Taking time

In childhood, every day seemed to last so long.  Adolescence lived among the detail of the world.  (Or maybe I’m mistaken.  Maybe that’s the myth that we perpetuate.)


Now, I barely see the world around me.  Life is in my head or in a meeting room, lost among a veil of words and numbers, meaningless to the simple boy who marvelled at the stars.  I stare into a screen, beating keys while, unseen, the minutes stream away outside; hours, days and weeks.  Soon years have passed.


I try to think of moments when I stopped to watch the moon above a chimney-pot, or bent to count the petals on a daisy in the rain.


I close my eyes and see myself beside a river.  Staring at the curving tip.  Following the current’s swirl, watching eddies turning twigs beneath a bush – barely noticing the softness of a vole slipping from the bank.


I recall the ticking diesel of the night-freight standing on the bridge, waiting for its signal.  Yellow light within the cab.  Exhaust rasping lazily in the darkness.  Sound of sleigh-bells ringing from the vents.  No hurry.


I’m sitting on my basket – still and slightly tensed against the cold – mind gently turning boyish thoughts as dogs bark a mile away within some sleeping farm.


I see the train ease off, barely changing note – an easy tempo fading from the scene.  But nothing by the river’s still.  Water gossips as it hurries past.  The grassy bank’s alive with busy sounds of night.  I rub my eyes and reel in for another cast.  Time barely moves, like branches of the willow – an endless night stretching, like the river, to eternity.


Maybe it’s because I didn’t want to change the world, or know the measure of its girth.  Or maybe it’s because I hadn’t learned to sell my time to pay for all my dreams, and all of time was mine.


Copyright Kevin Buckle 2014

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    • Kenneth,Thank you so much for posting this! I am on the road to visit my dying mother. It is a long drive, and I have not showered or shaved in two days. As I read this story, I saw myself in the old man. Not just because I may look like the gentleman in the story, but also because this story reminds me that we are ALL beggars…in need of the Savior and his mercy. I find myself “begging” more fervently!Thanks again!Steve

    • Note that Palin did the same thing Liddy did when she ran for mayor. One of the things progressive Christians need to start noting is that conservative Christians hate them too. Conservative Christians are bigots, even toward fellow Christians. They need to be called on their bigotry, and this needs to be done not just by non-Christians but by progressive Christians. I would say especially by progressive Christians.

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    • The answer is for people to watch their kids like hawks, and for some pissed off father to put two in his brainpan the moment he finally steps over the line and screws with his kid.But, that's in Viking world… I guess the real world doesn't work like that anymore (and probably never did).s

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    • It was fabulous! I love getting together with you ladies, and so enjoyed the fellowship, worship, and encouragement. Such a blessing. Always wish I could visit with everyone more. Can't wait for next year, either!! Maybe we'll have to plan some more things to do together, so we don't have to wait so long in between visits. I know how busy life is, though…

    • Ob man über Hitler lachen darf verbinde ich mit der Frage, warum sollte man über ihn lachen? Ich lache über oder mit dem netten Nachbar von nebenan. Ich nehme Hitler und die derzeitige Diskussionslage ernst, gerade deshalb kann ich nicht über ihn lachen. Totschweigen ist natürlich genauso wenig eine Lösung.

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    • thank you very much Mr Editor, glad you enjoyed your day. We certainly felt it went well, with plenty of to-ing and fro-ing between the 2 venues and lots of compliments to the chefs. As you say, so nice to see the Church busy and warm (with apologies to those in the side aisles where the heating doesn’t reach).With my “treasurer’s hat” on, I’m pleased to report that I’ve nearly recovered from the shock of the heating bill!We raised almost £500, which is the best we’ve ever done at Christmas. Many thanks to all who helped make it a success.

    • I know what you mean. The old “start World War III” plot’s twisted to fit a specific breed of early-80s Soviet Army craziness, and no matter how much scenery Berkoff gets between his teeth, the movie always treats it the way you should treat a loose nuke. Unless you’re making an outright comedy.

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    • There are definitely some "ruins" as it pertains to my bedrock. I'm not sure where and when the fracture arrived, but it lingers. Sometimes in silence. Sometimes in loud refrain. Again, such depth here, Heidi. I know that God is enabling you to write your thoughts. They are powerfully scripted.peace~elaine

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    • Hillary is a very polarizing figure – some idolize her and more than some absolutely detest her. Obama is not. I’ll take the latter if for no reason other than I’m really tired of living in an environment of hatred. Other than that, Obama has the skills in spades to play the international scene brilliantly. Since threat of annihilation can never elicit respect, concern or cooperation from others, we just might try a little deplomacy. Obama can pull it off.

    • Helen,What is really disturbing reading the comments from Mormons, is that it tends to show that the blind loyalty of 1857 seems to be very much alive today.It seems that bigotry is alive and well on all sides of this issue, huh? Personally I think that what happened in 1857 is terrible, and the coverup afterwards terrible as well. I’m not sure how I’m supposed to be such a terrible person simply because I’m LDS. Could you explain to me?

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    • Thing is, I’m not convinced every member of Occupy is a “fucktard” or “gibbering idiot” just because there are people that declare it over and over.What I mostly see is people cherry-picking the worst examples they can find to support that view – there’s that guilt by association – and you can do that with any group.

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    • great decision. but i’ve always been troubled by the US laws against boycott, *specifically* concerning israel-i am not that well versed in the law…. but does anyone know if BDS might in time run into these existing US laws? on my reading it seems like anyone trying to boycott israel, especially corporations/businesses, are exposed to some SERIOUS ramifications on the federal level.

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    • What are the chances of Pope Miscavige sending the St. Louis Cardinals to the RPF before spring training? And this Ken Delusion guy, well Scientology has gone downhill since Tommy Davis went low profile.

    • Love it! Just the right amount of stuff on it. I also really like the picture of you crafting with Smila beside you. Cute. Thanks for the comment on my blog…still haven’t done any journaling, but definitely feeling inspired and encouraged.Have a good week,Ellen

    • I’m reasonably sure my wife ( a fairly new Apple convert) might click on an image and get stuck with something malicious. The Sophos client is on her machine; hasn’t caused any problems at all (unlike the intego product, which locked my Mac Pro), I never had a virus in my PC days, but had no end of problems caused by Symantec and Zone Alarm

    • Good luck with this camera. I’ve returned my, twice, for repairs and need to return it a third time. To date, some of the leatherette peeled off, the eyelet that holds the neck strap fell off, and installation of the V2.0 firmware update broke the camera. Now, the slider that holds the battery in place has cracked and needs to be replaced.

    • autor “Wszystko wydaje siÄ™ być ukartowane na chÅ‚odno i planowo przygotowany zamach”bardzo rozsadnie : “wydaje sie ” i wyglÄ…da na ti , ze nigdy nie bedzie inaczej.Ale przeciez samej wiary zamchowej nie zabraniam….czyli wiecznych pytan i watpliowsci , zeby cos sie nie zgadzalo a skoro wydaje sie , ze sie nie zgadza , to wiec sie cos wydaje ,ze mogÅ‚ byc zamach ….Czemu nie?

    • dit :A chaque fois que tu nous fais partager tes découvertes : la Corse, le voyage à Nantes, les cabanes dans les arbres, je ne peux pas m’empêcher de penser “waouh, quelle chance”. Mais là tu bats tous les records de mes envies avec ce séjour à Londres : franchement les JO, quelle super-chance j’aurais adoré y être cette année ! Je connais le principe de location d’appart, pas ce site en particulier, mais j’y pensais pour le prochain séjour que l’on fera en famille à Paris.

    • Rambie Shaun, I was born and raised in Utah, as a non-Mormon. I can tell you that the vast majority of Mormons are nice and honest people. Just like in any group, there are bad apples. Do not color the LDS Faith based off of Mitt’s lying. Just like any faith, it’s not perfect but in the general population of Mormons, the honest and decent folks outweigh the ones that lie and cheat.

    • Anyukádnak boldog szülinapot:) Nagyon szépséges habos lett a tortád, az ilyeneket szeretem én megenni, a fondantos szépségeket meg inkább nézegetni. Ãœgyes vagy, biztos örült anyukád:)

    • Orkarinte skriver:”Det sunda förnuftet verkar helt ha lämnat det svenska samhället och istället ersatts av illvilja, avundsjuka och penningbegär.” Mycket väl formulerat ! Idag är det tydligen viktigare att skylla ifrÃ¥n sig att det är ANDRAS fel, invandrarna, sjuka, arbetslösa osv. Det är svÃ¥rt för människor att ta itu med sin egna fel och brister. SÃ¥ mycket lättare att skylla pÃ¥ andra…

    • I made this tonight- so good! I left out the cashew cream because I didn’t have any on hand, and added a big handful of finely chopped kale after blending just to add some healthy greens. Looking forward to eating the leftovers for lunch tomorrow!

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    • Yay! Good news. Now are they going to get sensible with subsidies for solar panels as well, I wonder? And have the Tories pledged yet to green up Britain’s ageing housing stock and to keep this scrappage scheme going if they win this year? And if not, why not?

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    • Hi Shannon,As you say, Tumblers often have curled leaves, especially their lower leaves, and it is nothing to worry about. However, if there is severe curl on the upper leaves and the leaves stop growing, it is either stress or disease – probably a virus. Plants can become stressed because of over watering or too much variation in temperature, but usually settle down after a week or two.Best wishes,Nick

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    • It is a challenge, Kristina…but a worthy one.Try a very gentle pelvic floor AFTER you have started the process of sending your breath down into your pelvic bowl. It’s like putting up a gentle barrier so the energy from your breath does not leak out the bottom.

    • I went to Dick’s later on to get some goggles, but I never thought to look there for swimwear.I’m putting flip turns aside for awhile, but I will remember your advice when I try again later. I have decided to concentrate on a middle step between the way I was doing things and the way I’d like to: today I worked on turning without touching my feet to the bottom. I put in a good 20 minutes without touching (which is about 18 more minutes than I’d ever done before).I just reserved the Laughlin book and one of his videos from the library. Thanks.

    • No worries Phil. I live near an ocean right now, with little access to mountains. The only hiking I get to do is vicariously through you. I will wait eagerly for your next challenge. Which one do you think will be harder?

    • HollyG,If you tell me there's a missing document there that gives Ms. Penland the kind of sweetheart deal that we've been discussing, I might be interested. But, my guess is that you're off-topic as we're discussing the sweet deal received by Graf and the corruption of power.


    • And isn’t it ironic, don’t you think? A little too ironic, I really do think.Ik heb ‘t zelfde probleem, maar dan onbewust. Dan wil ik per sé ergens zitten maar weet ik niet waarom. Achteraf bleek dan dat je vanuit die gewenste plek de hele ruimte kunt bekijken. Je kan ‘t ook nieuwsgierigheid noemen: ik wil niks missen.

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    • Vi gjorde ”typ” samma chili con carne förra helgen och det var supergott, vi hoppade dock över brödet.Men dina bakverk mÃ¥ste jag absolut prova under veckan, tack för dom.För oss vart det en god gryta med blandade grönsaker, bambuskott, böngroddar och strimlad skinkstek – inte helt fel *s*Ha en bra dag, trots att solen inte syns.

    • Ó anónimo, foram gaseados -ou- assassinados?Está visto que houve gente que foi gaseada mas não assassinada. Fico sem saber afinal porque razão foram gaseadas, só se para ficarem gaseadas. Olhe que há por aí muita gente gaseada que nunca foi gaseada…O Reaccionário parece-me não ser tão velho, logo… entende?

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    • So far today's search results are worse than they've been for the past month. On one search for a keyword phrase there's a completely unrelated Wikipedia page, a random Twitter account for some company, and a page from an independent search engine from 1997 showing in the top 10 results. Yeah, that's the kind of quality user experience we want to see. Way to knock it out of the park.

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    • dit :Merci, c’est vrai que les couleurs du Salomé de Violette sont superbes. Ça me fait plaisir que tu aies aimé mes derbys, je t’ai rencontré ou pas??? Je ne sais plus. Oui, on a papoté un peu, mais je ne m’étais pas présentée

    • I would STRONGLY suggest that you stay in Canada. The economy in the USA is rapidly going down the toilet, and with your Wife’s medical condition Texas would be a big mistake. Be happy that you are living in Canada, not the USA. For many reasons, not just the universal health care that we have here. Jim BToronto.

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    • The quality really isn't visibly better, and the black boxes on either side of 4:3 videos are distracting and unnecessary. The new player really ought to be an option for uploaders and/or viewers, if you must have it at all. There are still plenty of unfixed problems waiting.

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    • Hey Nate,Pacheco looked energetic live, seeming to be constantly on the move. Although his decision's weren't the best at times, his proper play with Cole & Stevie showed glimpses of quality. Same for Kelly, who started getting forward in the second half.The general feeling of Anfield seemed to be of renewed optimism.Bring on da goonersCarlos

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    • Liebe Barbara, spannend aufgebaut – Güldenes in Zeiten der Krise. Ich dachte schon, du würdest dich wie Dagobert Duck in den Talern wälzen. *ggg* – Aber eine sehr gute Idee! Wieso kommt eigentlich hier nie jemand auf solche guten Dinge?! Na, ich weiß schon warum! Ich wünsche dir einen schönen Sonntag und hoffe, du hast viel gekauft. Ich meine, damit du süsse Zeiten hast! LG, Brigitte

    • Anything we learn, we learn by repitition. So after some experience its no surprise when we don’t grow where we want to if the greatest amount our repitition is taken up with message boards, Facebook, blogs, politics, et cetera.

    • Tenho uma perguntinha … Eu estou anda no episodio 5 =P mas gostava de saber se este anime nao tem accao ou assim … ele usa espada de madeira lol… de qualquer forma ainda vou no epi 5 nem sei se vai haver lutas pela frente =D … que tal ? nao intenderam neh?

    • I was curious if you ever considered changing the page layout of your site? Its very well written; I love what youve got to say. But maybe you could a little more in the way of content so people could connect with it better. Youve got an awful lot of text for only having one or 2 pictures. Maybe you could space it out better?

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    • wow! your like mee, im into healthfoods, superfoods =)which really isnt superfoods, its just a veggie or fruit in its pure form. I TOTALLY AGREEwWITH YOU ABOUT FARMERS MARKETS SWEETS =) they are the best. no worries about the corporate mobbs blah food. lawl. do you like silk milk ? i like the almond vanilla kind =) and im right with you on the huicer vs blenders!! your awesome!! i love your videos!!

    • Ok, its Wednesday now, and we all know who won what. But it still looks like Obama has more delegates that Hillary, and thats a good thing.Off-topic: Im having an “Ask Lola Anything” festival over at my site, so come on by and ask away!:)Chambers has opened the floor with a question about my breasts. I dont expect other readers to do any worse. Ha!L

    • Two c-sections here, too. Labored and pushed for hours with the first (over 10 pounder) and elective with the second. That is the first thing I thought of with her uterus comment. Seriously….a baby’s huge head and body is coming out of a body orifice…that’s what freakin’ hurts!!

    • Je suis en train de lire dans les Brèves de blog la rubrique « Electives (affinités) », où Màc et moi, nous nous engueulons hystériquement/joyeusement. C’est à hurler de rire, vraiment. J’en étais exténué tellement ça m’a fait rire de me relire… Le passage sur le pet, le martyre et le Christ est un morceau de bravoure ! Hilarant !

    • Tras leerlo he pensado: ‘seguro que alguno se cree la noticia’Pero después de darle unas vueltas, lo cierto es que no es tan increible! Sgae es capaz de eso y de mucho más.(por ejemplo prohibir los rar encriptados…)Así que como dice TXENTXO, mejor no darles ideas…

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    • I am so excited to start this workout today! I had a baby in February, and I have had a lot of health problems since then. I am ready to get started now!!!! I have about 4o lbs to lose. After being out of the gym for almost 2 years, I am a little nervous….wish me luck!!

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    • You’re right about one thing, we are getting what we deserve. As a society which allows one group to shit all over the rights of another in the name of “free speech,” we are getting exactly what we deserve.

    • Hú, ez nagyon jó, mert gyakran csinálok pizzát, de én csak ketchup-ot meg fűszereket teszek rá – legközelebb kipróbálom így is. Jól látom, hogy el lehet tenni üvegbe is? Vagy ez csak a kép kedvéért?

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    • Harry – I have always acted in a paranoid fashion and assumed it might be the only copy. On the other hand, knowing the absent-mindedness of profs, and how easy it is to misplace things, that's seems a worrisome aspect of the system. Now, I'll be triply careful!

    • Since the brain uses a disproportionate share of the body’s energy expenditures, will thinking hard make me thinner?If so, will reading the New York Times make me skinny? And would watching the idiotic babble on Fox “News” make me fatter?Jim Purdy

    • Technically ‘hear hear!’ but the sentiment is sound.I note that no-one has yet explained why young people of different age groups in Aboyne, uniquely in Scotland, need to be kept apart. In all other places I know, this has never been an issue.So I ask again: why should the 8-14 age group have to be kept apart from the 3-12 age group?But it is good to see rational comment on this blog.

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    • IKEA has cute and inexpensive beds. Don't know if there is one close to you or not. They do have a website as well. Had we not gotten a crib from a neighbor, we would have probably gotten our crib from there. Might be where we get our second crib next February, if we don't find another one somewhere for less. Craigslist might also be an option for something inexpensive?.[]

    • Gosh, I spent a couple of week's in Romania in the 80's. It was an eye-opening experience to so many unique dishes and flavors. I don't think I was introduced to this, but it sounds easy to make– and very unique. I love polenta, and this could be something fun to experience.

    • I doubt Dan knows your history of commenting on this blog.But I may actually agree with you.I think it is really important that we reach out to people who have chosen a gay lifestyle so that they can be saved from hell for their choice.Blessings!

    • Det ser ud til at I har haft en skøn pinse i Løkken. Vi kommer der sjældent, men det er nok fordi vi har det sÃ¥ tæt pÃ¥; vi har jo kun 14 km…Det er flot at drengene kan fiske sÃ¥ længe – og sÃ¥ uden at fange noget; sÃ¥dan er det at være rigtig lystfisker… Jeg har slet ikke tÃ¥lmodighed til den slags, men Kent er jo ivrig lystfisker. Men tror at han højst har fanget 10 fisk i de 14 Ã¥r vi har været gift, sÃ¥ det er ikke meget der havner pÃ¥ middagsbordet… ;o)

    • Ciao Giulia, sono passata a trovarti, anche se già lo facevo saltuariamente!! Per un attimo ho pensato i trattasse dell’agua ardiente che avevo bevuto in Colombia e che rinfrescante non è affatto!!! Sicuramente la proverò, se non altro per togliere di mezzo dei cetrioli che mi guardano sconsolati ogni volta che apro il frigo e che mangia solo mio marito!!! Ciao ciao, alla prossima!!

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    • Our society has gone too far past the point of no return for there to still exist the possibility of “saving it”.This is a trendy but stupid idea. I’ve heard this a lot from people. It’s really just a big fat excuse for doing nothing.Society can always be saved. Just stop doing the stupid stuff.

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    • There hasn’t been any official word on Bruma’s loan yet.And i doubt the move because Wolfburg have already signed Kjaer and Freidrich.And we can’t loan him there to play in RIght back because thats not his natural position.And if the loan does go through,then it means Riccy Carvalho is staying for another yearReply

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    • Je ne sais pas si l’armée américaine périclite, mais ce qu’ils savent très bien faire depuis la deuxième guerre mondiale inclue jusqu’à récemment c’est bombarder, bombarder et bombarder. Je ne pense pas que les populations irakiennes ou autres (voir la Serbie en son temps) ont particulièrement  apprécié de recevoir les bombes US sur la tronche …

    • [The MSM will report on the dismissals but will not investigate the claims.]Yep, because they know if they reported and investigated the case when it first appeared Obama would have been ousted a long time ago…

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    • I have the squiggles too, but I also have grayish-brown fuzzy blobs – one of which is smack dab in the center of my right eye. No matter where I look there’s a gray blob in front of what I see. My mom told me (optimistically) that when I finally have cataract surgery the floaters will go away. Oh joy!

    • Como ves me gusta llevarte la contraria, aunque en parte tienes razon. La cruz de malta tiene tambien mucho que ver con los Caballeros Templarios, ordenes secretas basadas en la lealtad y el honor, muy de acorde con las bandas moteras surgidas en los 50 y 60 en los EEUU.

    • Ma qual è lo scopo di spacciarsi per ingegneri se non lo si è, in questo forum? Non lo sanno che gli verranno chieste le credenziali via e-mail, anche dallo stesso padrone di casa, con la promessa di non divulgare l'identità?O forse proprio non se l'aspettano, che qualcuno voglia vedere le carte.

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    • Well put Daniel. Understanding guilt and it's power can make you a dangerous person to the shackled, guilt ridden, socially liberal sheep that like to 'pool' together for strength and reassurance in their effort to pass this on to others.

    • ”.It is an interesting tactics that work very well for attention deficit American who has penchant for one liner.” Controlling the language is the best way to control how people think. Words offer the means to meaning, and for those who will listen, the enunciation of truth. Of course that is what Goldberg et al are really afriad of.

    • The better question is: Why? Do you know how many people out there would love a major league plate appearance? Or even how many guys will get to AAA and never get one? It’s a special thing to get to bat in the major leagues, and it’s special because it is earned, not given.

    • If you're running an A/B test in Google Analytics (the 'content -> experiments' section), doesn't Google already know about the original and alternative versions of a page in the experiment and is smart enough not to index both? In this case, do you need to use rel= canonical?

    • I don’t think it was dumb – hey, it tells us more about what you like and don’t like personally! I think it’s really more a question of balance than of actual content. People are into what they are into (and not). Same goes with friends offline. The point is to share some of yourself, whatever that is.

    • Man doing that 15 rep 4 set on bench did something raw to my chest. I warmed up tonight hit 225 15 times felt way to good,and through 285 on cranked out 10! Hey, I have been stuck at about 3 to 5 reps with that weight.I am going to do the high rep thing every outher workout and see where this goes.Thanks Kev! pease to all you europeans cant wait to see in the morning what you have to say!

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    • I am blessed even as I read this devotion.As I prayer for the surrender of my daughter to the lordship of Jesus Christ.I have purposed that I will not stagger in my believe because I know that he who have promised is faithful and one day soon there is going to be shouts of praise throughout Heaven because of her return to the God of her childhood.All honor and glory be unto the King of kings and Lord of lords.

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    • Es vergonzoso lo que este alcalde está haciendo en los últimos tiempos. Ya sea uno de Izquierda Unida, de Los Verdes, del PSOE, de UPS, del PP mismo, habría que salir a la calle y decirle de una vez por todas, todos juntos y unidos por la democracia: BASTA YA! Señor alcalde! BASTA YA!!

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    • Homo Horse: Hmmm, Lionheart squeals on some dope dealers, who happen to be Paki Muslims, and the local Fuzz now want to put Lionheart in the clink on Brit equivalent of “Civil Rights Violations”? It’s all becoming quite clear. Someone on the Luton PD isn’t happy about losing the “baksheesh”. I wonder what a net worth analysis of the ranks of the Luton Constabulary might reveal?(That was a hint, chaps).

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    • This is really great advice as seen from my worldview of many many yars of marriage. One further thought is that it never stops being important to TALK and LISTEN about roles, ideas, personalities…even many, many years into a marriage. We all evolve and our love and relationships evolve. It can either be a disaster when one or the other realizes something has changed about the shared life or it can be a fun adventure when it is a shared evolution into more profound love reinforced by comfortable (mostly) sharing/communicating.

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    • Hilarious. I followed you on twitter than couldn’t resist coming over here to read this! You poor thing at your appointment! I’m with Lexchantarelle. It gets easier every time and no big deal now. Just have to find the right waxer! Thanks for the laugh!

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    • Thank you, Prof. Perry, for pointing this out. I'm glad the WSJ picked up on this and linked to your blog. A few of us have been saying throughout this debate about health care reform that many who spend readily on things like cell phones (pricey plans, phones for the kids) and leases on fancy SUVs (which are costly up front but also come with hefty ongoing gas and insurance expenses) can certainly afford health insurance. It's a matter of one's priorities.

    • Laurel,I am so suprised to read how everyone feels they don’t fit into church. I have felt like that for years but thought it was because I was mismatched and went to church alone. Wow, the spirit is opening my eyes to this undertone of the church body. I must pray about it.On a personal note. Thank you for sharing your heart and starting this conversation. There is something big about all of this. I am yet to understand it.Love you so much, me

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    • How do we know that this woman’s word was good enough to put Mr. Strauss-Kahn straight into a horrific jail?Her word, her injuries requiring treatment in hospital, things in the hotel room being consistent with what she told police, picking him out of a line-up despite having no idea who he was?Is that enough evidence for that badly informed journalist?

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    • This might sound weird, but I think it's an American in Europe thing. I don't know why but every time I'm anywhere in Europe I absolutely CRAVE soup – most of the time it's minestrone — I don't know why. I almost made home-made Chicken soup this past weekend, maybe I'll do it this weekend. Also – I def. think you should ask your Mom to write down her recipe. I have my Nana's shortbread recipe in her handwriting and I've asked my Mom for her stew recipe too. I think recipes in the handwriting of the loved one that it reminds you of… it's a keepsake.

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