? What do you do when you’ve got nothing but the common symptoms of the disease? I have to assume that you didn’t answer because you did not know the answer; but, thanks to this article, now you do!

    • CF, "Captain CoontasticCOON – An insulting name for a black person. Similar to 'Nigger'.this spook is officially more entertaining"I am surprised at the level of degrading consciousness against Blacks on this blog also. If I didn't know any better, I would swear I had accidentally clicked on Stormfront KKK. LOL. Today, some Blacks degrade themselves in ways Whites haven't even thought of. Rippa seems to be one. I guess he will do anything for a laugh…That's just the way massa like most of us folks down South to be.

    • Just found your weblog thanks to Twitter, Where the hell did that amazing image at the top come from?A second comment: does the building pictured in this post have significance to you as well? It was my band’s rehearsal space in the year before Katrina happened. It was barely habitable even then.

    • Também não achei muito legal esse julgamento. O que aconteceu foi grave demais para uma pena com sursis.Quanto ao Nelsinho acredito que ele ainda vai voltar porque seu sobrenome, apesar de manchado, ainda atrai publicidade. Sem contar que quando se fala em dinheiro, a memória fica fraca. Se conseguir, de algum modo, fundos suficientes, uma dessas pequenas novatas equipes pode acabar cedendo.

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    • Ben moi je le regarde le JT sur France 2 :pSinon, c ‘est vrai que j’ai remarqué qu’n regardant les débats à la télé, qu’il ne faut pas forcémment connaître le sujet pour donner son avis.. ce qui fait beaucoup trop de gens qui parlent pour ne rien et très peu qui apportent réellement des idées cohérentes au débat et qu’on entend à peine…

    • Roger, we’ve discussed this elsewhere, but I also looked into it and if there is a way of structuring a small business using a cooperative/profit sharing model I couldn’t figure it out either.Mind you, looking at the wages distribution on that company’s wiki page, they suggest a 5:1 manager to labourer wage ratio, and I reckon there would be a fair percentage of small businesses in Australia sharing their profits more equitably than that.

    • BillIn that 2009 article you state:“The US Government can never become bankrupt in terms of transactions made in US dollars. That is impossible unless they get a mad desire, for political reasons, to start defaulting on obligations denominated in their own currency. That is so far-fetched to be impossible.”Do you now feel that credited the US democratic process with more rationality than it deserves?

    • Prairie // September 18, 2009 at 4:02 pm Hi Prairie,Again, there’s something about this oath and the re-do….I think you have a good point-he swore as ‘Barack Hussein Obama.’ The question is: What the heck is this guy’s legal name? He hides the Barry Soetoro name because that suggests that he was indeed adopted by Lolo Soetoro and became an Indonesian citizen (no dual citizenship in Indonesia).If that’s true, when did he denounce that citizenship and claim American citizenship? Or, did he?

    • Où avez-vous vu que toucher au sacré était un blasphème suprême ? Dans la Bible ? Où ça, ça m’intéresse parce que je suis chrétien.Ou plutôt, est ce qu’une représentation du Christ est sacrée ?La parole est sacrée selon moi. Une peinture non.

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    • Incerc sa gasesc o legatura. Deci, coincidentele : “Două-ntr-o săptămână” : 2 minute fiecare respirate, mirosea si respiratia si gustul amar. Sa fie asta ?Sau calatoriile “Pe drumuri europene” : doi ani pentru blog, doua respiratii? (restul mi-a fost imposibil sa-l categorisesc pe undeva cu o oarecare legatura”)

    • The following time I learn a blog, I hope that it doesnt disappoint me as much as this one. I mean, I do know it was my choice to read, however I truly thought youd have one thing attention-grabbing to say. All I hear is a bunch of whining about one thing that you would fix if you werent too busy on the lookout for attention.

    • I find it really quite interesting to read the protestations of Republicans/Conservatives over those Democrats/Progressives painting them all with the Todd Akin / Richard Mourdock rape brush – while those of their ilk seek to paint all Democrats/Progressives with the brushes held by their lunatic fringe.It certainly calls into question the political validity of that old adage regarding having ones cake and eating it to.VN:F [1.9.20_1166]please wait…VN:F [1.9.20_1166](from 0 votes)

    • I just turned 40, so I think my dad has had his starter about 30 years. He got it from some friends. It was back in the days of the “brandied fruit” sitting on everyone’s counter as well, and he liked bread better than fruit, so . . .When he gets sick of dealing with, he just throws it in the freezer – sometimes for months (a year?) at a time. He mostly uses his for the coffee cake that his grandchildren love. (You can’t imagine how cute it is to have a semi-verbal 18 month old come running and yelling “coff CAKE!!!!” at the mere mention of the stuff).Maybe I’ll start one of my own!

    • Melanie – I love this. In a line from a recent post, I wrote…… the difference between words that flow together into a pool around our ankles versus words that engulf us, crash around us so loudly that our senses pitch and roll until the rhythm of our pulse races to catch them before they rush away.Your writing here has a soul, I’m sure of it. Excellent collection!! Thank you for including me.

    • oh also, why do you FORCE us to visit the watch page? i mean if i do you block my view count for fraud, but all the nice new stats are only there, not on the insight page where it should be, really, not a clever move, we should NEVER have to vidit the watch page of our own videos

    • Das hat ja jetzt wirklich nichts mit den Mohammed Karikaturen zu tun.Sorry, mit Herr Westerwelle kann ich zwar auch nichts anfangen.Aber das Guido schwul ist weiss ja wohl jeder. Was soll also schlimm sein, das er in einer gaybar einen trinken ging?

    • what a song WO HAMSAFAR THA ….i really miss my all past life, friends, good moments and sweet lover while listening this song……….. great words sing by quratulian baloch…… i love this song and want to listen more and moree and i wish to listen this song live……May GOD bless q.baloch with more seeet voice

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    • hey man, could you send me the source code please?.. I am trying to do something similar but can’t get my head round what language I need to send commands to the arduino. currently using php sending commands over serial.Thanks.

    • OK…The sub­se­quent time I learn a blog, I hope that it doesnt dis­ap­point me as much as this one. I mean, I do know it was my choice to read, but I actu­ally thought youd have some­thing attention-grabbing to say. All I hear is a bunch of whin­ing about one th…

    • Janell, that was one of the most tender and kind things I’ve ever read. I think you should send it to one of the national mags for the back of the mag page (the one where people editorialize), or to Newsweek’s “My Turn” essay. Send me an email, and I’ll give you the link, or just google it. I’m afraid if I put the link in here, your spam filter will send my comment to spam heaven.~~Dee

    • I plan on giving both my 3 and 4 year olds journals on our maiden voyage…no they can't write and my 3 year old can't draw due to developmental delays but she'll want to be like her big sister. They draw, tell me about their drawing and I'll do the writing for them ;p I am sure and the memories they create will be priceless!

    • tenho um cachorro da raça Dachshund ele é muito inseguro medroso desconfiado e muito ciumento.estou de mudança para o interior são 8 horas de viagem gostaria de saber quais os cuidados que devo ter em relação a ele se devo vacina-lo e qual a vacina se posso dar banho no dia da viagem ou alguns dias antes . Ele vai morar num ambiente de pessoas desconhecidas e tem 3 crianças na casa como faço para ele interagir com as crianças e se adaptar no novo ambiente

    • Hi,That is very bad that we need to implement OnPropertyChangeEvent each time. However I see the source of this dirty code. Silverlight doesn’t support GetValue reflection method for private fields. =)What Unit Test Framework are u using in you example? As I see it it not MS Test Framework. Please give me an url to that project.Thanks,Alexey Zakharov.

    • Karl, I’m so honored that you thought of me in featuring the Product 19 illustration. I note this morning that the box I hauled up here from Tampa is almost empty. A close associate who has a Costco card is going to get me into their store later this week and I’ll see whether they carry Product 19. If not, I guess I’ll order some online – from Amazon, based on your blog.

    • Est-ce que ce n’est pas plus subtil? Est-ce qu’il ne cherche pas à occuper tout l’espace médiatique, à utiliser l’opinion et les médias contre les institutions démocratiques, les partis, le Parlement; Est-ce qu’il n’est pas en train de réaliser une sorte de “coup d’Etat” invisible, discret, de réformer profondément les instituions en se posant comme seul maître à bord, celui qui donne les positions, les postes?

    • I want to become a writer, full time. I don´t think I´m good enough just yet, but I can see for myself that I´ve made progress during these last years. That is one life long dream of mine, but I´ve only told those closest to me. There´s this fear of failure if you know what I mean?

    • Soy trabajador autonomo cotizando desde 1986 hasta la fecha. Tengo 55, quisiera saber si dejo en estos momentos de cotizar, cobraría pensión a los 65 años; en caso afirmativo como se calcularía el importe a percibir

    • awesome stars, girl!favorite type of quilt: soft comfy one… one that is unusualpatterns: inspiration from patterns but more of a swing by the seat of my pants galfabrics: usually a hodge podge from different designers… but always quality cotton!!

    • Mar02 I personally really liked a lot of his releases around one year ago. Hate it or love it, blame it on the music, etc. Basically all the tracks on the Qlimax 2007 CD was my favourites at that time. Now, however, they dont get the 5-star rating in my media player, but I dont have anything against him at all. He has never hurt me or anything.Nice article, though.

    • Hot Shot as Wu Ji Zun (CTV, 2008) – Hot Shot (also known as Basketball Fire) (traditional Chinese: 籃球火; pinyin: Lan Qiu Huo)is a Taiwanese TV series produced by CTV starring Jerry Yan, Show Luo, and Wu Chun from Fahrenheit.  This show was successfully broadcast in Taiwan, at the same time; this show was also aired on Hong Kong, China, Japan, South Korea, and to date, this show is currently airing in the Philippines.

    • With a title like that how could I not love Liz Goodchild’s blog? First post I read was entitled “An Open Letter to the People Who Keep Googling Sofia Vergara, and Land on my Blog as a Result…. So you can see immediately I knew I was going to feel right at home. She is equal parts funny,

    • What a release to learn a piece of paper that may possibly be real ultimately actually importance reading! Ive been seeking all-around in relation to this topic but men and women now put rubbish posts, or brief worthless article. I contain viewed a couple vids on youtube but its now the equal as reading a good post.

    • De toutes façons, google n’en fait qu’à sa tête..un jour c’est le pagerank qui prime, le lendemain c’est le netlinking …un nom domaine trop proche des mots clefs, finalement pas assez proche. On peut être déclassé pour un oui ou pour un non sans raison même si on a du contenu pertinent. Bref, il faudrait vraiment que son hégémonie tombe et on perdrait moins de temps à chercher la meilleur technique de référencement.p.s: j’aurais vu l’article avant j’aurais pas mis de tirets dans mon nom de domaine

    • I admit I have to correct an error in judgement. Like many, I thought Miami would take it all this year. And they seem to be making corrections in gameplay to compensate for Bosh. Now, however, I believe the Heat will fall to the Spurs. They just do things more right, more often. It will, however, be a 6 or even 7 game fight

    • I need a saddle pad but I don’t know which one to get… There is just a normal english saddle pad. Or a sheepskin half pad. What should I get? I am using a Amerigo close contact jump saddle.I am going to be showing but not for awhile.

    • So? Come to the school earlier. I have never not been able to find a parking spot. There’s always SOMEWHERE to park. I leave at 1030 plenty of times to see parking spots in the Union parking lot. Perhaps you are just lazy and don’t want to park far away.Come at 10:15 or earlier. Getting to class on time is YOUR responsibility.

    • « Merci d’envisager de réagir en un seul post. »Je vais envisager, et même faire. Promis juré. Bon, si mes prommesses sont du niveau de celles d’un homme politique, vous n’avez pas de quoi être rassuré.Par ailleurs, heureux de voir que vous arrivez à croire des gens qui ne pensent pas comme vous

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    • What you said made a lot of sense. But, think about this, what if you added a little content? I mean, I dont want to tell you how to run your blog, but what if you added something to maybe get peoples attention? Just like a video or a picture or two to get people excited about what youve got to say. In my opinion, it would make your blog come to life a little bit.

    • Galaxies tend to rotate. The centripetal force tends to push the objects within it outward until it reaches and equilibrium point which is generally a disc.  Conservation of angular momentum comes into it as well as the dynamics of rotating gas clouds. It’s more complex than just that but essentially the answer is rotation.

  63. I was curious if you ever considered changing the page layout of your site? Its very well written; I love what youve got to say. But maybe you could a little more in the way of content so people could connect with it better. Youve got an awful lot of text for only having one or 2 images. Maybe you could space it out better?

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    • Mais tu es ici chez toi, tu mets tous les liens qui te font plaisir!!!Sinon, très efficace, j’espère que cela va convaincre notre cher Marc à changer d’adresse, car franchement, il a un blog de qualité qui mérite un meilleur écrin!Et mon offre d’article promo tient toujours!

    • stefano, per incidere sulla socità bisogna dare l’esempio: sei d’accordo? Dove trovi oggi un cattolico che si comporti come dovrebbe, a fatti non a chiacchiere, se non lo fanno neanche Bagnasco e i suoi collegi ormai solo più politici, e non servi di Dio, eal servizio dei poveri

    • There is that something in the air. Hubby and I were talking about it. There’s a feeling, a smell, the hint of a new season which is kind of like a new beginning. Sending good “friend” thoughts to you and here’s to your friend, Donna! I know you miss her (and I know what that’s like) but she’s obviously still with you and I bet you two still “talk.” xxoo. Great post.

    • Ted Biondo: Whenever statutes or ordinances that conservatives like are overturned by courts on constitutional grounds, right-wingers whine endlessly about “judicial activism.”But whenever statutes or ordinances that liberals like are overturned by courts on constitutional grounds, right-wingers conveniently forget about their disdain for “judicial activism.”Your comment is a perfect example.

    • I am so sorry that these darling pups suffered and died.Seems to me that Turkey is not as beautiful as you once told me. The scenery might be, but the people appear to be ******.I always had more than one dog, because there was always someone calling me to tell me of an immediate need for a home for someone (who usually turned out to be in my home). I never even asked my husband….. nor did he ever have ask me when he wanted to buy a car, or other boy toy!

    • I hope “Sessions” gets a wide release so I can see it in the theaters. I’ve noticed John ever since David Milch cast him as a Jew in “Deadwood” (and evidently took some tribal heat for the casting but defended his selection.) I figured David must have just respected the talent and the talent is now inescapable.

    • Dear Peggy,How wonderful to have such a meaningfulService after the Japan Cup. Your pastor andEverything about your church sounds so wonderfulAnd gave you so much peace. Just hearing youTalk about everything really gave me a lot ofPeace, hope and to look at brighter days.It was sad for “O”, Sooo very much hope we seeHim at the BC and you can come in 2013 !!

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    • nadien Can someone pls HELP. I have a business page and I like other business pages as a business and I see that other businesses like my page but the number does not increase. I am sure that I have seen likes with businesss names in my list so why is my number not increasing? I am miffed as my likes number does not seem to be increasing AT ALL!!!

    • Ateus ateus.Os ateus mentem de forma deslavada e é muita cara de pau.Dizer que Albert Einstein era ateu é prova de má fé ou burrice, ele mesmo nesta carta afirma que acredita no Deus de Spinoza. Assim como Spinoza, Einstein procedia no judaismo e tinha dificuldades em aceitar dogmas e doutrinas. Ele era TEÍSTA.A afirmação “But a limited causality is no longer a causality at all, as our wonderful Spinoza recognized with all incision, probably as the first one.” Deveira ser suficiente para evitar chamá-lo de ateu.Por favor leiam +.

    • I agree, Jim. If we cannot laugh at some of the things that happen with our Aspies, we may just shrivel up and die anyway. I told my husband that our little boy (7 years old) will either keep him young or age him faster. It really is a choice of how we look at things.

    • I am convinced she was hoping that someone would trip over her so she could sue the store. Give me a break! Who in their right mind would sit on a dirty floor in the middle of a busy store to breast feed their child! She wanted attention, or to just cause trouble. I will most definitely continue to shop at Target. I also agree with what you just wrote. This woman may have made the whole thing up for all we know. I would like to hear from the employee’s that “supposedly” were so rude to her. I’d like to hear their side.

    • "Scusa Attivissimo, ma non mi pare proprio che i concorrenti annaspino…""Non condivido la frecciatina sui concorrenti che annaspanno."Non credo Paolo si riferisse a TUTTI i concorrenti. Ma da quando è uscito l'iPhone e l'iPad ci sono colossi come RIM, Nokia, HP e Acer che se la stanno vedendo brutta. Specialmente i primi due.

    • you are so wrong in so many ways that refuting your ‘points’ is a rather daunting task.What I am tired of is people opposing gay marriage based on “christian-leaning views”There is no such thing! Christianity is nothing but a mere rehashing of other myths served up as the ‘one true way’Give it up, already.

    • This is an older retired couple 70+ in age, who have lived in the house for years, who want to wait until “the market gets better”.There’s a house next door to my aunt. The owner is elderly and in a nursing home. The family was going to put it on the market last spring because the nursing home costs about $5,000 a month, but they didn’t list it – still haven’t – because, my aunt said, “the market is bad right now.” Instead, they’re renting it to a young relative so at least the house is occupied.

    • if the video was shot from outside the window inwards at a level height it would back up my point a bit more, but no it’s not exactly eye level. I meant more that it gets in the way of sideways visibility. you catch it out of the corner of your eye. But after watching the shot I totally see what you mean.

    • Thanks for all the info you provided this month. It helped me with my efforts in Epilepsy Awareness by sharing your info on my FB page. Yes, despite being 40 years into this journey, there were many interesting facts that I didn't know about, especially how underfunded Epilepsy research is. What a shame.

    • Bonjour tout le monde!Le meilleur de tes articles-reportages Guillaume! Un grand bravo… Je suis grand fan.Et cerise sur le gateau, ce titre très bien trouvé « Ã  la memoire de nos frères dont les sanglots si longs faisaient couler l’acide… »

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    • How does it feel living during the advent of a dictatorship? The Emperor is currently discovering his Irish roots – a personal quest – using millions of taxpayer dollars. Is he practicing his royal wave? Clear Channel and not FOX could have forced Hannity to cancel the Corsi interview. As for Trump, he got out so abruptly, the administration might have found something on him he didn't want made public, or perhaps he was either threatened with denial of or promised something in exchange for getting out. I'm talking about things such as permits or loans.

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    • Kian . . . just this morning I was thinking about you and why there had been no blog update in a few weeks. just like that your new blog arrived! glad to see you still ‘safe and sound’. more wonderful experiences. thanks for the photos they are beautiful. gail

    • do you see what I mean tho, one fear / block disappears and then as moving forward it tries to appear in something else which is silly how the mind works, something I’ve noticed, why is that? I know it is partly that the unconscious part of me wants to keep me safe and that it also mulls over the things that other people / family / friends / etc safe said done and that they dump a lot of their fears on those around

    • "With all the 21st Century advantages, would they do it faster than the Manhattan Project?"Not in the West. Here's a data point: "The only reactor under construction in America, at Watts Bar, Tennessee, was begun in 1973 and may be completed in 2012." (wikipedia) That's four decades to build! The pyramids were constructed more quickly.

    • They should work fine. The only thing I’ve noticed is some users are putting part of the htpasswd rules above some rewrites and some of it below. This was causing problems for some users until they put it all in the same block.

    • Yo opino lo mismo hay muchas herramientas privativas que son superiores a sus alternativas libres ya que la UI de muchas es mucho más usable y además ofrecen funcionalidades superiores, aunque de todas formas hay que estudiar todas las alternativas posibles y migrar donde sea posible.

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    • eh ! kalau gitu pompan yg tutop aurat tak payah cakap lah di depan khalayak ramai bercakap sama jugak pe ngan menyanyi suara terkeluar jugak n orang ramai boleh dengar !! jadi ape hukuman nye pak ustaz ???? masok neraka ke ???Hot debate. What do you think? 3  11

    • C’est ce que je voulais dire ! On exige pas autant d’un ami et on est pas aussi intolérant ! (vous connaissez le principe du ON en grammaire )lolllOn ne lui demande pas de sortir les poubelles, de s’occuper du petit, de faire les lunchs……..sinon pas de « nanane » loll

    • Cas, it is. I read it when it was published and wrote about it . The article in American Thinker addresses the problem in more concrete detail than in Liberal Fascism, which is more ideology-orientated than the AT article.Liberal Fascism recently had a very favorable review in the Danish weekly . The information is making its way.Understanding the details of what made Nazism evil will help us avoid similar mistakes today.

    • Thus, Jews are responsible for capitalist exploitation and communism at the same time, for example.But there’s no inconsistency there. Exploitative capitalism and communism are both examples of hyperindividualistic milieux in which a relatively cohesive group like the Jews can be expected to flourish.

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    • Hi Carrie!Oh, there are so many good tarot sites out there…..the internet has created so many wonderful avenues for us tarot lovers….but it has also created a lot of time sucking too! LOLI can’t wait to see what 2011 brings!Blessings!Theresa

    • to mix 2 c hydrogen peroxide, 1/4 c baking soda, and about 2 Tbsp dish soap (approx). Rub it into the spot and let it sit, then clean it out w wet rag. That should get rid of the smell. I just had a carpet cleaner in for the same issue…I like the illness designation thoughts. I hadn’t looked at it that way before, but it’s true. It carries over to some physical diseases as well, like “(s)he’s a paralytic”

    • I just went to court for a summon I got frommy landlord for back rent. It was a Civil court Summons in Cook County. I did with hold rent on legal advice. My landlord was not been paying there Association fees and I was serves a summons to appear in court. The land lord has signed possesion over to the Association next month. They are trying to get me out this month. I have not recieved any type of termination notice. Can they have be forcefully removed?

    • Obama definitely has blood on his hands. This is due to Obama's foreign policy and allowing the Muslim Brotherhood to take power. We tried to warn everyone, but the libtards refused to listen. You should at least take some responsibility for your position and support of the usurper. Obama is at fault.

    • JerryNo follow-up/due dilligence or quote from Gonzo–it is from si not a message board? Or is this something you would rather sweep under the rug…Of course seton hall fans blame everyone but the coach for this.Hey, this might save them the embarassment since they don’t have a shot in hell to get Cheek.

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    • Thanks, G., for the comment.I think anyone new coming in has to do an analysis of all the talent on the team. It’s not as simple as, get rid of “Terry’s people” and keep the old guard. The best talent should stay. The rest should go.It’s been 2 weeks since Garlinghouse’s memo. It’s odd that there has been no dramatic action since then….Thanks,Eric

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    • Weight loss is so hard, and we have all been there! The first 5 pounds are so hard. Sounds like you are doing everything right, keep it up. Try thinking about the up coming holidays…Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. That always puts me in a better place.hang in there,shannon

    • I’m debating someone about the issue of Jewish refugees from Arab countries. This person claims that Jews themselves terrorized fellow Jews in order to get them to flee to Israel. He cites this book: ‘the gun and the olive branch’. Will you help me debunk this garbage?

    • Oj!!!! Vad underbart! Älskar allting pÃ¥ denna bilden – spegeln, pallen, allt!!!! Har länge letat en sÃ¥dan spegel – missade en pÃ¥ loppis i somras..huija..med den kommer nog tillbaka en dag – och blÃ¥tt har länge vart en favorit här…och nu kommer gult ocksÃ¥ i raska steg…mmm…Kramar Lycke

    • Good assessment, Ben. There does seem to be a different element about this team in terms of not folding towards the end. It seems last year’s playoff run gave LeBron and the team much-needed experience. LeBron didn’t even play that great and had 26, 4, and 4. Its amazing how he almost effortlessy puts up those numbers.Also, Shannon Brown is either much worse than we know or he pissed in Mike Brown’s coffee.

    • Hey ManTotally true. The enthusiasm can quickly die if you don’t have a rally strong driving force. I think many people are driven by that desire for freedom so as long as that desire remains strong, I believe you can always create the energy you need to make it happen

    • Wow, that’s a nice shot of the beach! I am MISSING summer already. I’m flying back to Manila with numb, cracked lips and terribly dry skin because of the cold weather. I’m beat…. Great selection of songs btw. Enjoy!Garandos last blog post..

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    • "refugee." "Refugees" also enjoy full or partial immunity from the laws of their new country, are allowed to force their culture and religion onto the indigenous population, and tend to display much higher average rates of crime, poverty, educational underachievement, and other forms of social malaise than the local residents. Creating huge, violent ghettos composed of such individuals on the outskirts of European cities is called "progressive social policy."

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    • My prayer life is something I’ve really been trying to work on lately. One thing I’m praying for is that God would turn me into the type of person who can bring him glory. That he would really work on my character.

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    • it also depends if that boost is on a specific resolution. For example if the res is 720p then a 15% boost could be 7, but on a 1080p res that boost could drop to 3 or 4fps. What i generally do is max out the res and detail on a game, then lower the res until i get decent fps. once thats done i turn off some details that dont affect game QUALITY. I play from 45-60fps or better, i find that to be an OK fps on demanding games like crysis.

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    • Interessante Frage, auf die ich aber keine Antwort geben möchte. Ich stimme dir aber bei der 3. Finanzierungsform zu: Gerade weil bei StudiVZ eben noch ein bisschen mehr Daten hinterlegt sind als bei “üblichen” Registrierungen wäre eine Weitergabe der Tod. Ich kann mir allerdings auch nicht vorstellen, dass das passiert.Ich kenne Facebook nicht und möchte mich dort auch nicht anmelden. Handelt es sich dabei um eine ähnliche Plattform wie StudiVZ?

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    • oh so funny, quilt blogland has a theme and we are all saying something similar, we really do try and kid ourselves don't we, it is a bit like going on a New Year's diet, that only works for so long. But good on you, and good luck! I would be right there with you if I really thought that I could, but I do like the UFO bit, have a few of those to get sorted

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    • Professor Dawkins’ readers are not concerned about the Anabaptists, the Arians, the Monophysites, the Nestorians, or any such obsolete sectI’m not sure that obsolete is the correct term, since there are still Monophysites in the world, mostly in the Middle East (Oriental Orthodoxy), and I believe there are even pockets of Nestorians here and there.

    • Thanks for the kind thoughts – I missed carnival that last time around. My only concern is that this article was really intended for those that don’t know molecular biology; those that do might find it is a little ‘lite’, even patronising – ? But if you think it’s appropriate, sure!This post is in fact part of a lead-in of sorts to another article I want to write about, so you might see that offered to as they relate in an interesting way. I need to find time first…I have a couple of older posts that might be possibilities, too.

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    • Thanks Hardy. I think it really hits home for most of us. We’re so busy “do-ing” that we have a tough time remembering to take our heads out of the water and see where we are. Temperature taking is a key aspect to productivity. I know you understand the value of plans and assessments, too.

    • dit :Donnons par exemple le gouvernement conservateur actuel… qui a promis des réductions de dépenses, une gestion plus transparente, etc… toutes des valeurs plus proche des libertariens… qu’est-il arrivé depuis leur élection ??? explosion des dépenses, perte de transparence… etc…Harper n’a jamais dit être libertarien, même qu’il a condamné les libertariens dans un discours donné à Toronto il y a quelques années…

    • Ja – det er sant.Men, man mÃ¥ ta oppgjør med sin fortid for Ã¥ komme videre. Damer som APs kjære Valla har ikke tatt avstand fra sin støtte til Pol Pott.Det mÃ¥ det være lov Ã¥ skrive om.Høyresiden har sine flekker de ogsÃ¥.Men, nÃ¥r du ser Stalins ca 18 millioner drepte. Mao sine 30 millioner. Røde Khmer. Vietkong osv – sÃ¥ er pÃ¥ en mÃ¥te et statskupp i Chile noe som forsvinner litt om du skjønner….

    • - Oh Val, I am so thrilled that you’re heading out in THREE DAYS!!! It makes me so happy to picture you over there eating, exploring, drinking, and spending time with amazing people. Wishing you an absolutely fantastic time. XO I’m so glad you have such loving people in your life.

    • Själv är jag en kallsinnig typ, slänger gladeligen skadade böcker men det är väl en viss skillnad att jobba pÃ¥ bibliotek och bokhandel….hos oss blir en del böcker sÃ¥ slitna att man är tvungen att slänga. Jag blir bara ilsken när nästan nya böcker kommer tillbaka fläckiga och trasiga eller uppluckrade av nÃ¥gon vätska (och det är inte bara badkarsvatten).

    • Guten Tag Jens! Lerne seit zwei Monaten Langhals-Baglama. Hatte vorher zwei Jahre Bassunterricht, so daß ich Noten lesen kann. Bin nun auf der Suche nach Noten für die Baglama und Kontakten zum Austausch, da ich in der Nähe von Rostock (Meck/Vorp.)und hier keinen Spieler finde. Kannst Du mir einen Hinweis geben, für Noten und Spielweisen, eventuell mit deutschen Komentaren. Wäre Dir sehr dankbar. Herzlich Rupan

    • Okay, if you take tuna to 5 year olds they are going to throw it at you. LOL. Keep it simple….cheese and mayo, pb & j….cut the bread with cookie cutters. You could also do ham and cheese. They are 5 and 6, ask your kid to help….see what he / she suggests and make a project out of it.

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    • Apple now has Rhapsody as an app, which is a great start, but it is currently hampered by the inability to store locally on your iPod, and has a dismal 64kbps bit rate. If this changes, then it will somewhat negate this advantage for the Zune, but the 10 songs per month will still be a big plus in Zune Pass’ favor.

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    • Meidän makumme kuulostaa varsin samanlaiselta ja minä myös pyrin pysymään varsin kaukana kaikesta mikä haiskahtaa fantasialta tai sinne päin olevilta genreiltä. Viimeisin positiivinen kokemus on kuitenkin nuorille suunnattu nälkäpeli-trilogia, jonka ajattelen olevan oikein viihdyttävä. Mutta pääsääntöisesti pysyn mielelläni realiteeteissa.

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    • x Giorgiopotresti essere così cortese da esplicitare?trovo interessante il tuo post se è ironico come mi parrebbegrazieFrancesco (quello storico)PS non occorre essere negazionisti per sapere che Hitler non ha fatto solo del male. è il saldo che tende piuttosto anzichenò ad essere in passivo …

    • Good for you for getting some time off. It will do you all a world of good. Happy Aniversary and enjoy your time in Germany. We are praying for a restful time for all of you in Germany, and that the joyous news of your court date will come to you soon. Enjoy your time together as your sweet little family of four. Blessings to you all.

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    • i cant control a ball without looking at it…how am i gonna make myself control the ball without looking at it…the problem is when i look at my ball an attacking player will come and tackle the ball away from me…

    • Hollister makes an excellent argument to put this boor of a judge in his place. Being an obvious political pawn makes Robertson unfit to serve in any judicial capacity. He'd have been tarred and feathered back in the days for being such a traitor to the Constitution.

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