Just another journey

Today I passed the Malvern Hills – mini Alps – skies storm-washed, pre-sunset.  Low sun streaming in my eyes.  The man on the radio said there’s trouble again in Sudan.  You told me someone said it’s safe – ok to put people in.  What are experts anyway?


The Malverns remind me of a dream.  The one where we’re walking over high paths like drovers and pack-horsemen of old.  The whole world is up there – coming through the turnstiles in the valleys with tickets to roam from town-to-town.  And we make it over one more pass before the light goes.


I agonise leaving one home for another.  A broken-hearted mother.  Freedom tears my heart.  Rain hits the windscreen and I push down hard on the gas.  Death is somewhere up ahead and I’m drawn to meet it.  There’s nothing behind but suffocation.


Left York eleven-fifteen.  I’ll make Bristol by three.  God-willing.


I’ve driven these roads for thirty years.  Pushed my luck.  Bikes, vans, lorries, this little rotting memory of my dad.  His first and only new car.  A life-long dream.  All those three-day-weeks, sweating over strikes at Fords.  Extra shifts and weekends when he could.  Thirty years pushing off – swinging a leg over his bicycle at five-to-eight.  Coming home at five.  Rusting and hustling down the M5 at eighty-five through the spray.


And the Malverns stand back-lit by sun spilling beneath a water-coloured sky.  We walked on there.


I think about Victoria Falls, wishing I was with you.


Copyright Kevin Buckle 2013

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  3. Thank you for sharing. Can you tell us what tests showed Hashimotos please. I have been testing my thyroid and hormones for years and have always had a low temp but they keep saying nothing is wrongBest of luck in your journey knowledge is power! Cheers

  4. Thais comentou em 18 de agosto de 2011 às 23:01. Julia, eu tenho pouca palpebra e não consigo fazer os tutoriais, não tenho espaço no olho pra brincar!Tem alguma dica pra quem não tem palpebra como eu? fico tão triste de não poder passar maquiagem nos olhos…

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  7. 2011 has been an amazing year. I still can’t believe I am an author of two published books. Along with it comes the feeling of being overwhelmed and not sure where to turn next. I plan to try to keep my head above water this coming year. I have so much to be thankfull for and don’t ever want to lose sight of that. Iam thankful that I am your (cyber) friend Linda. All the best wishes for 2012!

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  21. Just wondering….has anyone mentioned the virtual concert to David in any cards or letters? I haven’t thought of it till now, but I think it would surely make him happy to know we were doing this. Makes me happy just thinking about him thinking about it!

  22. - Thank you all so much for the wonderful comments! I’m so glad I had the opportunity to capture this incredibly joyful time in their lives and we’re super excited for the wedding, that’s for sure! Lisa M., I can travel too! And I’ve always wanted to visit Colorado…! =]

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  30. Dear Cathy, Bob and Simon,Christina and I would like to pass on our deepest sympathies to your family at this difficult time. From your many trips to Vermont and Florida, I know that Sally was a loving mother and Nana. Wishing you peace – Bruce

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  55. Theresa, you are so sweet. That is the thing about blog buddies, the relationship stops at the computer, and it is really sad. I hear about people who get together in “real” life, though, and that would be awesome! After your Hawaii trip, you can always come see me

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  57. Thanks Emily and Jenny – as luck would have it, I was at work a little late last night, or I guess this morning. So I slept in and by the time I was ready to head into work, i frantically realized the note that I didn’t have time to write last night. So today was one of those morning buzzing by the school to sneak one of these into Emily’s backpack…

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  64. Oh Lisa, it's hard to even imagine what so many women have gone through. I was never able to conceive a baby even though I tried for years. But there is healing and forgiveness in Jesus. I've seen many babies born and it's a miracle. I will check out Jill's post too.Love you,Debbie

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    • “Exciting! The only problem was: The contents of what was being communicated was so amazingly trivial and petty it started to make me feel physically ill.”Wild speculation:Maybe at that layer of abstraction the signals seem trivial… If we looked at the components of a signal in the brain itself they might seem the same.I mean: what if there’s a meta computation happening composed of seemingly trivial information?The signals being sent back and forth may create larger patterns which could be the true information processed by a metamind.

    • at wrote: “…not in union with Christ who left us very definite commandments to follow in order to join him in heaven.”Which is why they opted for the prot plot in the first place:1. Quicky divorce/remarriage – cool!2. Confession – out!3. Penance – out!4. Magisterium – out!Et cetera….Much easier when one can make it up as he likes, changing with the wind.

    • that many graduating MBA students in China are being put in entry-level positions anyway, and that what matter most is your work ethic and performance on the job.Here in America, the job opportunities after college are not as robust as they once were. So, it seems more appealing to go to an MBA program as an American and learn/get connected to where opportunities do exist. Many of these opportunities exist in other parts of the world like China, India, Russia, or Brazil, so, it is great that an MBA program like Cal Poly’s has an international study program such as this.

    • is more of a “justification” for why you are holding to your beliefs, is it not?Isn’t the issue really, one mindset believes “they must do something to be saved”? and the other believes they can do nothing accept “be” saved by the equitable deed of another and “receive” the sentence of acquital to die and live forever in God’s Eternal Paradise?

    • I feel like Martha has always been around my life. I remember watching the OLD Martha Stewart shows. (I feel like that was the really good stuff.) I checked out a book from the library on gingerbread. Looking at the terrible piping and photography, I couldn't help but think, "This book was obviously before Martha. She's raised the bar."

    • Now I have to ask: who on earth do they think is going to believe that? I know hardcore chavistas will, but does Capriles needs them? I hope not.Who else? nini’s? If they have a little bit of education they will know that this is wrong from many points of view. Not only the antisemitism but also the implication that he’s gay. I wonder how many jews and gays would be within the nini’s?I would just dismiss the whole thing, maybe make a little joke and move on.

    • Hi Scamp.I’ve found that some CD’s or HR people really get shitty if you don’t tell them what you’re on. Do you have any phrases to hand that can be tossed out there? I’ve tried, “I’d like to know what this (my) book is worth to you?” but it’s bloody awkward.

    • To elaborate on my above point…Even if the revisionist narrative were more or less correct, in 95% + the response is likely to be overwhelmingly negative. Not only will your arguments be rejected, you will be viewed as a miscreant. A thankless task only engaged in by chemists, engineers, etc., with poorly functioning social antennae. Even Galileo knew when to quit.

    • The Zune concentrates on being a Portable Media Player. Not a web browser. Not a game machine. Maybe in the future it’ll do even better in those areas, but for now it’s a fantastic way to organize and listen to your music and videos, and is without peer in that regard. The iPod’s strengths are its web browsing and apps. If those sound more compelling, perhaps it is your best choice.

    • I’m excited for your progress, Vaughn, Your story is going to be an amazing one–the one you were meant to tell. Do us all a favor, will ya? Let your inner pagan outta the closet to enhance the architecture of your new post-pantser work. Amazing things happen when pagans build plotted structures…Stonehenge, the pyramids…what Mozart composed, what Poe wrote, what Carl Jung deduced…the list is wondrous and endless–pagan hearts all.

    • Kyllä. Elokuvasta on jätetty pahimpia kohtauksia pois, tai ainakaan niitä ei (tietenkään) ole yhtä paljon, mikä on ihan hyvä, koska visuaalisena kokemuksena tuollainen lienee usein vielä ahdistavampaa. Lisäksi mukana oli ns. ylimääräinen rinnakkaisjuoni, jossa Leena oli jo aikuinen ja kohtasi pitkästä aikaa kuolemaa tekevän äitinsä. Se teki elokuvasta oman taideteoksensa, ja muutenkin koko leffa oli todella laadukas.

    • Hallo!Könnt Ihr uns bitte die Bedeutung der Namen für Julia und Karolina schicken.Wir lassen unsere Tochter am 12.10. taufen, da hätten wir gerne die religiöseBedeutung ihrer beiden Namen.Wir finden Eure Seiten sehr, sehr hilfreich für die Gestaltung der Taufe unserer Tochter.Vielen DankHelga u. Matthias

    • Yarın için Ä°zmir’de kar ihtimali nedir görüş ve yorumlarınızı alabilir miyim ? Yorumlarınız için şimdiden teşekkür ederim.Herkese güzel karlı ve çilesiz günler…


    • dès qu’on invoque il diavolo, celui qui divise, il oeuvre!François s’est déjà exposé comme bouc émissaire et tout le monde l’a bien chargé. C’est une plutôt belle fonction que celle de Sous-Pape.

    •   May 2, 2011>I'm also a really big fan of greek mythology! Though it all started for me with Wishbone's Odyssey. Then when I got older, I read one of the many variations of Homer's Odyssey and i'm still a major fan of the story! I have yet to read the Illiad though.

    • They're better layouts than Vdare. Yes yes Vdare's been revamped but it still looks amateurish.Indeed. Last time I looked they even had the right hand column straddling its green border, with the (horrid) green typeface disappearing into it. Are they kidding us? They shut down for a week and put your hard-earned contributions into this?Somebody tell Brimelow no more poor-mouthing until he proves he can get a better return on your investment.

    • Sam, părinÅ£ii descriu cel mai bine chestiunea, vezi un rezumat în Steinhardt, există păcatele din partea dreaptă şi cele din partea stîngă… Foarte interesantă taxonomie.Există păcatele subtile. C.S. Lewis şi Chesterton sînt artişti în a le descrie.şi păcatele grosiere, pe acestea le recunoaştem cu to(n)Å£ii.

    • Ah oui donc une lecture très rapide, je vais voir pour le lire, mais après le film, là je commence « La nuit éternelle » 3ème tome de la saga « La Lignée » de Guillermo Del Toro et Chuck Hogan.Après je me tâte à lire ou non, Game of Thrones mais l’épaisseur du bouquin me fait fliper :’)

    • Buena tardes me dieo de baja por accidente laboral mi medico de cabecera el pasado mes de agosto del 20011 al cuarto parte que entregue a la mutua me dijeron que los partes estaban mal ya que la baja me la dio el medico y no ellos, la mutua no me ha midado ni me ha hecho prueba alguna, hoy me icen en la mutua que ya no tengo que ir por alli que se ocupa el INSS.Yo pago todos los meses 324€ de los cuales una parte es para accidentes, dejo en de pagar autonomos cuando lleve un año?

    • >Muy interesante tu artículo, como otros muchos que veo en tu blog. El tema de los alfabetos es muy curioso, es una pena la ignorancia que hay al respecto (yo la llamaría euro-centrista), la gente ve unas letras distintas a las nuestras y ya se pierde

    • Aww, so sweet! The husband and I haven’t been out alone since we moved away from our family. Kind of sucks sometimes. I keep saying I’m going to start doing monthly “fancy” dinners after the kids are in bed but it never happens. The hot dogs still look good. I want the one in the back!

    • Diane : AltsÃ¥ hvis de bliver sÃ¥ høje at jeg kan genere naboen der bor 1000 m fra os, sÃ¥ bliver jeg rigtig glad ;0)Stort set alt i den køkkenhave er blevet meget større, mon ikke det er fordi det er den gamle gedeindhegning sÃ¥ det er gødet godt ;0) Vi mÃ¥ se næste Ã¥r hvordan det gÃ¥r med de giganter ;0)Og tak ;0)

    • Si vous avez une remarque, vous êtes libre de .   Articles relatifs Article : Témoignage pour lutter contre le cancer Mise en ligne sur Danger Santé Nombre d’avis : 0 Mois de publication : mai Année de publication : 2012 Retour à la catégorie : . Retour à la page d’accueil : . Vous pouvez suivre l’actualité du site avec notre et sur notre compte .

    • What are you stating, man? I understand everyones got their own viewpoint, but really? Listen, your blog is cool. I like the energy you put into it, specially with the vids and the pics. But, come on. Theres gotta be a better way to say this, a way that doesnt make it seem like most people here is stupid!

    • , I’m a HUGE proponent of FTTH because I believe it may be in the strategic interist of the US to invest in capital projects such as this. China and Europe OUTPACE our investment in infrastruture by a factor of 4-to-1 and 2-to-1 respectively. We should be doing the same instead of “eating our seed corn”. Grumble, Grumble…

    • I agree. If you had such an overwhelming response to your price drop then hopefully you’ll reconsider your normal pricing. I use Resharper on a personal level all of the time, but I’m having a hard time getting my company to fork over the corporate price for it so I can use it at work as well. 2 cents

    • I think a distinction between “good as adequate prose” vs. “bad as gosh-awful flatfooted labored impossible-to-read-through prose” and “good as gleaming lapidary language” vs. “bad as mediocre workmanlike prose” is useful. “Eye of Argon” and Atlanta Nights are bad prose, but prose that passes the workmanlike bar really does get into a matter of taste.(Indeed, I have recently on the matter. Amazing how the web can pass around ideas for riffs.)

    • "I don't know if you are being serious but I think Native American Indians benefit from having access to modern technology and medicine."If no Europeans had crossed the Atlantic for another 200 years, they would have access to modern technology and medicine – as, say, Korea and Mongolia have. But I think it's fair to argue that without the USA, there wouldn't have been as much tech or med.

    • Guten Morgen Katrin,Glückwunsch zu Deinem Neuen Flitzer,der sieht super aus.Allzeit Gute Fahrt.Du bist mit der neuen Frisur nicht wiederzuerkennen,steht Dir aberecht gut.Ich wünsche Dir ein wunderschönes Wochenende.Sei ganz lieb gegrüßt und geknuddelt Irmi

    • Miss Five and I went to see The Muppets at the movies when it came out. I too was a bit worried that it wouldn’t be the muppets as I remembered them, but it was – and we both loved it! Miss Five’s favourite muppets character is Miss Piggy because a) she’s a girl, b) she doesn’t take any nonsense and c) she’s got karate moves down pat. Me, well, I aspired to be a scientist or a vet when I was a girl, so I have a bit of a soft spot for Beaker. I think he gets bossed around by Dr Bunsen Honeydew just a bit too much and I feel protective of him.

    • Não me parece…A outra sondagem feita entre 8 e 13 de Abril já com a questão dos submarinos em cima da mesa dava;PSD 28CDS 13Com um intervalo de 12 dias é dificil duas sondagens darem resultados tão contraditórios….Uma terá valorizado em demasia o CDS e a outra o PSD, só pode…`

    • OK, my 23-year-old daughter informs me that it has once again become a popular pasttime in Chicago as well as the west coast. That they have “rock ‘n bowl” nights a couple nights a week at most bowling alleys and even the celebrities attend! (Which just proves that everything old is new again!)

    • Where do we begin….as a puppy, Prudence ate the couch cushions. She’s a scenthound, so we know to keep any tasty things out of reach, but she can open the trash can, and has helped herself to the breadbox… and the cat’s box. Oh my. I guess her job is to keep me on my toes, so well done!

    • By February 9, 2013 – 10:30 amI simply want to mention I’m beginner to blogging and absolutely savored you’re blog. Almost certainly I’m want to bookmark your blog post . You absolutely have incredible well written articles. Regards for revealing your website page.

    • OK…I want to convey my love for your generosity supporting individuals who absolutely need assistance with this theme. Your real dedication to passing the solution all over turned out to be wonderfully effective and have usually empowered professionals li…

    • mark-pointing me to a $54 book and calling it data is not a terribly fair debate technique.you are the one putting this data forward, it falls upon you to support it when questioned.you are using a rhetorical trick favored by the global warming crowd and placing the onus of poof on the one questioning th data, not the one providing it.that's not how it works.and seriously, what records from the year 700 could this possibly be based upon?it cannot possibly be anything but a guess.

    • Und ich habe es genau so gefun­den Für die meiß­ten Menschen (zumin­dest für mich und so, wie ich mein Coder-Umfeld wahr­nehme) ist der pri­märe Nutzen von “float” doch der, dass das Element halt nach links oder rechts rutscht.…Mir ist diese StickyBottom Lösung auf jeden Fall grade von gro­ßem Nutzen, Danke!

    • I’ve used payday loan twice in the past year because of boiler and car problems and the bank wouldn’t help me out. In my honest opinion, payday loan can really helps customer with poor credit score in case of emergency if you can afford it. Personally, I used this legit company called “Zuntrasoft Payday” (do a search on google) before.Thanks to Zuntrasoft Payday, I managed to get my cash within one hour after I applied without credit check and fax.

    • Thanks, Crystal! Yeah, he’s definitely not jumping on the recycling train. Maybe the next time you see him, you should give him a hard time! The truth is, once you get in the habit, it becomes part of your lifestyle, and you don’t even think about it. It comes naturally!

    • You think a lot. That can be a good thing and it can also be harmful when it’s keeping you awake and fearful at night. I used to struggle a lot with death and I would plan my wills and talk about dying at a young age all the time. I feared that I would lose Trev or Isaiah to cancer or being killed overseas. Yet I have been reminded over the last year or so that Jesus conquered death at the cross. He has victory of death and there is nothing to fear. Thinking of you!

    • Myslím, že shlédnutí dokumentu (bez uvozovek) SICKO je téměř povinností pro vÅ¡echny diskutující na tohle téma. Podívejte se alespoň na plakáty k filmu na výše uvedené adrese. Moore je stejnÄ› borec……

    • shockingly important…Thanks for your effort and time, I’ve really finished collectively looking regarding info concerning this specific subject permanently completely the greatest Online till from existing. Nonetheless, brand new contemplated a product? Think you ought to…

    • odradek, la partie V, ne se réfère à aucune précédente, elle n’est là que pour dégommer Descartes (volonté/ passions), la conclusion est dans la IV, c’est dans la IV qu’il passe à ce que vous nommez une supra-volonté (politique ?), puisque servitude / ignorance et liberté / conscience de l’impuissance de la volonté, mais je ne vois pas de retour de la V (???), sauf à dire que ce qu’il dit dans la V est déjà dans les partie précédentes (?)..va falloir vous expliquer sur ce point !

    • I will continue to shop at Target, again, even more if I don’t have to be exposed to someone breast feeding their child there. Do it in private. Thank you for posting the above email address however. I wanted to email them and let them know how offensive it is to see someone breastfeeding in public, especially when there are private places provided. Again, thank you. Target did NOTHING wrong here.

    • Oh, my goodness, you have taken the most stunning photo of EZ. It’s always a joy to have her back at The Compound for a visit. Because of her, the most wonderful people and dogs have come into your–and one degree of separation, my–life over the past few years. EZ is a miracle dog in many, many ways.

    • J’ai travaillé dans le bâtiment et y a des boulots vraiment très durs ; quand ça n’allait plus, je faisais semblant de travailler… ça marche aussi…Faut pas croire, un patron ça peut être vraiment très con…

    • Thanks Stacey – it does really put it all out there – and helps to justify why we have 'so many staff' which some people seem to think is excessive – but after that plan is in the public domain, the doubters tend to be silenced! (probably rightfully suspecting that if they voiced their concerns I would get them to help out!)

    • bonjour,j’ai un gros souci, mon patron ne m’a toujours pas inscrit à l’aft de mon département pour revalidé ma FCO qui expire le 26/09/12un autre souci est que mon contrat de travail fini le 17/09/12 est je ne c’est toujours pas si mon entreprise me garde à la fin de mon contratQue doit je faire?

    • Cám Æ¡n bạn Moon ghé qua! Bài đầu tiên mà đọc bị sai chính tả tùm lum tùm la, chắc hết muốn đọc mấy bài tiếp Mình cÅ©ng Ä‘ang tính đọc lại, rồi sá»­a vì thấy ngại ngại…Chúc bạn Moon 1 mùa Noel tràn đầy hạnh phúc bên người thÆ°Æ¡ng!

    • I was actually just sent this and screamed with delight. I wrote the review that you mentioned. First off, I wanted to thank you for writing such an amazing book. Secondly, I’m sorry you were subjected to my poor grammar. Dragonfly is surely one of my favorite books of all time. And I shall pass it on to friends of mine as well.

    • Cherish, I don't know… sometimes cutting a movie off early can be a good thing. I didn't finish Lake House; just wasn't working for me <smile>.But, yes: Having a good grasp of story can affect your tolerance for certain tales. Of course, that sounds like a good thing: Rejecting sub-par entertainment in favor of something better. ~Luke

    • Kолян / Zum ersten Mal werde eine Ausstellung mit Werken. Was raten? stand den ganzen Tag am Stand Idol wollen nicht. Und der Ort ist nicht sehr — in 8 Pavillon. Sie möchten, dass die Vorbereitung für die Ausstellung? Was ist los mit Taking a? im Vorfeld der Planung haben oder?

    • “The Federal Reserve must make public reports about recipients of emergency loans from U.S. taxpayers under programs created to address the financial crisis, a federal judge ruled.”I’ll believe it when I see the god damn reports.

    • sujen……..you sound very angry but you should not be swearing at the people on here who feel very bad for what has happened to these puppies. We should be united in this & not be attacking each other …………….btw I am from the UK so why not have a go at the Brits now !

    • .Even today I had to reload the page before I could get the site to accept a comment. That’s no good.And I agree that I’m more likely to engage seriously with a long post.And I don’t think this blog needs to worry too much about people bleeding over arguments. Being small keeps the trolls away so we can engage and argue without injury. More or less.

    • Sacré boulot!Je ne pratique pas la photo de rue, de peur de « déranger ».Je vais lire ce livre et découvrir son auteur ainsi que son travail!J’y découvrirais sûrement de quoi surmonter ce petit « blocage »! Et un grand merci au traducteur!Je partage l’info au plus vite! Dernier article de Luc :

    • This post is about the exclusion of the Arab parties from government, not about the one single Arab who has reached the Cabinet in the last 60 years by aligning himself with a Zionist party. That’s why it’s called “In the Jewish democracy, Arab parties aren’t ever considered for the governing coalition”.

    • Historical costumes of men and women?Hello,I need help finding historical men’s’ and women’s’ outfits, particularly from the Baroque, Renaissance, Medieval and/or the Victorian period. Please include other fashion Accessories such as fans, hats, parasols and purses. Thank you very much in advance!

    • Gennine thank you for sharing your lovely work. I can't wait to use it. Could you tell me about the little bird in the flower pot? Will you be selling these? A whimsical little touch for potted plants. I am very excited as I finally managed to get three of your painted stones the other day. I'm in awe of your work as it embraces everything I love.

    • Li ho usati solo un pò a scuola quando dovevamo fare i layout completamente a mano e ricalcare le cose ai vetri che affacciavano sul cortile (che male alle braccia!) io avevo fregato i miei compagni usando i trasferibili ma non li ho mai trovati veramente facili da usare. W il computer Mac o Pc che sia!

    • Estoy de acuerdo con Bob,la versión de Hendrix es genial. Podríamos pasarnos la vida mencionando casos similares, por ejemplo, The man who sold the world, muchos creen que es de Nirvana, y personalmente me gusta más esa versión que la original de Bowie, aunque este fuera mejor compositor que Cobain, e incluso aunque no sean polos opuestos y deteste el unplugged para MTV de Nirvana. Y pensar que se ha convertido en un clásico… (Admito discrepancias)

    • apasal korang ni ntah pape sangat? apa nak bangga dengan teh returns, sampai nak menang semua? lepas menang jadi apa? jadi bodoh? btw, balik pada entry, aku nak tengok jugak artwork ni kat KLCC. kena respek mural artist ni, patut lagi hightlight cerita diorang daripada banyak cerita yg merapu dalam blog ni. tapi, apa nak buat. kena bagi apa yg orang nak.

    • I would say that machines in 2040 can understand the theory of relativity in some seconds. Especially that math and tech stuff will be incredible intuitive for them. If they think about higher dimensions and manifolds, it is propably as intuitive as if we think about apples and other mundane objects.

    • Me parece interesante el planteamiento del trabajo en si , la búsqueda a pesar de que todo está dicho por los medios, es un ensayo que no cae en lo básico de lo informativo ni al extremo de la subjetividad, es un trabajo que se mueve entre los dos contextos s, interesante la propuesta en el filo de la navaja de los dos lenguaje, son imagenes que dicen algo en resumen

    • Hee Hee. 48 years isn't That long ago! I have a brother that age, and I would classify my mother as more of a 'hippie' than a confined '50s housewife. One with a full time job, also… who still managed to breast feed (don't ask me how, I can't fathom). I guess women really can do it all!

    • I actually purchased two jumpsuits this summer (US). I love them both. I am going to look for fashion belts similar to the one you have–adds that extra touch.I love statement necklaces. I just purchased a few last week. I plan to wear my large one with flowers to my brother-in-law's wedding.

    • En käsitä miksi näitä tapauksia yritetään aina sovittaa ateismi-teismi -akselille. Toki ymmärrän ettei uskonnollisen fanaatikon mieleen mahdu kuin yksi ja sama vastaus.Olisiko ennemmin kyse rasismista ja ihmisvihasta, sekä henkilökohtaisesta pettymyksestä ja ongelmista. Ideologia on mukana siksi, että sen voi kuvitella antavan oikeutuksen äärimmäisille teoille, mutta ideologia ei ole teon perimmäinen syy. Näin ainakin kuvittelisin.

    • You’re the best, Em! Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to do these shoots for me, and for making it so much fun. You’re such a talented photographer and I’m incredibly blessed to have you as one of my best friends. Thanks to you, the photos are stunning and I can’t wait to incorporate them into my new website!

    • We actually have a nurse suing our employer, but she still works on the same floor and the same hospital. Lots of questions about what and how she can do that is surfacing. Also, anything anyone does to her is taken as a personal hit to her. She spends most of the time talking with one nurse in particular about how bad it is. Why does she still work there? How can she be happy at work when half of her coworkers are being called for depositions? The gossip going around is maddening, the floor morale is down because of this stuff.

    • Gonçalo I am so sorry, but while on the road I did not visit here much and missed your comment. Thanks so much for the offer of help on the road. We are now back home. We had a great time and enjoyed it all especially Portugal – our favourite! I’ll be sure to check out your site now and hope to stay in touch. We expect to be back in Portugal and spain in the coming new year. All the best, Norman

    • non mi dispiace se qualcuno diffonde il verbo di Baby Dee… anzi!se accetti il consiglio: corri a recuperare i suoi dischi! il personaggio è schivo, il circuito poco frequentato e la curiosità e la bellezza non è (oramai) per tutti!ma ti so curiosa e credo potreste incontrarvi felicemente!per quanto riguarda Rota, io debbo dire grazie a loro due (Fellini e Rota) per quel capolavoro immenso!il mio era un timido omaggio…

    • Been in since circa 50p and not selling a single share. Even on bad news they still have a min of 170 mmbbl from SL and with a large exploration programme for the year ahead this is a great share to be in.I believe the first drill depth hasnt shown any HC’s, but the second deeper section is a small hit and that is what is currently going on now. Wire line and logging to confirm the level of HC shows. Share price up to 450-550p in the next week or two.

    • Hanmar ha scritoo:Ora possiamo unire i due grandi thread complottisti!Per favore, ti scongiuro, no! Sai che maroni Marcianò che scrive che i sali delle "irrorazioni chimiche" sono stati portati dagli americani dalla luna, e Mazzucco che gli risponde che non è vero che sulla luna non ci sono mai stati…

    • tan­tas vezes me per­gun­ta­ram, o que é que faz um publi­ci­tá­rio con­cre­ta­mente?, e eu respondia-lhes que é uma espé­cie de Cyrano, fala pelos outros que que­rem e não sabem falar. Até um dia em que se des­co­bre tudo…

    • Di / Wow what a thought:)I think i would first get rid of all my worldly possesions as i would not be needing them as they are all just material.I would spend as much time with my family and friends that really and truly have picked me up when i was down, walked the path with me,laughed with me, cryed with me and they know who they are. I would put a backpack on and travel the world, and do as much of my bucket list as possible, knowing that in the end the last will be to go home to the one that means the most.

    • chiar vroiam sa’ti scriu de dimineata, din reader normal ca nu se vede si cand am dat click i was like “ooo! beautiful new clothes” ca orice copil care se innoieste toamna :)ah i’d love to change mine, too *sighs* dar cum sunt it-challenged..mai am de asteptat :)

    • Supertradmum…will all of us Americans have earned that? What about the Americans who couldn’t control his election, people who were too young to vote when he was elected (but I sure am old enough now and I sure will be doing damage control!)…and further, what about our children? Do they deserve this?

    • Peyton wears nearly the same laundry as Johnny Unitas, the great Unitas (one of the best there ever were, along with Otto Graham and Joe Montana).As for Adaptive Curmudgeon, he's dead right. The same thing applies to municipal rec centers, for all that we have a nice one in our town. Why should non-users be made to pay?

    • Honestly, I would rather move to another state in the middle of the night than face that wrath (I always pick the crazy ones). Yeah. They would probably get mad at me just because I have another girlfriend behind their backs. Crazy bitches!Don’t dump one, dump them both. That way neither has to be dating a complete asshole.

    • Jap… sowas ist immer ärgerlich. Ich hab auch manchmal das Gefühl, dass noch nicht überall angekommen ist, dass es Leute mit mehr als einem Monitor gibt. Schön finde ich auch das Feature, wenn man alles was man eben nicht braucht, auf den zweiten Monitor geräumt hat, aber die Dialogfenster ignorant weiterhin in der Mitte von Monitor 1 aufpoppen

    • Au pire les écoles seront fermées une semaine. Deux tout au plus. Pas de quoi en faire un programme télé.Mais bon, une fois de plus je constate que Sarko nous fait venir la grippe porcine et ses éventuelles fermetures d’écoles pile pendant la saison des grèves.C’est pas très honnête.

    • I got your 7/19/07 10:00pm message… I am hoping that you can give some sort of extra attention to Environmental Groups and issues. I havegotten through to the "Cs" in my 140 group long list… Just by entering their entity name. The tags are "without". I caught Cameron Diaz in a stream with her new environmental free give away offer" by chance. There are too many out there to know: the 4 "w"s and the How to find them. Please offer a Primary PATH for environmental uploads. Love ya, Kell

    • Hi Anti…Hows you doing? Long time…hehe….Very well summed up. “All those who you see on TV carping on patriotism are not going to give a crap about the same if and when you ask them an hour later.” Agree with you. Me thinks, we are cynics personified. However that’s the reality….

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    • kalau ane main futsal gak pernah karean pemainnya rata-rata anak muda semua, kalau main bola di lap besar suka juga kalau ada pertandingan antar sekolah untuk karyawan..seru juga sih soalnya sudah pada manula semua asaz selesai posting Lulus SMP Mau Sekolah Ke Mana?

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    • how sad you had to lose a child but so great you had such joy and strength in God? to trust he would help you through it so many people would have aborted their child yet you did not i thank you for making your story public may the act you two choose influence someone else.

    • I would like to go back and meet my maternal great-grandmother. She spent the last 20 years of her life in a mental institution for a diagnosis of menopause. From the medical records I’ve obtained, she had no visitors and slowly went crazy. I’d like to go back and visit with her and tell her that I love her even though I didn’t get to know her.

    • Mary, I will give this a try. Cauliflower is a favorite here, and I'm always ready to try a new recipe. This looks delicious and healthy.Happy Labor Day on this Blue Monday. ~ SarahPSMy post to day is as guest blogger at the QCI Blog. Hope you'll stop by if you have time.

    • 2263Ольга Шергина:Тренинг по рерайту действительно очень действенный, помогает дополнительно заработать! Уже во время обучения мне удалось заработать 1200 рублей. Но тренинг для тех, кто согласен трудиться, а не ждать, что расскажут где кнопочка «ÃÂ±ÃÂ°ÃÂ±ÃÂ»ÃÂ¾» )))

    • TheHeroking82My rate for the video:hi jon im thinking of joining the $25. first guy to respond to me gets me as a downline member. just need to know more about the autoresponder. how it works and its limitations. im thinking of sending out 50,000 leads a day. can i paste my list in there? email at

    • The other political and economic implication of the reality TV machine is WHY reality TV was invented. It is cheaper for the networks producers to find “volunteers” make spectacles of themselves instead of hiring writers, actors, and technicians who are members of unions. Most reality shows are non-union productions. They are scripted, but not by members of the Writers Guild. Years ago, a speech instructor pointed out to the class how much material is needed to fill up the hours of television broadcasting. I have not seen this show, nor do I watch much reality TV.

    • bonjour j essaie d’arreter de me ronger les ongle je n’arrive pas les pansement j’ai essayer le vernis le plus amer qui existe je n’arrive pas j’ai bientôt 15 ans et mes amie on de très beau ongle jai le seum j’ai des mains de garçon aider moi svp donner moi des milliers d’astuce pck je les ronge a sang et c très horrible a voir je vous donne mon adresse msn pour pouvoir parler ou maider a propos de ça

    • >LevetoOui, c’est la raison de mon «!». «Poltron» et notre «poltrón» sont, à la fin, empruntés au latin «pullus». Aussi votre «poutre», mais notre Académie doit chanter la palinodie à propos de l’origine incertaine.

    • +4Legatas raÅ¡o:Blin gaila tokiu pastatu… perimus toki pastata dar geros bukles butu galima dauk ka nuveikti kad ir viezbutuka irengti manau tam idelei tiktu toks pastatas,plius restorana ar net kluba nes maciau yra nemazai erdviu saliu.su tokiu pastateliu gera bizniuka isukti galima butu..bet va huliganai vandalai ir benamei islauze isgriove viska nu i nafik..

    • A relação Adriano/Corinthians é privada. Trabalhador e instituição privada. Alguém da função pública deve ter conduta que demanda RESPEITABILIDADE. Ainda mais de um partido que adora falar em moralidade, mas tem os ASES da CANNABIS em seus quadros

    • Rastuus, July 15, 2011 at 3:10 pm Si edhe vleresimi i mesiperm grupi jone ishte i kenaqur me hotelin dhe bukurine/qetesine e vendit ne te cilin ndodhej. Stafi ishte i sjellshem por i pa pergatitur dhe kishte shume gjera qe ishin ofruar me paketen qe zgjodhem te cilat nuk ndodhen. Largesia nga Shkodra ishte reklamuar maksimumi 45 minuta por ne fakt eshte 1 ore dhe 30 minuta. Ushqimi nuk ishte cilesia qe prisnim sidomos mishi i vicit i cili ishte teper i ashper. Pervec hotelit do te gjeni dy restorante te vogla nje dyqan te vogel dhe nje qender shendetesore .

    • IMPORTANT To maximize your nutritional intake from quinoa, as with all grains, nuts and legumes and especially if you are using it for holistic treatments, it needs to be soaked to reduce phytic acid. I can’t seem to add links to websites but just Google it for the whys and hows.

    • Perhaps we’re talking about two things.One – access to decent housing. Two- home ownership. What are Green principles behind each? Everyone deserves access to decent housing. That is fair. Home ownership surely requires a two-way street?

    • Frank,I really like your plugin with one exception. I want to include submissions into the WP posts. I have used TDO mini forms which works like this, but I like you plugin better. Any way to add this function. Usually TDOMF adds the submission as a draft and when approved it is posted to WP like any other post.

    • Se passiamo il turno possiamo incontrare ai quarti una tra:inter-marsigliazenit-benficalione-apoelcredo che se cosi fosse ce la giocheremo alla grande!!!! Visto che dai quarti in poi c’e’ sorteggio libero…Dulcis in fundo magari si incontrano barcellona-real madrid cosi’ una va a casa cosa ne pensate???

    • I fucking love SXSW, but I go just for the music week and never buy any of the passes or wristbands or any of that shit. 90% of the shows you can get into by either just showing up, RSVPing online, or paying a cover fee for the venue. Maybe if you want to be first row at Kanye or whatever, you buy a badge, but I’ve never done it and I’ve gotten all the free music, food, and booze I can handle.

    • All artists need a significant other who makes the money, otherwise we’d be doing commercial work. Nothing wrong with that, been there myself, but it’s a whole ‘nother thing when you can paint for the sake of painting.I hope you smiled sweetly and thanked him, lol. I just love it when I have a good sale and I wave the check in front of my husband and watch his eyes go big…heh heh heh…And by the way, the re-do is an improvement. So maybe an honest critique isn’t a bad thing. xo

    • i started going to Goodwill few years ago i was so thin that i couldn't find clothes but at Goodwill i could find name brand size 1's i was thrilled. I am in shock at how different each store is and how some of the pricing seems to be, still good bargins but i think Goodwill has been reading everyones blogs…prices have jumped!!

    • Le 24/10/2010 à 22h53 Salut je suis dans une fac américaine et j’ai participer au rush je suis maintenant membre d’une sororité et je peux d’expérience vous dire que le rush c’est difficile mais qu’une fois dans la sororité on a pas autant de règle sur les vêtements.Pour suivre mon aventure chez les Kappa Delta et ma vie à Georgia College

    • Hi there – have a Dell as well and am experiencing similar problems. Just moved to India where voltage is higher and after initially blowing up a power unit, now with the new power supply have been experiencing the flashing orange light phenomenon. Also, computer is making a steady high-pitch noise since the new fan was installed. Any suggestions???

    • If you define faith as meaning having the optimism that efforts will pay-off when there is no guarantee that they will, then I agree with you. For most people, the term “faith” also carries other meanings associated with believing in the supernatural (often in lieu of alternative rational beliefs). This supernatural aspect of faith is the target of my criticism (not optimism).