Defying gravity


The giant comes alive Crumbling ice, flaking falling to the ground Gantries, lifting, turn away Restraining arms roll back A dreadful pause then Gleaming, steaming power shatters the dawn Redundant hoses fall like sated lampreys Earth briefly lies subdued Stunned … Continue reading



Sonrisa Sunrise Sonrisa Sunrise First a frown Then the glow of a newborn day Lines of tiredness melting away Beautiful dawn Heavenly smile Oh, and your eyes Sonrisa Sunrise Beautiful dawn Heavenly smile And your eyes

Trips around the sun


I’m feeling every one of those trips around the sun.

Another funeral.

They get you counting – I can’t help it.

It’s a big family – scattered now.

I don’t know the names of most of them anymore.

The old ones were my security – nan, aunties, uncles – nearly gone.

I can’t remember who was last.

His wife?

Could have been.

I try to count the years since uncle Jack.

Three since my dad.

So four?

Maybe five.


And every turn around the sun the trip is shorter.

Copyright Kevin Buckle 2014