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My name is Kevin Buckle. I live in the South-West of England with my long-term girlfriend of many years standing. I write for pleasure, or maybe for pain. Whichever, I don't seem able to stop. A good friend introduced me to posting on the Web, which I began doing in 2011. When not doing this, I manage to hold down a job - just - and love to travel and play guitar (badly). And that's about it.

Two souls


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Two souls Drifting without end Seeking satisfaction In emptiness Knowing there is none Filling our time Doing the best we can Without reason Trying to fit in Failing Dwarfed by the reality of life Two souls Adrift in a field … Continue reading



Oh, beautiful Jack.  Again, you astonish me.  Somewhere in the wanderings and the lostness emerges a truth.  It appears among people in the strangeness and simplicity of love.  It manifests as sadness.   I turn down the corner of another … Continue reading