Will you sing me a song of the sea?

(Collaboration with Bee)

Will you sing me a song of the sea? I asked

as the wind she blew and howled.

Where goes the ship with the swinging mast

and the gallant crew, all drowned?

Not a voice came out of the raging night

not a single human sound.

Throw me a rope and make me fast

and the wind she blew and howled.


Answer – from Bee


I sang you a song of the sea, as you asked,

but the wind, she blew too loud.

I was on that ship with the swinging mast,

and fortunate not to have drowned.

I sang at the top of my voice the night,

but you couldn’t have heard, and I’ve found

that you never caught the rope that I cast

coz the wind, she howled too loud.


(thank you Bee)

Copyright Kevin Buckle & Bee 2014

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