Time to head back south

Driving west across Yorkshire.  Probing for the slip-road – A1M, southbound.  The South.  I think about what I’m leaving.  About family.  Distant in our own little ways, but pretty much all the family we have.  I think of North Yorkshire, off to the right.  Villages and towns scattered among hills and across the big flat plain that once held a scouring glacier.  Lost little hamlets that give the sense that you haven’t really arrived anywhere.


Places that once felt like home.


Now just places to pass through.


Still, something in me feels like turning right.  A1 North.  Dishforth. Leeming Bar. The A170, slashing across from Scarborough to Bedale, Leyburn and the Dales.  “Now then, Veterinary.” The A59 out to Blubberhouses, Skipton and curving right towards Kendal and the Lakes.


Did you know that the fearsome Eric Bloodaxe was allegedly caught escaping on this road, dressed in women’s clothes and put to ‘t sword by Alfred the Great’s son?  “We won’t ‘ave any of that ‘round ‘ere young fella-me-lad.  Taste sum cold English steel.”  It all happened somewhere around there.  I digress.


I could press on past Northallerton – invisible administrative centre –  through County Durham, inspiration of a hundred sad stories about mines whose seams run out under the North Sea (my mother’s a sucker for them), and up to Newcastle, whose second syllable only the locals emphasise. A day’s drive will take you on past Sedburgh or Jedburgh (one east, one west) and Holy Island, on to Edinburgh.  In thirty-five years I made it there three times.  Not a bad average.


I am drawn.  By blood or by nostalgia, I know not which.  But I pass a tired sign for Hazlewood Castle – home of perfect wedding days (we don’t worry about the marriage anymore) – and slip into the lane for A1M (South), my current home, and work.  My half-one meeting won’t wait for trips around Swaledale or views of Lindisfarne across the fished-out sea.  Vikings had the best of it, anyway.


North Yorkshire – the North Riding of old threadbare textile maps – swings into my door mirror behind a Scania hauling Mercedes cars.  I could have carried on to Leeds, ten miles west and place of my re-birth.  Home to most of my dad’s family – my cousins, childhood Christmases and eventual estrangement.  Oh well.  I press on south.


Off to the right somewhere, my aunty and a cousin.  Poor souls.  Two of the nicest and most wronged people I ever met.  But I tell myself I don’t have time to stop – half-one meeting with a Director – can’t possibly be late.  Silenced mines, uneaten Pontefract cakes and Haribo.  The place is a shit-hole.  I’ll call next time.


I settle in for the long drag.  Lorry-spotting.  Slipping Robert Earl Keen into his slot – not heard him for a while.  Wiping intermittent rain from the screen and a tear from my eye.  Time to head back south.


Copyright Kevin Buckle 2014

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    • We just had some folks here in the Brain from the NY SPCA, which runs a no-kill (they house the pets until they’re adopted, rather than euthanizing them after a certain period of time) shelter here in Manhattan. This is what they wanted to hear about from all of you.CORRECTION: It was actually the Humane Society of New York, not the New York SPCA as originally written. Brainiac regrets the error.

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    • I love the expansion too. While I’m not sure I agree 100% about the dailies system (I kinda like the variety), I do think you are dead on concerning “button burden.” It’s definitely become a fun-killer for me (especially so since I’m a dedicated MM). So much so that, in spite of how much I love Pandaria, I’m not logging on as much simply because I dread working myself to death. I’m really glad to see recognized hunters like yourself speaking up about it. It’s something that needs to be addressed sooner rather than later.As alwasys, thanks for doing what you do, Morynne.

    • Tom: I applaud what the Lord has accomplished through you. It is a great thing to pass on a GOdly heritage to our children. BUt it’s not over, not by a long shot. Take a look at this article, and then go to the link to get some information about our Destiny Teams. Looking forward to see what the Lord has in store for you.Michael

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    • Wow! These look fabulous! I haven’t ordered yet but will soon. I can’t wait to try the sesame noodles, and the pie/tart from the dessert pictures. I’d like to add how I love the theme of the book. Raw food is great, but sometimes it’s nice to have a little something cooked in the mix. This looks like a beautiful fusion of both!

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    • Yum! This looks like a great week food plan! So much variety. I can’t wait to get into your site and have a good look around (and cook some of your recipes). I hope you enjoy the bread. We had some this morning with Thermie poached eggs and hollandaise sauce – GREAT way to start the day

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    • I like a lot of these options, I do think that people that live on the streets in question should have a say in how they are developed. Yes, people that commute through the area should have a voice too but I’m not sure if it is the same as those who live on foster.

    • Le 04/08/2012 à 17h02 Citation:Posté par YoowRassurez-moi, je suis pas la seule à avoir mis ma main sur mon écran pour vraiment voir le contraste entre l’avant/l’après ? Mais les photos sont très bien prises et retouchées. Certains sont à la fois beau et belle, comment ne pas être jalouse ! J’ai fait pareil

    • Whoa, what a wonder perspective, Romney is awesome, Mr. G is all but finished… and farewell…This message must get out over the next several months, to ensure the replacement of residence of the white house… What a wonder statement, and example of Executive Leadership… What is truly needed in our time of trouble as a Nation. Mitt is the man… right now, right here…

    • I think I followed this….but although it may be targeted at the Americans and Europeans, that doesn’t mean that the Chinese culture or “clean slate” isn’t also impacted. If Beijing doesn’t know its identity, as you say, there are many willing to form it for them. Do they have something against Apple?

    • U.E. des aveugles : motus et bouche cousue quand l’extrême droite polonaise ( LPR ) et les populistes nationalistes de Samoobrona tous deux opposés à l’U.E. sont entrés dans le gouvernement, motus et bouche cousue quand l’extrême droite slovaque et un parti ouvrier nationaliste se sont alliés aux sociaux-démocrates pour régner en Slovaquie … déçidémenent c’est l’union des aveugles !

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    • Baleful comparisons between Islamic and Christian practice concerning the covering of women’s heads are simply not helpful: Catholics and Muslims profess belief in a personal God and Catholic (clergy) and Muslims pray five times a day; should we Catholics therefore reject belief in a personal God and reject the Liturgy of the Hours lest we (gasp) appear to be paddling at the edge of the Islamic Whirlpool, into the hideous maw of which we are at risk of disappearing forever?I mean, honestly!

    • Of course they’re teaching kids about their own religions, the Muslim side is not the only one.. I was shocked when I saw Vjeronauka (Religion) as part of the curriculum down in Eastern Herzegovina (Republika Srpska).. In fact I would be the first one to outlaw such a practice.. Religion is meant to be taught in one place, and one place only: on the parents’ own time and at their own expense..Bosnia is a mess of a country.. It’ll never reach a state of normality..

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    • I love Shores inks on those Cap stories! They smooth out Kirby’s sharper edges and yet keep the dynamic storytelling. If you think about it, Syd Shores MAY actually have drawn Captain America more than Kirby at that point since he became more or less the main penciller of the original series after Simon & Kirby’s DC departure!

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    • Not over the question of whether there should be a United Kingdom including Scotland they don’t. Arguing over policies is healthy, even if rather shallowly conducted most of the time. The fault for that lies with the public as much as it does with politicians (as the lack of interest from the vast majority of the public indirectly allows it to happen).Parties that want independence not being able to sit down together and front a joint campaign is a huge body blow for arguing for a Yes vote.

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    • Hi Mary! I'm so behind in blogging, that I've got a lot of reading to do. LOVE this recipe a LOT. I printed it, and I'm sure it'll be on my breakfast table very soon. When is your cookbook being published? I want a copy!Debby

    • A mí lo que me extraña es que aun no se tengan noticias por parte de los secuestradores (si es que ha sido secuestrada). Es raro que en todo este tiempo no hayan intentado ponerse en contacto con la familia de ningún modo. Si la han secuestrado: ¿Por qué? ¿Para sacer algún tipo de beneficio? ¿Para qué?Un saludo desde el otro lado.

    • If you let the record companies restrict videos by country I can see Google which owns this site doing that with this too. Why should someone in one in one country be able to watch a video but not in another because this site allows those who pay enough can have videos restricted where they want.

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    • Fantomzeit – Dunkelheit oder Leere im frühen Mittelalter? » Fantomfluss (updated) : 1. April : [...] Dendrochronologen haben ihre frühmittelalterlichen Baumreihen auseinander gerissen (Otte) und Astronomen hantieren mit einem Delta-T, das der langen Mittelalterchronologie zuliebe …

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    • When I grew up I was taught our country was exceptional and that though we have not always been perfect, it was great to live in a country where anyone could succeed. What was emphasized were the progresses made especially in civil rights. Above all my generation was raised feeling a sense of hope. This sense hope is fast disappearing.

    • Merci de votre réponse argumentée. Si j’ai l’occasion de le voir, je le ferai.Ce qui avait motivé mon ironie, c’est d’une part l’illusion que la classe dominante contrôle les évènements du monde, alors que je la crois aussi paumée que n’importe qui devant l’incertitude de l’Histoire, d’autre part l’outrance de la formule. Nous ne sommes plus (pas encore ?) dans l’Antiquité.

    • Your comments on The Hammer and the Blade reminded me of your reaction to Redshirts. My reasons for really liking Kemp's novel is not because of the plot or in its uniqueness (or lack thereof), but more in the enjoyment factor I had in connecting with Egil (mostly) and Nix. Egil differs from other archetypal strongmen in that he is a semi-lost priest whose profession is an adversary to his religious calling. Nix is the adventurous secular counterpart. This interaction, for me, was interesting and fun throughout the novel. But as with Redshirts, I can see how it wouldn't appeal to everyone's style.

    • The "more info" text disappears when it's expanded. Very frustrating and I hope it gets fixed soon. While others may use a lot of these new features, for me it clutters things up too much. The sections for sharing and links takes up too much room and the comments are difficult to read.

    • Nate – Are you having conversations with yourself?I had put Wright’s Jesus and the Victory of God on my reading list for the past 2 years. Didn’t get to it, so I took it off this year. Will be funny if I do get to it this year. In the end, I feel like I “know” the thrust of Wright. I love him, but I think I have his theology under wraps after reading about 4 of his books.

    • Very insightful post, great work. The season has started well for LA with a 3-0 start, but I have to nitpick with the so called defense the team has been playing. Currently LA is top five in the league in offense, but middle ground on the defensive side of the ball. My only fear is that the team will fall into the trap that they can beat teams through the offense, and not lock down on defense. I hope that I am proved wrong as the season progresses and LA can find a middle ground and be in the top ten in both categories.

    • Well, we’re leaving this house and moving many hundreds of miles away. The day has arrived when I’ll no longer be able to go and sit near my girl’s grave in the garden. I did so before it was light this morning. That too will be just a memory.. She’s been gone over four months and I’ve never missed anyone so much as I miss her. Love and hugs to everyone going through this seemingly endless pain. Ann.

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    • Well 24 seven, there are supervisors all over the place that are paid many dollars to run the State of New Jersey.There are always mangaers in charge. I am sure the people that were away could always be reached by way of email or cell phone. Also texting etc.In 2010 communication is done by these means. I like the old school way but the world is changeing.

    • Hej vännen!!Vilken raritet!! Jag förstÃ¥r att den är speciell.Det är verkligen svÃ¥rt att spela fiol,jag provade nÃ¥gra gÃ¥nger men sen gav jag upp och den hade strängar:))Bli inte arg pÃ¥ mig nu men jag kan inte ha kvar Crazy för det är nÃ¥gon annan som har det namnet nu (suck) och därför har jag bytt igen..Klem fra Louise

    • « Mais une chose est certaine: le SNPL AF a reussi a fédérer l’ensemble de l’entreprise contre lui et ne représentera plus que quelques barons vieillissants à la sortie de ce conflit. Les prochaines élections leurs seront fatales! »Plus de 50% de la population pilote AF est adhérente au SNPL soit plus de 2000 pilotes qui dans la grande majorité soutient l’action de ses représentants.

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    • The Absent Game…Concerning me and my husband we have owned additional MP3 gamers through the years than I can count, including Sansas, iRivers, iPods (traditional & touch), the Ibiza Rhapsody, etc. But, the last few ages I’ve settled down to one line of players….

    • harlow ah beng aka Talk Rock, just some FYI for u la, the malay newspaper u talk abt that dare to ask govt tough question, is also belong to same company that own the straits times la. They own all the papers in singapore even the tamil one.. , except TODAY. and i know the ministers’/govt’s salary they got declare one, is boh bian.

    • "How much of the federal budget is taking money from one group of people and giving it to another simply because the other exists"…Well itchy it seems like goes towards the federal government wealth transfer scams…From the Independent Institute:

    • « Dans les resto par contre, le rapport qualité prix est en faveur de USA, Largement. »on a pas du faire les mêmes. Le bon boeuf aux hormones et antibio ricain, attrape couillon des touristes avide de gros steaks « comme à la télé ». gout facile mais au final…Meilleure viande de boeuf: Argentine, sans hésitation.

    • Я очень благодарна нашей школе за то что я в ней учусь! Прекрасные учителя изучения минимум 2 языка без русского! Прекрасный распорядок дня лично я все успеваю! И если я буду выпускаться то мне будет легко поступить на 2 факультета!)

    • Απλοϊκή ερώτηση: Από πιο έργο είναι η φωτογραφία; Διότι είμαι 90% σίγουρος ότι είναι από έργο που είχα δει προ αμνημονεύτων χρόνων.

    • I have got 1 recommendation for your site. It seems like right now there are a few cascading stylesheet troubles while launching a selection of web pages inside google chrome as well as firefox. It is working fine in internet explorer. Probably you can double check that.

    • If you kill a FULANI just like that, the FULANI will surely come in a surprised day a kill you ‘just like that’. The killings or wipe off of the Fulani in Zonkwa, must be revenge by them, and that what happened. It is very sad we continue this vicious cycle atrocities against innocent unsuspecting souls. We must put a stop to this, with rewarding any act of aggression before reprisal is launch.

    • Being a student, you WILL NOT get low rates….period. In fact, you will get some of the highest rates allowed by law since you do not have established credit. Low rates are generally anything under 10% and high is anything over 20%. For your first card, consider anything under 25% a huge victory.

    • Io sono andata sabato con la scuola alla biblioteca Delfini di Modena e lì mi hanno detto che probabilmente ci sarà un tuo incontro un venerdì di febbraio… è vero??Spero proprio di sì perchè abito lì vicino e mi piacerebbe tanto venire

    • Решать за кого то, делать за кого то и думать за кого то, да кто это вообще придумал.Даже сейчас, на работе, люди постоянно «ÃÂ´Ã‘ƒÐ¼Ð°ÑŽÑ‚» за меня и советует как быть. Первым делом – это конечно же бросить сайт и не тратить время зря, второе – работать до ночи, чтобы начальник заметил. Ужас!

    • As a neanderthal, non-electric wooeowrkdr, I found this book to be a boon of relavent information (not that there is anything wrong’ with power woodworking). Lot’s of books I’ve seen are geared to collectors of hand tools, but this one is about using hand tools. It’s practical, accessible information for doing real work. Anyone wishing to get their arms around hand tools (sorry, bad metaphor) should own this work.

    • I saw Michael Coren's noggin pop up about half way through. He must have thought it very interesting to be at a discussion where the speaker was claiming there is no such thing as honor killing in Islam! Canada has had a couple of really brutal cases in the past few years.

    • I think the irish cheeses might pair nicely with the canadian apple ice wine, especially the Cashel blue. I might have to get the wine and then take it over to try with the cheeses. Unfortunately they’re on the opposite sides of the lake. Might need 2…

    • Jules,I apologize for being a bit snippy with you. It was uncalled for. I certainly agree with you that the line I used is indeed a common dodge. It wasn’t meant in that way by me, but there was no way that you could know that.

    • Wow Sonia, you made Kasutera! It's one of my favorite dessert – love the slight sweetness of the cake. I didn't know people use it to make with the wooden box. It's so cool. For now I'm stuck with the Kasutera from store, and eat fancy one from pastry shop…

    • Alvalade 0 é uma excelente proposta. Desde à 5 anos que não meto lá os pés. Ia fazer 25 anos de sócio e deixei de o ser enquanto estes ladrões por lá andarem. Saudações Leuninas de um VERDADEIRO LEÃO que muito sofre com toda esta situação!

    • Ethan and Yossi, yes, in fact, minorities often end up being the ones in control for better or worse.I am quite worried about Egyptian elections. I comfort myself with the fact that not all Egyptians agree with the MB, but that is poor comfort in fact.

  72. Spot on with this write-up, I actually think this website needs rather more consideration. I抣l most likely be again to read far more, thanks for that info.

    • Simple. When Miley was on the cover, the women of the world and media decided to band to together and slut-shame her (trust me, it's not men who were outraged and offended). When Justin was on the cover, the men of the world and media… didn't care. We still don't. Never will. It's Justin Bieber, for f's sake.

    • USER needs an option in this matter, corporate interests are not the only influence on web traffic. Something like a ckeckbox: Now-now-now vs Give me WHAT I ASK for (purpose of querying Google in the first place perhaps?)Improve relevance heuristics, that should be a worthwhile investment and I believe would cut out a lot of bloat sites anyway, allow the appropriate ones to rise to the top appropriately.

    • Yep Cassie, I am guilty of it too! Perhaps part of the problem is our reliance on the written word (& those words are often fairly brief with social media), and we sometimes struggle for words to describe how we feel about things? So we fall back on these easy words that get slung about everywhere, every day. Acceptance of people’s admiration is a lovely thing – it is a gift from them to you, and yes! makes for a happier world.Enjoy the journey x

    • I host a couple workshops a year for aspiring photographers and moms who just want to learn to use their cameras. I’d recommend keeping them small enough to be able to get to everyone personally and give them more than they expect!! Be willing to share completely of yourself and your techniques (which means being confident in your skills and current business). It’s a great way to share what you know and give others the great gift of photography![]

    • Oh so schad, hend mer eus so knapp verpasst…:-( Aber gäll isch ä Hammerstadt? Wär am liebste nochli länger bliebe. Ah und Sabrina, die Suppe heisst Clam Chowder.:-) ha sie aber au ned speziell gern gha. Aber mer muäss sie mal gässe ha in San Francisco, seig ä Spezialität.

    • I love my 1030sw! My husband bought it for me for Mother’s day last year and I have loved it ever since. We live in Hawaii and are taking it in the ocean constantly. We haven’t had any leakage problems. I also let my 2-year-old play with it and it still works like a champ! And now she is becoming quite the little photographer as well! It seems like only the black ones are having the issue with the paint falling off? Mine is green and I haven’t had any problems. I would recommend this camera to anyone.

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    • , “isn’t it Knit 1, Drink 2?”) I also have a tech editor on the job, so you just have fun knitting and tell me when I have asked you to create a third sleeve or something! I have the utmost faith in your abilities as a knitter and as a pattern reader. and I’m opening a beer as I write this!

    • assalam o alaikum sir i want to take admission in M.phil please sir tell me about the procedure of admission and schdule too,how can i get the admission? i have passed M.A in islamic history kindly help me. thank you

    • Ah ouais ! Géniale, la moufle ! Ça doit être pour être raccord avec l’hiver québécois vanté autour de la page d’accueil. Quels créatifs, ces pubeux, quand même !Mais le fait est que ce n’est pas vraiment plus pratique qu’une vraie…

    • Great question! My story would put Hollywood movies to shame–no one would ever believe it!! That’s what makes where I am today so incredible–and so obvious that God got me here–’cause there ain’t no other way it could’ve happened!!

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    • Nick disse:Se os canadenses querem outras opções de aeronaves furtivas, pode esperar pelo término do desenvolvimento do Sukhoi SU-50, do J-20, o J-31 ou se puder esperar mais um pouco, a versão definitiva do caça furtivo japonês.Fora esses, restaria os caças de 4,5ª geração que seria um retrocesso em relação ao selecionado F-35, fora que são parceiros e estão entrando com $$$ no desenvolvimento do caça.[]‘s

    • La version papier aux quatre coins de la France ? qui peut scanner puis inclure en copier-coller le précieux extrait destiné à rétablir notre confiance vis-à-vis de l’évêque qui nous a le moins réconforté ces dernières semaines ?

    • zegt:Mijmeren over The Next Web…Vorige week donderdag en vrijdag vond in Amsterdam het jaarlijkse evenement The Next Web plaats. Voor de tweede keer een Europees evenement gericht op startups, nieuwe ontwikkelingen en technologisch optimisme.Ik was er dit jaar voor het eerst en erg …

    • Quero desejar as maiores felicidades para a iniciativa. Só prémios, sem prémios, creio que o mais importante é remexer as águas.Aguardo com expectativa todas as restantes actividades em redor dos PPBD.Vamos te ver daqui a uns tempos em Los Angels: 'And the PPBDOscar go's to…' :DUm abraço, Pedro Gomes

    • And I expect he’ll have to explain what he was doing in the car with Michele Brown.It’s a good thing his wife and kids were with him.The Christie campaign is dying the death of a thousand cuts.Like Humpty Dumpty, all the campaign managers and political advisors can’t put this campaign back together again.

    • काका,खर तर corporate जगात असेही काही नग असतात जे फ़क्त चाटूगिरी करून अनेक गोष्टी साध्य करतात जसे बढाती, बोनस वगैरे. अशा पब्लिकला कामापेक्षा एकमेकामधे काड्या लावणे, उगाच दुसर्याची अडवणूक करणे यातच धन्यता वाटत असते. बाकी पोस्ट एकदम झकास झाला आहे नेहमीसारखा!!!प्रणव

    • Le dernière sortie vandammesque de la Monf: »Quand on pense au passé et au futur, cela signifie qu’on a un pied dans le passé et dans le futur et qu’on chie sur le présent.»ptdr.Ce type aura un jour son nom dans le dictionnaire de Philosophie !

    • Thats how the city works. They put out a bid and choose the lowest bidder. This is what I found out the hard way when the city choose a completely inexperienced contractor (over the one we had chosen) to create the concrete stamps for a city project we had designed. Bad stamp – poor outcome.

    • Coucou les filles;on éspere que tout ce passe bien et que vous êtes au Maroc!!!!!!on regarde les petit reportages et les photos, on ne vous à pas encore vue.Jef pense que tout compte fait vous êtes partie faire une thalaso de 10 jours…Allez, pleins de bisoussssss, on pense à vous;Sophie

    • Räjähtelee ihan omia aikojaan! Ensimmäisellä kerralla tosiaan posahti polttimon lisäksi taatusti myös johto, kun lampun sammuessa näytti sohvalle siltä, että eteisen sulakekaapissa välähti jotain sinistä valoa.. Hmm. Että jännitystä elämään, siis! Toivottavasti kolmas kerta nyt toden sanoisi.. Hirmu mielelläni haluaisin tuonnäköistä valoa juuri tuolla paikalla pitää.

    • No one with half a gourd believes themCorrection: no one with half a gourd WANTS to believe them.But then, no one with half a gourd would have believed someone could issue a TRO against a law which is not actually a law, either.

    • „daca NU reiese din articolul asta ca NU EXISTA Dumnezeu, inseamna ca reiese ca EXISTA Dumnezeu ,nu?”Nu.(ca să pricepi È™i tu: articolul nu are a face cu existenÈ›a sau inexistenÈ›a lui, ci cu caracterizarea personajului numit Dumnezeu ca urmare a lecturării cărÈ›ii numită biblie.)

    • Hade detta varit min lillasyster sÃ¥ hade strafflängden absolut varit viktig, och vikten av att dessa 2 mördare iframtiden skall kunna mÃ¥ bra skulle för mig vara totalt oviktig. Har man mördat en person pÃ¥ detta vis skall man enligt mig och mÃ¥nga andra lida resten av livet.

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    • Vai cair também, não vai durar muito! A Casa Civil é um COVIL de BANDIDOS!Para passar por esse cargo, o petista tem que ter como pré-requisito muito ROUBO, muita CORRUÇÃO e muita SACANAGEM, quando não suspeitas de ASSASSINATO, como o Palocci e o Zé Dedo Duro.Contagem regressiva para a Senadora do Paraná!

    • This piece is riddled with lies. Sailer puts quotation marks around the world 'friend' to make it seem like Obama sided with Gates purely out of racial solidarity rather than the fact that Obama personally knows Gates. Second, Sailer conveniently fails to mention that Crowley lied in his police report–a fact that makes Crowley look not so innocent. What we have here then is the hilarious sight of a racist screaming "Obama is a racist!"

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    • Annalisa, Yes, very helpful observations. Thank you. I will say that I had originally wanted to include that line from Slaughter’s piece–in fact, I tried to find a way to link to it directly (and unsuccessfully). She’s right, isn’t she? It would make better leaders of those men. Moreover, the point about motherhood being a calling for the brightest and best was simply meant to encourage talented women to see motherhood as an opportunity to use their gifts, to see it as a worthy “career” and not simply something they do on the side or something reserved for women who, as I say, fail to dream big enough.

    • hmm, husker jo alt men husker kanskje best nÃ¥r du kom inn pÃ¥ Westerdals. Du ble sÃ¥ glad og alle ble glade pÃ¥ dine vegne Det fortjente du virkelig!.. Husker ogsÃ¥ at du skrev at du var blitt forelsket, men nevnte aldri noe mer om det i ettertid…. nysgjerrig men det har i alle fall vært et flott bloggÃ¥r med deg! Gleder meg til enda et!

    • Rent?! Heck, I did the only decent thing and bought that, along with his Flamenco trilogy. Never say you never mad a difference!I love fado and like your description of it. There are some wonderful dance movies out there so don't discount the pleasure that's to be found in them. "Tango Lesson" weaves story and dance together very artfully.Just a suggestion.

    • The IRS has made it far too easy for folks to obtain non-profit status – and everyone has figured this out! The owner of a local, struggling web design firm here in Louisville has figured out a creative way to advertise her foundering business: form a non-profit and give her company prominent advertising on every flyer and e-mail as a "donor." It's disgusting what people will do to line their pockets. The IRS needs to crack down on this nonsense.

    • I believe avoiding processed foods is the first step to help lose weight. They can taste beneficial, but packaged foods have very little nutritional value, making you consume more to have enough power to get throughout the day. For anyone who is constantly taking in these foods, transitioning to whole grains and other complex carbohydrates will aid you to have more energy while feeding on less. Great blog post.

    • scrive:Good day! I could have sworn I’ve been to this blog before but after looking at many of the posts I realized it’s new to me. Nonetheless, I’m certainly pleased I came across it and I’ll be bookmarking it and checking back frequently!

    • Awesome blog you have here but I was curious if you knew of any user discussion forums that cover the same topics talked about here? I’d really like to be a part of online community where I can get advice from other experienced people that share the same interest. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. Cheers!


    • En hæklet vaffelis!? Bare jeg var kommet pÃ¥ den idé selv!Fuck, det er svært at komme op med noget bedre, hvis man selv skulle finde pÃ¥ at lave en 'give away'. Lad mig se: En brugt vatpind? En tom dÃ¥se flÃ¥ede tomater? Et foldet stykke madpapir?

    • "You forgot to mention to cut back on stuffing your fat faces with burgers, cornbread, sweetpotato pies, other pies, cakes, ham, KFC and Popeyes'fried chicken, french fries, custards, jelly beans, chitterlings, and other foods that causes so much gluttony and fat huge bodies in the black community."Oh. I had no idea obesity was confined to a single ethnic community. I guess all of the white folks in my neck of the woods are just "portly" and "big-boned".

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    • Olen ostanut Lidlistä juoksupaidan ja juoksusukkia, miehellä on juoksutakki. Kaikissa on kyllä ollut hinta-laatusuhde loistava. Esim. juoksupaidassani en ole käytössä huomannut mitään laatueroa kalliimpaan merkkituotteeseen verrattuna.

    • Totalement d’accord avec ta méthode !Je rajouterais tout de même : essayer d’avoir un compagnon de fortune pour la sortie.Si on donne rdv à quelqu’un, on a moins tendance à annuler à la dernière minute (quoi que j’en connais certains… )

    • Mar01 I so love that you meetionnd this museum! I was raised in Detroit and cannot count how many times I went to Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village as a kid, but I’ve not gone back in what is probably a decade now. I am reminded why I need to make a return trip, so thank you for that.

    • Hoi Conny, inderdaad, veel te mooie quilt om niet af te maken. Wat die spin betreft: die is zich natuurlijk ook rot (lees "dood")geschrokken. Eerst die enorme hand die op hem afkwam en vervolgens een moordende veeg van diezelfde hand. Mochten er nog meer in je kamer gezeten hebben, dan zijn die nu zeker op de vlucht geslagen ;)Groetjes

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    • Ich hoffe, es heißt im letzten Satz den Atomausstieg befürwortet = Aussstieg aus dem Ausstieg ablehnt..? Und nicht:“Gemeinsam müssen wir der Politik klar machen, dass eine Mehrheit der Bevölkerung den Atomausstieg ablehnt!” – am besten korrigieren.

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    • Pbrain, You continue to refer to the “shellacking” as if it marks the end of progressive policies.Last night, Obama was quite clear about what is negotiable and what in not. Given Obama’s increased popularity and continued control of congress. it appears the GOP will need to learn to compromise and play well with others.Republicans can start by learning to get along with each other. What’s the deal with two competing GOP rebuttals?

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    • Your post is right on with one minor disageement. Simple movement along a path does not mean recovery when the fundamentals of the economy are broken. A wise man once explained it to me this way: “A ship without a rudder pointing in the right direction does not mean the ship is moving in the right direction.” We are pointing in the right direction with our economy but that is by accident not because of design. Not sure that I would call this a “recovery.”

    • At least when you work with a worm you know what the behavior is supposed to look like. When the simulated human brain starts up, what would it do? Breathe and eat and cry, mainly, for the first several thousand real-world years (the first few simulated years). Then what?

    • abt singers which was a wrong statement … now u saying sufi singing is better …. this statement is blunder…. every singing and music in this world has its own value.Listen shastriya sangeet and shastriya music …. then u ll come to know whose singers are best and which music in world is best….bcoz the truth is that every music in the world is best and any singer can be best…. !!

    • O…M…G!!!!! It looks wonderful, and I’m SO homesick for Singaporean cuisine now!!! I’m salivating over that beef and the sambal squid and Fried Kway Teow. I think my ultimate favorite Malaysian dish is, however, Mee Rebus and Mee Soto. Or Otah-Otah!

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    • Sep27Taylor Holiday Beautiful, honest, inspiring story that we all share in one way or another. Thank you Bryan for being willing to come out and declare your love for Jesus to be worth more than anything else. I pray your story and courage tears down barriers and reconciles hearts. TaylorVA:F [1.9.20_1166](from 11 votes)

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